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13 Powerful Images of Muslim Rage

18 September 2012 General 23 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

13 Powerful Images of Muslim Rage

by Max ReedGawker

“MUSLIM RAGE,” screams Newsweek‘s new cover story about last week’s violent anti-American protests. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the well-known anti-Islam activist, is here to tell “us” (The_West) how to “end it.” And it’s true, isn’t it? All Muslims are constantly raging about everything. So to pay tribute to Ali’s article — which describes the protesters as “the mainstream of contemporary Islam” — and the subtle, smart cover that accompanies it, we’ve collected 13 striking, powerful images of MUSLIM RAGE.

What are Muslims so mad about? Twitter (“Want to discuss our latest cover? Let’s hear it with the hashtag: #MuslimRage,” Newsweek begs us) has some answers:

Indeed, as everyone knows, Muslims, and especially Arab Muslims, have no lives, feelings or thoughts external to constant, violent rage, directed at old white people living in the Midwest (due to their freedoms). Sure, only a few thousand people out of populations of millions turned out to protest this goofy anti-Muhammad movie from YouTube, and sure, there was loud outcry against the violence across the Muslim world. But have you seen this photo? Those guys are mad.

It’s hard to find a better image than the one on the Newsweek cover to really communicate how rage-filled Muslims constantly are, but we’ve found a few that will strike a chill into your heart:


#1 Check out these violent, angry Egyptians:


#2 Two furious Iraqis:


#3 Iranian Muslims #snowrage:


#4 This Egyptian guy is filled to the brim with #MuslimRage:


#5 A group of Egyptians gather in Cairo to vent their rage:


#6 A wrathful Jordanian girl:


#7 Insane #MuslimRage:


#8 Terrifying image of violent, rampaging Iraqis:


#9 How can we stop #MuslimRage like this, from Iran?


#10 Look at this enraged Iraqi and tell me you’re not scared:


#11 Irate Egyptians taking a break from their #MuslimRage:


#12 An Egyptian family, foaming at the mouth:

Image 13

#13 #MuslimRage:


Loonwatchers share their own “very, very scary” photos of Muslim rage.

At a vigil to remember Ambassador Stevens last Friday in Cincinnati:


Photo credit: UC Newsrecord


  1. These fine people you see here are the victims and/or supporters of the goons raging on the cover.

  2. that’s funny. so i guess these riots never happened? riots all over the world didn’t happen when the cartoons came out? muslims didn’t kill people in rushdie’s entouroge, 20 un members, theo van gogh? 5 islamic nations don’t have the death penalty for blasphemy? others will imprison you? the problem is not the people, by and large, it’s the doctrine. most muslims aren’t the problem, the problem is islam itself. the koran is poorly written and the hadiths are even worse.

    for a vigil they seem to be having fun? maybe it is a cultural thing? well not the black chick.

  3. That little cutiepie in the pink jacket, #7. What faith is she? Might there be a loathsome lout on this cover that wants her dead?

  4. what is really funny is that #1 and #4 are egyptians, who many have taken part in the riots? odds are slim but you never know. lol.

  5. warning: totaly off subject. nothing to do with this article. i’m just spitting out the same ole shit.


    ““Actually its funny how u can lie so easily even after I proved u were lying about 5:33.” what lie was this you “proved”? impaling is the same as crucifixion? again, of the verses i posted that is the one that isn’t claiming that the pharoahs crucified people. the problem with 5:33 is that it says you can put people to death for spreading mischief. is it mischievous to make a movie saying muhammad was a murdering womanizing bastard? you do see that the iranians quote 5:33 in justification of their blasphemy law. did you read the other link. i’ll post it below for ya.
    “U are a perfect example of what haters and racists do. Recycle the same garbage and spit it out again.” well i’m spitting it out again because it is relevent to the topic. not that i always stay on topic. plus there are new people coming to the site daily, therefore it is not regurtitated to them. anyways as far as my hatred, i do hate ideologies that mean to limit my freedoms. i do love my decadence so. as for me being a racist. not true. i don’t judge people on their race. but i do judge cultures. i find the islamic culture to be backwards and inferior to western cultures. so would you like to see a world wide blasphemy law so your beloved prophet couldn’t be insulted? are you against american freedom of speech? you agree with nazrul ali, that the producers of the movie should be arrested? and harshly punished. can you go on facebook for me and ask him if he is an american?

    14 September 2012 at 1:52 pm

  6. Little miss #7 is about the age of the daughter of the Bahai couple I met years ago who had fled Iran, and a bit younger perhaps than the little afghan girl found with her legs and head chopped off recently.

    She is about the same age as the beheaded Thai toddler.

    Children this age are being killed by the Taliban when their parents don’t fork up enough money.

    So when she gets into her teens will she be killed for the crime of going to school? Set on fire for offending the muslims in her area?

    Or just zapped by a drone because she happens to be standing next to the wrong person?

  7. muslims are clearly the most peaceful people on earth

  8. Well, those people were not raging, I guess we will see if Muslims rage after the following is published this week.–abc-news-topstories.html

    There may be some good photo opts

  9. good ole “Charlie Hebdo”. they show no fear. wasn’t their headquarters bombed the last time they published cartoons of muhammad?

    the cartoons show the prophet in “particularly explicit poses,” that could mean anything considering years ago, i think during the catholic church pedophile scandel, didn’t their cover have jesus sodomizing a boy?

    good to see someone stand up for freedom of speech.

  10. US should do this. Let’s put out a montage of all our cutie pies and peaceful well behaved folks next time some of us exhibit bad behavior.

  11. anon,

    that’s hilarious. now it is an insult to not be in a proper state of rage. but what can you expect from the pakistanis.

  12. One year there was video of a mob there beating 2 boys to death. They had wandered into the area and the mob thought they were thieves or Christians or just different. They were 2 nice muslims boys, one of them hafiz, come to visit relatives.

  13. that is pretty fucking disturbing. a little kid takes a couple of whacks after they are dead. video is at the bottom.

  14. This is same old same old. The violent bear it away, the nice cower at home, the authorities are useless.

  15. I don’t think dawdling in Afghan. is based on any objectives, it is a business war as was Nam, and we can’t extricate ourselves until deadlines are up or something. These wars have stated goals and ideals, but they are entangled in business, which turns them into swamps.

  16. I think this is the wrong approach. Muslims sure do have a rage problem. Here they are doing the usual turtle/ostrich thing. Not me, not me and mine. We’re the best most peaceful people in the world. Bunk. It may not be you and your family out there, but you have a problem. Several.

  17. In fact this is the crux of the problem. Violent disorder will drive away business – e.g. the Chinese fled Libya -and a handful of idiots may wreck the economies of these places, while muslims not involved pat themselves on the back for being decent wonderful folk.

  18. So these violent men are running amok, ruining the country.

    So you leave that country and come here and tell us something is wrong with us. Dreaming of turning us into the perfect islamic state and wondering why others might not like that idea.

    I read a post from India once said “we have a religious massacre every now and then, but everyone has those, right?”

    it is madness to import religious hatred.

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