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Racists vandalise Virginia mosque

16 September 2012 General 14 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – WHSV reports that the Islamic Center of the Shenandoah Valley at Harrisonburg, Virginia, was vandalised on Thursday night.

The report states: “We cannot show the vandalism in its entirety because the images were very vulgar. It appeared to be male genitalia and was spray painted as well as racial slurs against blacks, and vulgar references to Iraqis.”Original post: Racists vandalise Virginia mosque


  1. well that’s not good. but i’m confused again. if non-lethal vandalism of a mosque is proof of some rising islamophobia or some evil learning of america. then what does the behavior of muslims thoughout the world say about islam?

    who was the facebook chick who said it was only 100 muslims after the egyptian protests? doesn’t she know you have to wait until friday prayers to see the true face of islam. lol.

  2. Mike you are missing the tribal point. What the tribe does is good or at least excusable no matter how bad it is, but the least little sign of resistance from the non tribe kuffar trash is bad! bad! bad to the bone.

    Churches may burn with the Christians in them, and gee that’s terrible, but a little smirch on the mosque wow that’s major malevolence.

  3. that should be “leaning”


    what? how am i missing the point? i said all religions are a new global tribalism. in fact i think that is when you began using the term…???????

  4. Well things will get better. I guess Christians should stop Attacking Muslims!

  5. We should read about Islam to understand it

  6. Sark, mike, sark.

    I wonder if all this would be happening if we weren’t still hanging around Afghanistan. Why in the world are we leaving in 2014? What’s wrong with this weekend? Do we even have a prez in this matter?

  7. After all that has happened in the past week, if this is the only act of vandalism at a Mosque then I think Muslims should be happy.

  8. That’s true. What if every time some muslims did or said something nasty and stupid we assembled lynch mobs and destroyed business? Let’s go burn the Soddy embassy!

  9. anon,

    it probably wouldn’t be as bad if we weren’t in iraq and afghanistan. but muslim rage over blasphemy has existed as long as i can remember. well we aren’t pulling out this weekend because we still have hope that they won’t totally implode when we are gone.

  10. “We should read about Islam to understand it

    17 September 2012 at 5:38 pm”

    i agree with myself. everyone should read the koran and the hadiths.

    “Well things will get better. I guess Christians should stop Attacking Muslims!

    17 September 2012 at 5:37 pm”

    but i disagree with “anon” things are going to get worse.

  11. Sometimes anon is not my anon. That is the problem with being anon. I may have to change it

  12. anon,

    it is obvious that that wasn’t your statement. that’s why i put anon in quotes. nor was that my statement. first they were only one minute apart. second that is not in the vein of something you would say. and third i don’t capitalize. whoever made those statements doesn’t seem to be too bright.

    but again i agree we should read about islam to understand it.

    anyways i don’t no what sark means?

  13. anon just put a number after your name, that may help.

  14. ccc,

    that’s funny.

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