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Iraq: After the Americans

1 September 2012 8 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Iraq: After the Americans

Recently, we’ve had trollish commenters pop up on our site defending the invasion and decimation of Iraq by the USA. It seems that the whitewashing of the war and historical amnesia has already settled in.

Loonwatcher Solid Snake made an excellent point about the way in which we make Muslim victims of America’s wars and aggression essentially “invisible.” Here is a recent two part series from AlJazeera’s Faultline documentary series that puts the focus back on the nation we invaded ten years ago, their reaction to our presence, what they believe they have benefited and lost, and the prospects for the future.

Faultlines: Iraq After the Americans, Part 1:

Part 2:



  1. On the other hand, there are some who want to make Bush accountable.

  2. that’s an excellent report. no doubt bremer made a huge mistake disbanding the army. iraq is most likely headed for partitioning. the divisions between the sects are too deep and brutal. if they spread their oil wealth out better it could hold them together, but that’s not likely. we definately over estimated the educational level of the average iraqi and we under estimated their tribalness. sistani’s death will propably mean the end of iraq. just like yugoslavia and much of africa the borders never made sense anyways.

  3. Annon that link is bull. I mean I can believe that Muslims in Pakistan want to kill Christians but they are unique. Muslims all over the world worship a god of peace whose writings encourage peace and acceptance of different cultures and different belief structures. It is understandable that a small subgroup in Pakistan is ignorant of the teachings of the true faith but that cannot be in Iraq. Iraq had a good school system, its people were educated including its religious scholars. From this, one can simply assume, with a great degree of certainty, that Iraq Muslims would not want the blood of Christians on their hands. Muslims love Christians as Jesus was also considered a prophet within Islam. I just do not see this happening.

  4. Criley,

    I beg to agree with you on some parts of your post but disagree on Pakistan.

    Yes, it is true that Muslims in Iraq were much better educated including the religious scholars. And why not? They had vast wealth to spend. Buyt the sectarian violence was always existent. I can’t make others like anon, mike, jane understand that there is no decree in Islam to kill others unless for self-defense or when they attack Muslims by breaching teaties. But now you may see that the others I mentioned will pounce on my statement. But you can’t equate common Muslims with Muslim terrorists jsut like you can’t do that about Crusaders with common Christians. Yes, Muslim people also have been looters, mobs destroyed non-Muslims; but that has been in many cases other than Muslims.

    On Pakistan: they don’t even consider others as humans just like the Saudis. Shia-Sunni clashes are common there. When we were a part of Pakistan, they used to call us Hinduanised Muslims, i.e. Muslims with a Hindu psyche. You know, they would not allow us to speak our own language even? When our people demanded this right, they unleashed their armed forces on us. Today, an Imam has been found guilty of falsely accusing a Christian child (mentally unfit, who could not read) barely 12 years old, how sick! What a shame. But there are more things. One Muslim cleric on BBC said to Orla Guerrine that even if he could save the girl from legal punishments, the Christians (including the girl+her family) and he would not be safe himself from the mobs and the extremists. This bane is a contribution from Zia-ul-Haque who ignoring the plight of people, was busy with his lavish lifestyle, armed forces and using Islam for his throne. I am happy he died a gruesome death.

    You say you work as teacher. I hope you could enlighten me on faith (s).

  5. I don’t think it matters what Islam says. People in some places are following an exclusionary tribalism and if you are different from their norms, they will attack and harass you.

  6. dongo,

    you seem to continually miss the point. is that some sort of “muslim thing”. bennet does the same thing. i quess it is totally unrealistic of me to expect ya’ll to possibly see why the koran and the hadiths are part of the problem.

    “there is no decree in Islam to kill others unless for self-defense or when they attack Muslims by breaching teaties.” so how is it that muslims throughout the world act as they do. why do 5 islamic nations have a death penalty for blasphemy? why have there been riots over cartoons, a koran burning? why the division between the sunni and shias? so how is it that apostasy is punisable by death according to some of the major schools of jurisprudence in islam.

    you can keep saying the same thing over and over. but it doesn’t make it more true then the last time you said it.

    pounce with me pounce with me. shit that should be bounce with bouce with me. not you dongo, that’s for the ladies.

    hmm, always thought that was lil bow wow. but this is even funnier. asians gone wild.

    clearly there is something wrong with islam.

  7. “This bane is a contribution from Zia-ul-Haque”

    so what is the bane of the saudis? wahhabi? boko haram? one individual? the taliban? al-qaeda? times square bomber? 3/11 bombers? 7/7…the list goes on and on. why do the masses in islam follow the teachings of clerics that preach against your cliam of “there is no decree in Islam to kill others unless for self-defense or when they attack Muslims by breaching teaties”? i mean if it is that plain and simple how is so much of the islamic world acts in contridiction to that statement. they seem confused?

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