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Shocking Vid: Greek Neo-Nazis Attack Immigrant Vendors Outside Athens, Bystanders Keep Walking

9 September 2012 General 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Members of Greece’s ‘Golden Dawn’ Party shout slogans and celebrate election results outside their headquarters. (AP File Photo)

Members of Greece’s ‘Golden Dawn’ Party shout slogans and celebrate election results outside their headquarters. (AP File Photo)

by Erica RitzThe Blaze

Not surprisingly, Greece’s neo-nazi political party “Golden Dawn” has become increasingly violent since winning a shocking number of the country’s parliament seats earlier this year.

Running on an anti-immigrant platform, international reports indicate the group has become less of a political party and more of an organized gang.

The U.K. Guardian writes:

…they are not a party at all: they are acting like a gang of criminal thugs, and it should not be beyond the pale to declare their organisation as such.

“We feel disgusted in the parliament,” said their leader, Nikos Mihaloliakos, in a speech to his followers on 25 August. “If they want us to, we can abandon it at any given moment and take to the streets. There, they shall see what the Golden Dawn is really about, they will see what battle means, they will see what struggle means, they will see what bayonets sharpened every night mean“.  Holding torches, they shouted “blood, honour, Golden Dawn” – a direct translation from the German “Blut und Ehre”, the motto once carried by the Nazi SA.“It’s you who are our Storm Detachments (Sturmabteilung). Let them come after you!” he continued, in his usual Nazi-inspired terms. Singing their official hymn “Raise the flags high” – again, a direct translation of the Nazi stormtroopers hymn “Die fachne hoch” – young men and women call for open, violent conflict both with the state and with any opponents on the ground. [Emphasis added]

In the most recent example of Golden Dawn’s brazen violence, the party released a video of its members destroying the stands of immigrant workers in the city of Rafina, near Athens, Friday night.  It didn’t appear that they waited until the area was deserted– rather, they simply appeared to be unchallenged, and marched through the streets in a symbol of power after the attack.

To be fair, however, the neo-Nazis appeared to descend en masse, and it is unlikely that a solitary protester could have prevented the damage.

Apparently the subsequent march was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and at least two police deputies joined in, saying they felt it was their duty to step in where the rest of the police force failed.

Greek media relates:

According to ministry sources, the deputies could be charged with usurping authority and damaging property.

Meanwhile, the party vowed to continue raids targeting migrant street traders without permits. A statement posted on the Golden Dawn website said raids would continue across the country, until authorities “decide to do their job and stop encouraging illegality.”

Business Insider simply writes: “Welcome to a society that’s been pushed to its breaking point.”

Original post: Shocking Vid: Greek Neo-Nazis Attack Immigrant Vendors Outside Athens,  Bystanders Keep Walking 


  1. Come on these people only represent a very small percentage of those who are Greek. Greeks are a kindly tolerant people who believe in diversity and inclusiveness. Greek society celebrates a cosmopolitan lifestyle and welcomes peoples from all nations and belief structures. What you see in the news are just a few extremists and do not represent Greek attitudes. If the news were to focus on the everyday Greek citizen we would find people just like you and I just trying to make a living and support their families. Instead the media simply wants to focus on benighted few who misrepresent a great nation.

  2. This story is timely. Is it as shocking as what is happening at embassys in islamic countries? The destruction here pales before the death and destruction wrought by angry Muslims. Then again these Neo Nazis and the rampaging Muslims could be simply two sides of the same coin.

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