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Fox News Analyst Reminds Us What Neil Armstrong’s Death Is Really About: Obama Spreading Islam

27 August 2012 General 23 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Louis Peitzman (Gawker)

While you were busy mourning Neil Armstrong, Fox News analyst Monica Crowley was looking for a way to politicize his death.

She found it in one of the far right’s most insidious tropes — Islamophobia.

As we remember Neil Armstrong, let’s not forget that Obama changed part of @nasa‘s mission to do “Muslim outreach.” #Really #WhatTheBleep

No. No, he did not.

Crowley’s follow-up explanation only underlined her idiocy.

FACT: “NASA chief says agency’s goal is Muslim outreach, forgets to mention space”…

As The Daily Dolt points out, the article Crowley cites is hardly damaging to the Obama administration.

In an interview last month on Al-Jazeera, NASA chief Charlie Bolden said that one of NASA’s foremost tasks is to engage with Muslim nations. The White House disagreed, suggesting that the agency should perhaps focus on space exploration.

Let’s recap: use an American hero’s death to espouse a lie, justify said lie with “evidence” that directly contradicts it. Great work, Monica Crowley.

Surely she’s seen the error of her ways, right? Here’s her apology post—

Having to constantly explain facts to the kooks is exhausting. Need ice cream.

Do you mean astronaut ice cream, Monica? Like the kind NASA is going to serve the Muslims while they talk them into destroying our American way of life?

Earth, our number of intelligent life forms is dwindling.

Original post: Fox News Analyst Reminds Us What Neil Armstrong’s Death Is Really About: Obama Spreading Islam


  1. OMG “Need ice cream”…I hardly heard 10 years old say something like that. Who the heck is this woman??!

  2. makes a woman embarrassed to be female… what a dipstick

  3. Wow… Faux News…The home of ignorant journalism

  4. I am racist against Fox News.

  5. are you fucking kidding me

  6. That makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL!!!!

  7. seriously, what is wrong with these people???????

  8. ??? Another incomprehensible pronouncement from the right wingnuts

  9. We need them to keep us laughing.

  10. How is this surprising? “Fox News Analyst” = oxymoron (emphasis on the moron). If it’s not this, it’s something else equally absurd.

  11. I don’t know how Alan Colmes stands being married to her. ugh

  12. Wow…I don’t even know how to respond to that…

  13. What.

  14. It must be nice to ‘get paid’ and spread BS.

  15. Huh?

  16. Ailes needs to clean house!

  17. OMG! Well, I guess anybody can say anything in this country. But the stuff Fox News spews is simply ridiculous. It has ZERO credibility, and the more it does stories like this, the less credibility it has.

  18. More insane every day.

  19. Why Arab and Muslim media ignores Ron Paul ?

  20. oh geeze.

  21. SHAME! You aren’t fit to even mention his name!

  22. Why does anyone pay any attention to Ron Paul is the question I think you meant to ask, Faysal.

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