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‘Ban Islam in Sweden’: Sweden Democrat

28 August 2012 General 6 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


The neo-nazi Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska Motståndsrörelsen) marched in the central Swedish town of Bollnäs earlier this summer, after a controversial rape case had rocked the community.

On Saturday they marched again and anti-racist protests were held nearby.

Swedish Democratic Norling said he disapproves of Nazism, but by and large considers it a by-product of immigration. He also agrees with the neo-nazi movement that Islam has no place in Sweden.

“That can exist elsewhere but in Sweden it doesn’t fit in,” he said to Sweden’s national television SVT.

When asked what ought to be done with those who still want to believe in the religion, despite it being banned, Norling responded:

“Then the solution is deportation.”

This is the second time in just days that Swedish Democratic politicians have landed themselves in hot water.

On Friday, the Swedish Democrat Sven-Erik Karlsson commented on the harassment Somalian families have been suffering from teens in the town Forserum, in southern Sweden, saying that all Swedish municipalities ought to have gangs to harass refugees.

After the furore that followed, Karlsson resigned his position on Saturday.


  1. Islam could eventually be banned by declaring that it is a political party that maintains a violent faction, wants to take over the gov, and is not a religion.

  2. The saudis ban all relgions other than islam. How has that worked out for them?

  3. I see it as a possible future development if we can’t tolerate muslim activities here. Separatist, supremacist, terrorist activities.

  4. meanwhile bahraini muslim “clerics” are upsetting themselves because a church is being built in bahrain.

    One prominent cleric, Sheik Adel Hassan al-Hamad, proclaimed in a sermon during Friday prayers last month, that there was no justification for building further churches in Bahrain, adding, “anyone who believes that a church is a true place of worship is someone who has broken in their faith in God.”

  5. test

  6. Good luck to Par Norling. Banning Islam and expelling all Muslims (all 451,000 of them) will be very difficult.

    1) Will all aspects of Islam be banned or only some? For example, will teetotalism be criminalised?
    2) Will cultural/secular Muslims be expelled?
    3) Where will Par Norling expel white ethnic Swedish Muslims to?
    4) How will Par Norling deal with the problem of crypto-Muslims? During the Inquisition, Jews and Muslims pretended to be Christian in order to avoid deportation.

    If Par Noling lived in the 1940s, he’d be calling for the deportation of Jews.

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