Tuesday, April 13, 2021   

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Article Archive for August 2012

MSU student’s mouth stapled, jaw broken in reported hate crime attack
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A 19-year-old Michigan State University student is recovering at home in Oakland County today after surgery overnight for a broken jaw his family says stems from a brutal hate crime.

‘Ban Islam in Sweden’: Sweden Democrat
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The neo-nazi Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska Motståndsrörelsen) marched in the central Swedish town of Bollnäs earlier this summer, after a controversial rape case had rocked the community.

Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s Trial Ends But Not The Neo-Crusader “Counter-Jihad” Story
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by Garibaldi

“I wish to apologize to all militant nationalists that I wasn’t able to execute more”– Anders Behring Breivk

Mosque rally offers unity message
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Hundreds turned out Saturday at Landreth Park in a show of solidarity with area Muslims after their mosque was destroyed in a suspected arson fire on Aug. 6.

Neighbors-Joplin Mosque Rally, as it was called, was organized by Ozark Christian College student Ashley Carter.

Mondoweiss: Another Morphing Muni ad and a Hat Tip to Ayn Rand
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Pamela Geller’s defeat the “savages” San Francisco Muni advertisements created a firestorm among local culture jammers who are challenging the pro-Israel pundit’s message by re-designing the originals ads. See the latest makeover above.

CAIR Calls for Release of Pakistani Girl Held for ‘Blasphemy’
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(Via Loonwatch.com)

Good to see CAIR speak out about this as well (h/t: Fred). Doesn’t look like this fits the whole Islamization boogeyman, stealth jihad myths Islamophobes love to push.:

Top Israeli Rabbi Urges Prayers for the Destruction of Iran
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(Via LoonWatch.com)

MEMRI and other anti-Muslim Islamophobic groups and websites routinely play sermons from Imam’s or Ayatollah’s praying to God for the destruction and or decimation of “enemies.”

Fox News Analyst Reminds Us What Neil Armstrong’s Death Is Really About: Obama Spreading Islam
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While you were busy mourning Neil Armstrong, Fox News analyst Monica Crowley was looking for a way to politicize his death. She found it in one of the far right’s most insidious tropes — Islamophobia.

Anders Behring Breivik: Norway’s sane killer
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By Nathan Lean (LATimes)August 26, 2012

On Friday, a Norwegian court ruled that Anders Behring Breivik, who mowed down 77 people in a bombing and shooting rampage in Oslo in July 2011, was sane.

Mehdi Hasan: Not In My Name: Islam, Pakistan and the Blasphemy Laws
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by Mehdi Hasan (Huffington Post)

You could not make it up. An 11-year old Christian girl in Pakistan with Down’s Syndrome is in police custody, and could face the death penalty, for allegedly burning pages from the Quran.