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Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s Trial Ends But Not The Neo-Crusader “Counter-Jihad” Story

27 August 2012 29 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s Trial Ends But Not The Neo-Crusader “Counter-Jihad” Story

by Garibaldi

“I wish to apologize to all militant nationalists that I wasn’t able to execute more”– Anders Behring Breivk

Terrorist and neo-Crusader “Counter-Jihadist” Anders Behring Breivik has been sentenced to 21 years in jail, after which there is the possibility that he can go free, depending on whether or not he is deemed a threat to society. We are told and reassured that he will most likely not see the light of day.

Reactions to his sentencing from the family of his victims has been mostly positive, many are relieved while others would rather have the surety of him being locked away in a psychiatric ward for the criminally insane without the possibility that he would enter free society. What they agree upon is that he should be locked away “forever.”

Importantly Breivik was deemed “sane” meaning he was fully aware of the ramifications of what he was doing. The pathetic defenses of the hate brigades that he was a lone “insane” man uninfluenced by their writings and exhortations have crumbled.

Indeed, Breivik was inspired by the entirety of the anti-Muslim Islamophobic industry, the self-styled “neo-Crusaders” and “Counter-Jihadists.” It isn’t for just any reason that Breivik thought no less thanRobert Spencer was deserving of the “Noble Peace Prize.” While there was some analysis about the part that Fjordman, Spencer, Geller and others in the anti-Muslim Movement played in forming Breivik’s ideology, there wasn’t nearly enough. Unfortunately throughout this trial a major question remained unanswered: Did Pamela Geller have foreknowledge of Breivik’s attacks?

Is this the end of us hearing about Breivik? I doubt it. As much as we will remember the horror of his actions, Breivik will also be remembered for his radical ideas and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories, put down in his manifesto and freely available and accessible online. He has already reached cult status amongst followers from the Far-right and nationalist groups. His admirers are not limited to Europe but are also present in the USA. Breivik’s terrorist attacks and his manifesto are likely to inspire more copy-cats amongst his followers, and already has inspired at least one Breivik sympathizer in the Czech Republic. How long will it be until we see a successful terrorist attack by a so-called Breivik-inspired “Knights Templar Crusader?”

Breivik’s final words were an apology to the “Counter-Jihadists,” his only regret he told them was that he hadn’t killed more.


  1. Muslims would have danced for joy if Breivik had been a muslim and attacked a youth camp of any other religion or nation. He would have joined a multitude of jihadi boys in high estimation.

  2. “Indeed, Breivik was inspired by the entirety of the anti-Muslim Islamophobic industry”

    Is that similar to how muslim terrorists are inspired by the entirety of islamic texts?

  3. People like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer should be held accountable for spreading hatred and promoting voilence against American Muslims.

  4. There’s free speech and then there’s inciting hatred and propagating misinformation knowingly. Spencer and Geller fall into the latter category with their sweeping generalizations of Muslims.

  5. Not only that these individuals are on payroll of a foreign organization and on a specific mission of spreading hate against a group of Americans. How is this acceptable by any American of any political spectrum.

  6. Well, they tend to cast all Muslims as “the Other”: foreign, barely English-speaking, etc. They try to reinforce the stereotypes because people might start thinking differently when they see Muslims are Americans, some born in the U.S., to American parents, others first generation Americans who are patriotic to the core and love this country. Generalizations, especially negative ones, are so much easier to make than it is to actually meet people.

  7. anon, I don’t think that many people “dance for joy” if anyone is killed.

  8. If a Muslim was going around spreading lies and hatred you know they would be locked up.

  9. Perhaps. I like to think that most people would have the familiarity with Muslims as people, not a faceless mass group, and enough sense to know that Islam doesn’t teach hate, but love, and endorses brotherhood and familiarity, not for us to be strangers to one another who hide away in our respective groups.

  10. Sister, a lof of churches are telling their ppl that there is no moderate Muslims or Moderate Islam. If Muslims are practicing Islam they are extremist. I had someone at work ask me if I’m a practicing Muslim. 🙁

  11. Just wait till the Inmates get their hands on this “CHILD MURDERER” and they will, just give them time, my hope is that they make him suffer, before they kill him…

  12. …”Just like he killed those kids..

  13. Spencer and Geller have their faults, but if not for them and the fact that the internet now publishes small newspaper reports, the atrocities being committed by muslims against minorities would be skipped over as it has been for many years, and muslims, instead of being forced to confront this problem, would stay wrapped in smug self righteousness and denial.

    Like the al Jazeera man said, lift the rug. The islamophobes are rug lifters and log turners.

  14. Tommy, they might not do that in Norway prisons.

  15. Its true they are spreading lies & hate about us. Let’s face it AmeriKKKA has a long history of hate and not much has changed. Its just our turn now. There is no post racial USA. Just travel 2hrs west of NYC to see the harsh reality of how hateful this place is. I pray things changed but I took off my blinders a long time ago. Right around the time a white christian man told me in broad daylight, he wanted to set me on fire.

  16. BTW, I know not all white Christians are hateful swine, but that seems to be the demographic who killed the Natives, enslaved & lynched the Africans & their decedents, put the Japanese in “interment” camps, black listed & oppressed many innocent people during the McCarthy era, still refuse to give women equal pay in 2012, and well, want to get rid of every “MOZLUM “because maybe, just maybe, this racist lunacy they’ve indoctrinated upon the American populace, may change when they see ALL people accepted regardless of color in this wonderful thing they deem as evil, called Islam.

  17. Muslims in various places are now killing amadis, shia, sufis, christians, jews… Turks traditionally kill Kurds and Armenians….mmmm who else?

    Not all muslims are hateful swine. Their societies have been hateful and swinish for a long time and have sent many refugees to US shores.

    As for US, any mobs lynching? any internment camps? It is possible for societies to improve, but only if they have the nerve to address their problems. Free speech helps.

    Call Spencer et al on their errors. They are performing a service for the muslims actually. These stories never used to get any attention at all.

  18. Islam is not terrorist, Islam is the most peaceful religion in the world. this man is terrorist

  19. If a non-muslim does something bad its a ”crime” but when a muslim does the same he is a ”terrorist” and tend to indict entire global faith ”Islam” with terrorism for what one unscrupulous muslim did. First lets remove this double standard then come to point. Breivrik is a terrorist and not a christian terrorist..So was timothy Mcvay the oklahoma bomber. Killing innocent ppl is against christianity.

  20. It is not one muslim, or even a small group of muslims that are making Islam look ugly.

  21. There’s a misconception that Islam is violent, some like to refer to the destruction of the Buddha statue in Afghanistan under Taliban, or the recent case of destroying mausoleums and shrines in Timbuktu. One gotta as themself, well for almost the entire existence of Islam, those shrines has been left untouched by Muslims, and even praised at times. It’s only in recent times that a relatively small school of thought of radical Islam has taken shape (Wahabbism and Salafism), that didn’t exist before, unfortunately that is the perception many Westerners is left with, the actions of a few.

    Ironically, Wahabbists, and Salafists are both ultra-conservative, and it’s the conservatives in the West who hates Islam. Oh Conservatives worldwide, please, stop holding the world back.

  22. A small core of men did the Inquisition. The Bolsheviks were a tiny violent minority. The masses who want to live orderly peaceful lives are cowed by violence or seduced and dragged along with it.

    Those Christian churches without a strong central authority also produce wild preachers.

    Islam, like Christianity or any other religion, is what the believers make it.

  23. Although I believe extremists who claim islam are doing this, I know for a fact it is not salafiyyah. All salafiyyah, or salafisim, is, is orthodox Islam. I know I ascribe to it and we don’t o around promoting this madness. Sadly many fools like the terrorists claim they they are salafi, but trust me, every salafi scholar warns against them. Salaf means predecessors, and that’s what salafiyyah is, adhering to the way of the 1st Muslims & the Prophet, peace be upon him. No one speaks out against terrorism more than the salafies. Salafi scholars have written countless books detailing evidences from the quran & the hadith that state terrorism is sinful, and whoever feels it is permitted, then he is NOT Muslim, but an apostate, who MUST be warned against to protect others from corruption. The salfi scholars of Saudi Arabia were instrumental in imprisoning many terrorists & extremists, and preventing many terror acts. They are the ones who pushed for Bin Laden’s exile. Its just sad that its not publicized. I just wanted to clarify that. Extremism is extremism not salafism like the media and some misinformed Muslims wrongly state. Thank you.

  24. The trouble of it is, Familja, there are violent people out of control. They may serve a purpose however. Those muslims who are enchanted with the idea of everybody living under sharia may finally realize that theocracy is a bad idea because there is always someone holier than thou.

    The villagers in the Pak girl’s case were convinced by the cleric and his supporters that it was right to mob up and kill the girl for blasphemy. Also a good way to get rid of their christian neighbors. Violence works in the short term, but brings poverty in its wake.

    There are a goodly number of muslims out there who think they have the right to kill those they disagree with. This may also be entangled with schemes to seize property. Salem witch trials all over again.

    Their hit list – amadis, shia, sufi, christians, jews, whatnot – is going to keep going. They are not going to comprehend that prosperity lies in peace and tolerance any time soon.

  25. Familja Jon,

    “Salaf means predecessors, and that’s what salafiyyah is, adhering to the way of the 1st Muslims & the Prophet, peace be upon him.” so you want to do as the four “rightly guided caliphates” and muhammad did? sounds backwards and brutal. i hope you are not in a western country. if so please kindly take your crazy ideology back to the middle east or north africa. it has no place in the industrialized world.

  26. “I had someone at work ask me if I’m a practicing Muslim.”

    I trust you have sought compensation and demanded your workplace change all its practices so that such a horrific situation can longer occur?

  27. nazrul ali,

    “Islam is the most peaceful religion in the world” what have you been smoking? it’s not even a pacifist religion. there are many religions more peaceful then islam. have you ever heard of the amish? how about the menonites? the jain? are you a total moron? or are you just that brain washed?

    Familja Jon,

    “Let’s face it AmeriKKKA has a long history of hate and not much has changed.” lol. ok. so islam has a long history of what? stoning people to death. enslaving people. your reecent history is nothing to be proud of. muslims rioting AGAIN, how could that be?

  28. yo yo

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