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Abenob Nakoula Bassely, the Man Behind the Muhammad Movie

14 September 2012 61 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Actress Cindy Lee Garcia was deceived by Abenob Nakouly Bassely

Actress Cindy Lee Garcia was deceived by Abenob Nakouly Bassely

Abenob Nakoula Bassely, the Man Behind the Muhammad Movie

CNN reports that the man behind the “Innocence of Muslims” movie is likely not an “Israeli real estate developer” by the name of Sam Bacile, but instead as some speculated an Egyptian Copt by the name Abenob Nakoula Bassely. I indicated in my feature that there were doubts about who Bacile actually was and also updated the story reflecting that Israel has no knowledge of a citizen by the name of Sam Bacile.

by Moni Basu (CNN)

Some time in the summer, a small theater in Los Angeles screened a movie to which hardly anyone came.

It was a clunky film filled with scenes in a desert and in tents. The characters were cartoonish; the dialogue gauche.

The actors who’d responded to a July 2011 casting call thought they were making an adventure film set 2,000 years ago called “Desert Warrior.” That’s how Backstage magazine and other acting publications described it.

The American-made movie, it turns out, was hardly an innocent Arabian Desert action flick.

Instead, the movie, backed by hardcore anti-Islam groups in the United States, is a tome on Islam as fraud. In trailers posted on YouTube in July, viewers saw this: scene after scene of the Prophet Mohammed portrayed as a womanizer, buffoon, ruthless killer and child molester.

Islam forbids all depictions of Mohammed, let alone insulting ones.

Staff and crew of film that ridiculed Muslims say they were ‘grossly misled’

The Muslim world erupted in rage.

Protesters aired their anti-American anger in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Iran and in the Palestinian territories. They came after violent mobsattacked the U.S. Consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi leaving the ambassador and three other Americans dead.

But as outrage spread, the film’s origins still remained murky. Whose idea was it? Who financed it?

At the heart of the mystery was the filmmaker himself, a man identified in the casting call as Sam Bassiel, on the call sheet as Sam Bassil and reported at first by news outlets as Sam Bacile.

By Thursday, as new details emerged, it was becoming apparent that Bacile was probably not the producer’s real name.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the filmmaker identified himself as Sam Bacile and said he was a 52-year-old Israeli-American real estate developer from California.

But Israel’s Foreign Ministry said there was no record of a Sam Bacile with Israeli citizenship.

“This guy is totally anonymous. At this point, no one can confirm he holds Israeli citizenship, and even if he did we are not involved,” ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said.

CNN has been unable to contact anyone named Sam Bacile and cannot verify the information reported in the Journal.

A search by CNN of public records related to Bacile came up empty. A search of entertainment records turned up no previous mention of a Sam Bacile, and the directors and writers guilds had no listing for him.

A production staff member who worked on the film in its initial stages told CNN that an entirely different name was filed on the paperwork for the Screen Actors Guild: Abenob Nakoula Bassely.

He believed the filmmaker was a Coptic Christian and when the two spoke on the phone during production, the filmmaker said he was in Alexandria, Egypt, raising money for the film. There has been a long history of animosity between Muslims and the minority Copts in Egypt.

Another staffer who worked on the film said he knew the producer as Sam Bassil. That’s how he signed a personal check to pay staff.

The staffer said he was “99% positive” that Sam Bassil was not Jewish. He had quite a few religious pieces in his house, including images of the Madonna.

He was married with two children — the daughter helped during production and even brought in lunch on a few occasions, the staffer said.

Neither staffer wanted to be identified for security reasons.

Six things to know about the attack

In his interview with the Wall Street Journal, the filmmaker characterized his movie, now called “Innocence of Muslims,” as “a political effort to call attention to the hypocrisies of Islam.”

“Islam is a cancer,” he said. “The movie is a political movie. It’s not a religious movie.”

An actress in the film, who asked not to be identified, told CNN that the original script did not include a Prophet Mohammed character. She said she and other actors complained that their lines had been changed.

She said she spoke Wednesday with the producer.

“He said he wrote the script because he wants the Muslims to quit killing,” she said. “I had no idea he was doing all this.”

She described the movie’s repercussions as a “nightmare,” given the outrage and deaths, and she regretted having a role. She said she was angry and hurt by the lies.

The 79 other cast and crew members said they were “grossly misled” about the film’s intent.

YouTube restricts video access over Libyan violence

“The entire cast and crew are extremely upset and feel taken advantage of by the producer,” they said in a statement.

They said they were “shocked by the drastic rewrites of the script and lies that were told to all involved. We are deeply saddened by the tragedies that have occurred.”

The actress said that the character of Mohammed in the movie was named George when it was shot, and that after production wrapped she returned and read other lines that may have been dubbed into the piece.

A member of the production staff who worked on the film and has a copy of the original script corroborated the woman’s account. There was no mention of Mohammed or Islam, the crew member said.

The filmmaker told the Wall Street Journal that he was backed by Jewish donors, who contributed $5 million to make the film. Based on the trailer, however, the cartoonish movie appears to have been produced on a low budget.

Anti-Muslim activist Steve Klein, who said he was a script consultant for the movie, said the filmmaker told him his idea was to make a film that would reveal “facts, evidence and proof” about the Prophet Mohammed to people he perceived as radical Muslims.

Klein said the movie was called “Innocence of Bin Laden.”

“Our intent was to reach out to the small minority of very dangerous people in California and try to shock them into understanding how dangerous Islam is,” Klein said.

“We knew that it was going to cause some friction, if anybody paid attention to it,” he said.

But when Klein went to the screening in the Los Angeles theater, no one was there.

“It was a bust, a wash,” he said.

Killing shines light on Muslim sensitivities around Prophet Mohammed

But a while later, the trailers were online. They were segments focusing on the Prophet Mohammed and posted under the title, “Innocence of Mohammed.”

The trailers were translated into Egyptian dialects of Arabic, the New York Times reported. Egyptian television aired certain segments.

And the fury erupted.

Klein told CNN Wednesday that Sam Bacile was in hiding.

“He’s very depressed, and he’s upset,” Klein said. “I talked to him this morning, and he said that he was very concerned for what happened to the ambassador.”

The Atlantic later quoted Klein as saying that Sam Bacile was a pseudonym. He said he did not know Bacile’s real name.

Klein is known in Southern California for his vocal opposition to the construction of a mosque in Temecula, southeast of Los Angeles, in 2010. He heads up Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment, a group that contends Islam is a threat to American freedom.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, says Klein, a former Marine and Vietnam veteran, helped train militant Christian fundamentalists prepare for war.

The movie got even more notice after it was promoted by anti-Islam activists, including Egyptian-born Coptic Christian Morris Sadek and Terry Jones, the Florida pastor whose Quran-burning last year sparked deadly riots in Afghanistan.

Jones said he had been contacted to help distribute the film.

“The film is not intended to insult the Muslim community, but it is intended to reveal truths about Mohammed that are possibly not widely known,” Jones said in a statement.

“It is very clear that God did not influence him (Mohammed) in the writings of the Quran,” said Jones, who went on to blame Muslims’ fear of criticism for the protests, rather than the film.

Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called Jones to ask him to withdraw his support for the film, said Col. David Lapan, Dempsey’s spokesman.

“Jones’ support of the film risks causing more violence and death,” Lapan said.

That fear mounted as anger raged in the Muslim world and especially as Friday, Islam’s day of religious observance, fast approached.

Reaction to anti-Islam film fuels debate on free speech versus hate speech


  1. hmm very strange, I think there are other forces involved as well, Non arab ones. This might just be used to cause division between the christians and muslims…

  2. You might want to share this link.


  3. Christians and Muslims are brothers. I have a Christian mother…was raised Christian and am now Muslim. I think there is WAY more to this story…it is disgusting. Yet again, I am ashamed to be American.

  4. Whoever he is or which country he is from he is an evil crusader and works for the axis of evil headed by Israel and USA.whatever there action it makes Muslims and Islam stronger by the can hang yourself or leave in islamophobic world of your own.its up you!

  5. @Mark why are you ashamed to be an American? because of some hateful idiots,if thats the case you need thicker skin brother.

  6. Let say something here as only a coward will hide as if he a man enough and they have the balls they would have appeared and talked about what they think but only a coward and a sissy like them have no balls to even show up I dare all the parties that had got involved in this movie to shup time will tell as in this digital age all is possible you can hide but you can not disappear

  7. What was his motive in claiming he was Jewish? Inciting violence against Jews as well? What a coward!

  8. 100 or so unnamed zionist scum helped pay for this video

  9. @Kenny..because I just moved back here to take care of my mother. Because I lived and taught nursing in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Because I understand why people hate us. America is a hard place for Muslims. Especially in the South- where I am from. A whole community fought against a new Masjid in Murpreesboro, Tennessee. My brothers with darker skin than I are called “rag heads” in the town where I live. Even the Indians who are Hindu are harassed because people don’t know or care enough to learn the difference. Young man, I have a thicker skin than you can imagine. I have lived and worked in some of the hardest places on earth. I was a volunteer nurse for International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in Afghanistan. Please do not presume to know me, brother.

  10. never ever be ashamed of your country…

  11. 79 cast and crew members is quite a huge crew. And nobody knows the name of the filmmaker. Thats hard to believe. Another strange thing is that how did it get on air in Egypt televisions especially for a content like this? Isnt there content editors or some sort of censorship?

  12. I am southern, American and love my Muslim friends.

  13. Real religion are always disturbed by non belivers who pretends to worship stones claiming that they have religion,if Usa and israel failed to defeat islam why jelousy?

  14. I am often ashamed of my government..less so now than before…and often ashamed of some of our citizens. Then people like @ Amy D. Clark remind me we got some good, too…;-)

  15. We expect America to arrest all who were involved in the making of the Blasphemous movie and punish them harshly if America expects peace from us

  16. Oh yay, a troll. We really needed that right now. I do wish the rioters understood that the country as a whole is NOT behind that crap that this “filmmaker” put out. Our news was reporting that the man was on probation, and not even allowed to be on the internet at all, so someone with a LOT of hate and crazy built up in them had to think that was ok.

  17. @ Patrick…classy. Way to go…keep showing that American spirit of acceptance for all. Why would you even come here to say something so hurtful? What good does it do? You are a small, sad man.

  18. Islam will dominate the world one day . Allah HU Akbar

  19. violence begets violence. i live 2 blocks from a mosque in Midwest. free speech protects their right to practice Islam. as well it should. we respect each other here. blaming obama is false and dangerous. it could lead to a hawkish foreign policy as espoused by the right. sam bacile, terry jones and other American extremists are viewed with the same disgust as other extremists by most Americans. we must learn to coexist now. with the complexities of politics in the middle east the next war could last for generations. i want more for my grandchildren and for Muslim children.

  20. @patrick – look inside yourself. you have much in common with those you hate. which is hate itself.

  21. Muslims need to understand that simply because something is sacred to them does not mean it is sacred to others. I and others are under no obligation to respect the Muslim religion or to honor any of its leaders including its prophet Mohammad. Simply because Muslims get mad or are willing to kill people over their beliefs is no reason to start showing respect for the religion and its beliefs. In fact the more violence Muslims perpetrate under the guise of Islam the less respect it will accord from most people. Sure people will get scared and some will duck just to avoid the threat, but the world is not full of cowards and every attack on civil liberties by Muslim militants only strengthens peoples resolve. All that is going to occur by these attacks and by threats to our universities such as the one in Texas today is that people will resent Muslims more and more. Not because they think all Muslims are a threat but because they do not know which ones are a threat. Combined with a perception that even peaceful Muslims will, to some extent, protect Muslims with less moderate views spells continuing hard times for Muslims ahead. Muslims will win in courts when it comes to discrimination as our laws protect all of us, as they should. However, it will not protect them from the public animosity and increasing dislike growing from and stemming from Islamic actions at home and abroad. The Netherlands has Wilder. Politicians within the United States will start finding it more and more advantageous to take anti Muslim positions in order to get elected. We see this already, and with the latest course of events it will only get worse. In the end, as I have stated before, Muslims are their own worst enemy.

  22. @Mark Edwards thank you for your service as a nurse in the cause of humanity. America was founded on the principles of religious freedom. we need to revisit that principle and educate ourselves on our diversity.

  23. Patrick Keogan, insignificant, ok, that’s summed your life up.

  24. No surprise that the Islamofascists and Democrats are blaming the film instead of condemning the rioters. CAIR would be so proud.

  25. we can not arrest and punish the vile blasphemous film makers because free speech protects all. we still struggle with the punishment of hate speech vs. free speech but we can condemn them call them what they are and not give them an audience. without an audience you have no voice. all the violence has accomplished is giving them a voice and making Muslims look like a violent uncivilized group. which i do not believe Muslims are.

  26. the fact is anti-American sentiment is complex and deep. Americans need to educate themselves on the reasons why and our politics in the middle east. i am not excusing violence against our embassies but there are other reasons behind this. Average Americans need to educate themselves on this. and on the history of the Israeli /Palestinian and Israeli/ Iranian conflict. we need to make our voting decisions based on this. hawkish foreign policy as touted by the extreme right will not help this situation. protesting muslims need to be careful who they blame.

  27. “I lived and taught nursing in Iraq and Saudi Arabia”

    I wonder if this fellow spent much time in Saudi Arabia protesting against the complete lack of freedom of religion in Saudi Arabia. I suspect he didn’t.

  28. Ahaha, Islam sucks

  29. sam bacile or terry jones is that you? unfortunately in America we have people hater mindsetd too but they are a tiny tiny minority. but they ate also what is wrong with the world.

  30. ALLAH ACKBAR death to the infidels!!!

  31. هاها، تمتص الإسلام. وكان نبيكم مجرد زعيم شيطان، والمغتصب، والمتعصب ل.

  32. أحرق لكم بانخفاض K F C! اللعنة عليك وإلهكم.
    محمد هو رائحة كريهة العضو التناسلي النسوي
    محمد يحب الداعر الماعزi
    الإسلام هو دين الشيطان
    اللعنة إل

  33. ccc,

    muslims clearly don’t understand freedom of speech.

  34. Since the hadiths describe M as a robber, murderer, etc. why do muslim get so upset if people describe him that way? How to divide booty and bang slave girls. Asma bint Marwan. Zaynab. Couple of other people.

    In fact, why do I see muslims claiming that he was the best most wonderful peaceful man that ever walked the earth and wouldn’t say boo to a kitty cat?

    I don’t think these crowds are that upset over theological points.

  35. who gives a shit who made the stupid thing. the question is why do muslims react this way all the time. if there is no complusion in religion, if islam is “the religion of peace” and tolerant, how is it possible that mobs of muslims continue to kill in the name of islam? something is not adding up. and as they say, actions speak louder than words.

  36. “We expect America to arrest all who were involved in the making of the Blasphemous movie and punish them harshly if America expects peace from us”
    Nah man, freedom of speech. We don’t kill people for being wrong here, it’s a pretty cool thing.

  37. I can’t believe they did this so disrespectful the person who made this is gonna spend the the rest of his life in hell

  38. Wow did you know that Google allows you to translate what Jeff the killer and Mohammad Akbar said. Never used it before but it works well.

  39. most of american are eletret they dont know anything more than how to steel to make money so its not strange to me to find your goverment works the same way, but you have to know that you cant give what you miss. when we dont know you shut up so who ever say anything nasty about prophet mohammad needs to shut their mouth and try to focus on his mc donalds meal THIS IS YOUR LIMIT.who ever made the movie, muslims will reach him and make him an example to everybody its a matter of time.

  40. no, so what did they say?

    i almost flashed back to the poker table and said english only. then i remembered i was on the world wide web.

  41. Mohamad Akbar said “Down KFC! Damn you and your God”

    While Jeff the Killer said: “Haha, suck Islam. Prophet was just the leader of the demon, and the rapist, and a bigot”

    All you have to do is go to google and type in the word Translate then paste in the phrase you want translated.

  42. Muslims are savages. If Americans don’t get it even now, this nation is doomed.,29553/?ref=auto

  43. AA,

    they may be savages living in the 7th century. but america is far from doomed. at least not from the muslims. entitlements will doom us long before islam.

    but it does seem clear that they are against freedom of speech. but don’t worry our constitution is stronger than the krazy koran.


    Now they are rioting in Australia. How are the Muslims in Australia going to be able to talk about peace and tolerance if they are attacking police officers who are trying to protect property? These demonstrations are going to cause them problems there, and they will be yelling loudly about the increase of Islamophobia in this country. The more they demonstrate this behavior in western countries the more credibility they give to people like Geller.

  45. I am very disgusted, offended, and ashamed to have witnessed such hatred, and provoking propaganda from a so called American. I cannot, and will not even associate these people with Christianity as no true lover or follower of Jesus son of Mary (peace and blessing upon him) would ever make an attempt to dishonor Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him). Two men once came before Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and one complimented him on how beautiful he was. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) responded by telling that individual “you have spoken the truth”, and then another man came to him and told Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) that he was the most hideous despicable creature he had ever seen, and Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) replied to him “you have spoken the truth”. The companion who was with Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) at the time asked him why he agreed with both men when their statements were complete opposites of each other. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) responded when the first man looked upon me and saw beauty, he only saw a mirror of himself, and when the second man came and stated I was hideous he too saw a mirror of himself. With this account I inform you that everything portrayed in your sick video is who YOU ARE! You have no right to even utter the blessed names of Jesus son of Mary (peace be upon him), or Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). Both live honorable lives, and never lie or stole from anyone. They never caused harm to anyone, and this is a historic fact! You can continue to try and deceive people, and cause a war between muslims and christians but this will NEVER HAPPEN! You have no credibility! You can read many books about the works, and accomplishments of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) in his lifetime which have saved generations up until today! What accomplishments do you have? When you die what will you be known for? You are worse than dung! Even dung goes into the earth and helps bring new life! When you die the earth will REJECT YOU! You will one day be raised before the creator of us all, and be questioned about the unforgivable mischief you have caused! So go back to your zionist supporters who pushed you to make this video to cause a clash between muslims and christians! Go back to them and tell them MISSION FAILED! YOU COWARD!

  46. Saw posts by Aussies saying they started by attacking people at random on the sidewalk. Cops began arresting them, made them mad because they think they have the right to attack those not of their tribe.

    This is not about a silly film, this is about muslims being angry because those around them aren’t following Islam.

  47. Interesting that they have the confidence to start jumping people on the sidewalk in Aus. I did expect something of the sort to start somewhere.

    The Somali girls that jumped Rhea Page did too. They had the confidence to run up and bash her yelling kill the white bitch.

  48. See? They will do here what they did there. If you resist them they will be enraged, you have dared to resist the superior being.

    Wonder when they will call for the death of some little disabled girl for blasphemy or begin killing children in order to clear their area of the impure ones.

    Ha ha the islamophobes triumph!

  49. Mike

    Your government is showing is a lot of “pussy”-ness by asking Google to pull out the clip. Constitution may be strong, but the office bearers are pandering to Pisslame and Pisslamists.

    The fact that these buggers are rioting all over the world shows that the cancer needs to be cauterized. You guys want to wait for how long ?? These bastards created a fake phobia against themselves and whine their way out of debates.

    Do you even have any idea what will happen when their numbers grow ?

    Have you ever had conversations with muzzie cab drivers in the US ? i travel a bit and i always strike up conversations with them. Their views are all alike….”Pedo Mo is best, Islam is best…West is immoral”.

    Mike….I have only one thing to say to you “Islam is an encroaching religion by nature”. I dare you to disprove me. If you do nothing for 10 years, you lose 10% of everything you have ..lands, power etc etc to Islam(ists). This is the lesson an average american needs to learn from the rest of the world.

    Someone from the Govt needs to make a strong statement like Merkel did “American Values are superior to your Pisslamic values. If you disagree, pack your bags to shitty lands you come from. If you create nuisance here, you will be shipped off without trial”.

  50. Ha, they have arrested some guy wanted to blow up a bar. I told you they would do here what they do there. Am feeling quite the prophet. Maybe I will establish a religion with costumes and pageants and food laws. Cocoanut and brussels sprouts are forbidden…

  51. This is just devil act of shaitan, this person and who ever behind him, may Allah subhanahu wata,ala punished them severely in rewarding them with hall fire.

  52. it seems that the truth has become hatred and murders heroes .i think those who commit any crime in a foreign who is saving them should be sent home.we can no longer teach history because it is wrong.what happens when Musins burn hindu and christian places of worship and their bibles ?I understand that only mulins have holy pakistan when a muslin want anything that a christian has he says that the christian cannot blaspheme against a man ,we are not in pakistan or a muslin country so it does not exist

  53. Aikido Arjun,

    pussyness and diplomacy is very simialar. but yeah their growing numbers are a concern. you sure merkel said that? i remember her saying that multiculturalism has failed. nothing about no trials? seems at odds with the germans, well post ww2 germans not wanting to look fascist. anyways i will reserve any extreme action until absolutely neccesary.

    sorry your people have appearently been under the boot of the muslims. but many muslims believe their people have been under the boot of america. so let’s not become the monsters that we mean to fight.

    you should watch pink floyd’s “the wall”

    then again some say things like: “This is just devil act of shaitan, this person and who ever behind him, may Allah subhanahu wata,ala punished them severely in rewarding them with hall fire.” maybe there is no reasoning with muslims.

    only time will tell.

  54. Tahirah,

    “I am very disgusted, offended, and ashamed to have witnessed such hatred, and provoking propaganda from a so called American.” so you aren’t disgusted by the actions of muslims? so he made a film. so fucking what. he killed no one. set nothing on fire. threw no rocks.

    “unforgivable mischief you have caused!” crucify him.

    [5.33] The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement,

    “who ever made the movie, muslims will reach him and make him an example to everybody its a matter of time.

    14 September 2012 at 5:24 pm”

    yeah muslim love freedom of speech.

    AA, it may not be too long till i move towards your position. only a matter of time appearnetly.

  55. Mike

    I now see how my framing of the Merkel paragraph is coming across wrongly.

    I don’t think Merkel said in so many words. But between France, Germany and the UK, most (non- right wing) leaders pretty much said/meant that.

    So my apologies for the fauxpas.

    I don’t believe in righting the wrongs of the past. But some sense of fairness must exist when we try to live with each other. It could be in policies, or just some give and take between communities. Muslims deny you that when their numbers grow. It is in their DNA…look at any nation they rule or any society they inhabit.

    The Muslim mind is a wonderful thing. The more Muslim you get, the more demented you become. Have you ever seen their logical reasoning/demands ? They’ll have a problem with you simply because they now seek what you have …that includes women, property, power, etc etc.,

    I don’t think the US or its people should bend over backwards to accommodate them. This is still a land of opportunities. They ought to work hard and uphold American values, not undermine them.

    Which practicing Muslim doesn’t dream of hoising the Islamic flag on white house ? Saving a demented evangelical who would like American govt to return to Biblical values,which other religionists wants his religion to conquer and rule America. That’s the biggest difference between Muzzies and others.

    My only warning to the US : Islam is not an entity that you wait for to see bad behavior and then take corrective action. It doesn’t work that way. With Islam, you set boundaries first and create a stern penalty for transgressing. That’s the only way you contain the problem.

  56. “It is in their DNA” now you sound like margret thatcher when east and west germany was talking about reunification. she said the huns had something in their blood making them warmongers. myself being a hun, i can’t totally disagree. jk.

    “I don’t think the US or its people should bend over backwards to accommodate them.” i agree totally. i support the “anti-sharia” laws.

    “Which practicing Muslim doesn’t dream of hoising the Islamic flag on white house” i think alot of american born muslims and even some who immigrate at a young age accept seperation of church and state.

    anyways, your comments confuse me as to weather you are american or not. not that it matters much, but i’m just wondering?

    you say “This is still a land of opportunities” as if you are an american, maybe you are just currently in america. yet you said “your government” and “My only warning to the US”.

  57. I use your/my interchangeably as a habit. I’m not yet a citizen. I’m very grateful to the US for many things. However, that’s beside the point.

    You need to have a life long association to know the (islamized) Muslim psyche. You need to transcend personal exepriences and understand community,regional, national and even global trauma of various cultures at the hands of Islam. They are always encroaching. They always want to dominate. That’s what Islam asks you to do to be a true Muslim.

    Unfortunately Americans haven’t got to this truth yet. At most they say some Muzzies are crazy as though it could be cured or the rest are sane. That’s flawed diagnosis leading upto wrong and self-defeating response.

    The deeper they are into the doctrine, the more demented and dangerous they are for humanity. Notice I say doctrine and not spirituality. There’s a difference.

    The ones you are referring to are, to a large extent, very distant from the toxic doctrine. So long as they are far away from the virus, they will not think of conquering America. But once they turn religious, the US is in danger of being eaten from the inside. Remember the solider who fired on his comrades ?

    I see Islamic cancer from a mile. An average American can’t figure it out even if it is right under its nose. I will continue to strive to make Americans prudent in their assessment of Islamic doctrine.

    The fight is NOT against Muslims. It is against the doctrine. Muslims are mere foot soldiers. Bury the doctrine before it buries you.

  58. “The deeper they are into the doctrine, the more demented and dangerous they are for humanity” i agree. but that is true of most doctrines. but look at the christians and the jews. they haven’t burnt anyone at the stake for 100s of years. yet if you read leviticus that is the punishment for alot of things. there was a romania priest who crucified that nun, performing an exorcism.

    “The ones you are referring to are, to a large extent, very distant from the toxic doctrine.” true. but hopefully the westernized fiqh can back flow to the toxic side of the world.
    “So long as they are far away from the virus, they will not think of conquering America. But once they turn religious, the US is in danger of being eaten from the inside.” we are always in danger of being eaten from the inside.
    “Remember the solider who fired on his comrades ?” which one? the guy who threw grenades into the barracks. or the fort hood short, hassan? i give hassan a pass. he was a psychiatrist. they often go crazy. listening to other people’s problem all day long often drive them crazy. they are going to forcible shave him for his military trial. he said he had a dream that he was going to die, and it would be a sin to die without a beard. crazy. despite anwar al-awaki, the times square bomber, muhammad and megahed, the christmas tree bomber, sami osmakac, or even the islamic thinkers society. you should google them they are funny. despite all that, i still have faith in america’s ability to assimilate anyone. but we do have to keep an eye on them. especial where there are large concetrations. and any private islamic school should be looked at as to what the are teaching.

    “The fight is NOT against Muslims. It is against the doctrine.” i agree. as if said before, the koran is poorly written, and the hadiths are even worst.

    “Bury the doctrine before it buries you.” amen.

    btw, the word comrades has a communist connotation to it to many americans.

  59. check out page 106. not great numbers, but some what incouraging.

    also, i’ve had two muslims tell me that 4:11 is no longer applicable. they where both women, but still babysteps to reason. has there been any violence in america over this movie. i know it’s kind of a sad statement that the lack of violence over a movie, but it is something.

  60. Haha, mike, did they pay you to respond to those who supports Islam

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