Wednesday, April 14, 2021   

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Study of Islamophobia in the Netherlands now available in translation

Study of Islamophobia in the Netherlands now available in translation

Since 11 September 2001 – and especially since the murder of Theo van Gogh – Muslims and Islam have frequently been unfavourably portrayed at the heart of public debate.

Manifestations of Islamophobia can be found on the Internet, in comments by the PVV, and in acts of violence committed against mosques. Dutch anti-discrimination policies are coming under pressure now that this ideology has forced its way to the centre of the political stage.

How do negative connotations about Muslims come about? Where are the acts of violence taking place? Is the Netherlands the front line in the ‘clash of civilisations’, as has been claimed by politicians, opinion formers and others in the international arena? Or is it all about an exclusion mechanism?

The author states that shifts in the political climate can only be fully understood if racism, ideology, and language are involved in the analysis. Her research for Islamophobia and Discriminationconsisted of a study of relevant literature, an analysis of documents, and the gathering of data on the various methods people use to express their views.

Ineke van der Valk is a researcher with a broad background in the social sciences and discourse studies, and who specialises in ethnic diversity, racism and extremism.

“This book is about an issue that is very important for the Netherlands but about which remarkably little has been investigated or written. It offers an overview of theory formation about Islamophobia that is as thorough as it is accessible, and an overview of the actual situation in the Netherlands that is as up to date as it is complete.” — Frank Bovenkerk, FORUM Frank J. Buijs Chair of Radicalisation Studies, IMES/University of Amsterdam

English and French translations of Islamofobie en discriminatie, published by Amsterdam University Press earlier this year, can now be downloaded here.


  1. Do many academic papers about the hatred of christians and jews in so called muslim countries get prodused in those muslim countries?

  2. “How do negative connotations about Muslims come about? Where are the acts of violence taking place”

    How can this author of this article even write this sentence? How many links answering this question does the author want posted?

  3. “How can this author of this article even write this sentence?”

    You can write all sorts when you have gulf money funding you.

  4. Specialists in diversity studies are what used to be called basket weavers in academia.

  5. @jane. Write about hatred of non muslims in Muslims countries? Are you sick or something? Many non Muslims are working in the Middle East! They send it to their families, mostly non Muslim countries. Many have very very good business like that help run your car, unless youridehorses. Jane please give me a break wouldya? Go back to school!

  6. @jane. Gulf money? Have been reading too much comic books? How about your Arab gas powered car? Or how about your numbers hija (Spanishfor small girl)? Youare seeing or hearing voices? Thats too bad.

  7. marcelo,

    is english not your first language? sorry i don’t follow your comments at all. are you still of the belief that there is nothing wrong with marrying post-pubecent 12 year-olds?

    “Youare seeing or hearing voices?” are you referancing muhammad here?

  8. hija means daughter. hijo, hidalgo. It’s true many people work there without incident and maybe the Soddys have quit whipping those who attend mass in secret.

    Most of us never have a run in with the law, but if we do, the law must be there and not simply on the side of the majority.

  9. “How about your Arab gas powered car?”

    The car: invented in the west
    Extracting oil under pressure: invented in the west
    Petrol from fractional distillation: invented in the west.

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