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Newsweek Publishes Islamophobic ‘Muslim Rage’ Cover In Response To Embassy Attacks

18 September 2012 ThinkProgress 56 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Newsweek Publishes Islamophobic ‘Muslim Rage’ Cover In Response To Embassy Attacks

By Ben Armbruster on Sep 17, 2012 at 10:31 am

Anti-Islam rhetoric in the United States has heated up this week in the wake of the violent protests in the Middle East. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough joined in the backlash this morning, saying the entire Muslim world hates the United States “because of their religion.”

Newsweek picked up on this theme, today releasing its new cover story by with the headline “MUSLIM RAGE” and a photo of angry Muslims:

Somali-born Dutch AEI scholar Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the cover story’s author. In the article, Hirsi Ali claims that extremist Muslims “are not a fringe group“:

The Muslim men and women (and yes, there are plenty of women) who support — whether actively or passively — the idea that blasphemers deserve to suffer punishment are not a fringe group. On the contrary, they represent the mainstream of contemporary Islam.

In a speech back in May, Hirsi Ali expressed sympathy for one of the justifications for Norwegian anti-Muslim terrorist Anders Breivik‘s attacks, explaining that Breivik said “he had no other choice but to use violence” because his fringe views were “censored.” Breivik was convicted of mass murder last month, which he admitted to perpetuating in order to save Europe from a “Muslim takeover.”

As this blog has previously noted, in a 2007 interview with Reason Magazine, Hirsi Ali called for Islam to be “defeated.” The interviewer asked: “Don’t you mean defeating radical Islam?” Hirsi Ali replied bluntly: “No. Islam, period. Once it’s defeated, it can mutate into something peaceful. It’s very difficult to even talk about peace now. They’re not interested in peace.”



  1. “the idea that blasphemers deserve to suffer punishment are not a fringe group. On the contrary, they represent the mainstream of contemporary Islam”

    The OIC agrees with her

  2. Instead of supporting free speech, the “peace activists” and Islamists advocate “blasphemy laws”, arrests, and execution of critics.

  3. why can’t they have the pictures of people saying “We don’t hate America”?

  4. “Lately people sayin’, stuff about my Prophet
    They see our numbers rising, so they make him a target
    Agitate the Muslims, get money in their pocket
    We just work to spread the truth and make sure people got it

    Like how he treated neighbors with all the love and care
    Examples that he gave us, to be honest and fair
    How to be forgiving, respecting every faith
    Giving rights to the women, at war how to behave

    The women and the children and every innocent
    Should be protected no matter how oppressed we get
    So we know they’re saying stuff about the Prophet that ain’t true
    They did that at the prophets time so this ain’t nothing new

    Did he worry what the people said after he passed
    Or was he more concerned about us doing what he asked
    Do our deeds tell the story of the man he was
    A Mercy to Mankind, lets show the world his love”

    – Native Deen, “Mercy to Mankind”

  5. Let’s just keep on perpetuating the myth that Muslims are angry bearded Arab men. *facepalm*

  6. Today? It was trending on Twitter days ago, mocking them with pictures of kids with the hashtag #MuslimRage

  7. 🙁

  8. it fits the right wing narrative. Newsweek used to be a good magazine..seems like it’s all sensationalism now.

  9. @Carol: Because that doesn’t perpetuate the stereotype or generate ratings and sales.

  10. Jane – Where on earth do you get your authority to claim something like “they represent the mainstream of contemporary Islam”? That is bullshit plain and simple. You are wrong. Period.

  11. U got to be kidding me?

  12. i think in proverbs it says, ” God gave us a tounge to prsise God. but when you hate your neighbor with the same tounge you praise god with you critize god for he created, the person you critize, God.

  13. I think the focus of this group is misplaced… Instead we should be focussing on the Muslims that are perpetuating these images and negative sentiments. You are asking the impossible, when you say, “please don’t put us all in one basket” when everytime you turn on the tv or pick up a paper there are an abundance of images that portray Muslims as Angry Bearded Men. Truth be told, I am myself scared of these men, firstly because they are fanatic and usually follow a brand of islam that is so foreign from truth, secondly because they DO look so cheesed off. Once they are dealt with, I can assure you the good deeds and peaceful nature that are in keeping with the true spirit of Islam will shine through.

  14. Wow :(( I am muslim and I want peace

  15. Don’t confuse al qaida with real salafisme! There is not a single accepted salafi scholar who says that these demonstrations are ok!

  16. He was (may God have mercy on him) one of the most respected & knowledgeble salafi scholar

  17. If i hadn’t already cancelled my subscription a few years ago, I would now.

  18. But of course we will hate any regime which permit people to insult Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him! & don’t speak about free speech ask Bradley Mannings about it.

  19. “Culture+”

    Your retarded

  20. I hope this is not offensive, but many Muslims are simple or poor people. In my state there are plenty who are rabidly Christian and on a hair- trigger….Can we not in our sophistication allow them some anger at things they and even I, don’t fully understand. Does it make US heroic to demonise other people. We damage ourselves, our image and our self image, more than we do them!

  21. Newsweek= zionist propaganda

  22. This cover isn’t islamophobic in light of recent events, as is obvious to everyone

  23. Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen speak out against terrorisme (unlawfull jihad)

  24. It’s become a joke on Twitter. Time for Newsweek to hang it up.!/search/?q=%23muslimrage&src=typd

  25. We don’t have to defend or protect any prophet. Allah is their Defender and their Protector, as He is ours. This is a test for us as Muslims, to do what the Qur’an says and turn away from those who disrespect our faith and say “Peace” and ignore them. These people are failing that test and perpetuating the “All Muslims are violent and backward people who hate the US” stereotype.

  26. unfortunately, we have to look at what happened. The events that occurred as a reaction to the stupid film where atrociities, no less. I am an American Muslim, and i must say im not offended by the cover but more saddened by how the Mddle Eastern Islamic community reacted. Just plain senseless!!

  27. people are retarded… seems like this whole islamophobia thing is getting way out of hand

  28. Muslim countries have had an interior violence problem for a long time which their clerics have done nothing to abate, in fact encourage.

    Non muslim countries with large muslim minorities have same problem.

    Muslims cultivate the concept that they have the right to dominate, kill or harass non muslims and wrong kind of muslims.

    Don’t go near the mosque when Friday prayers are getting out. What an advert for the ROP!

  29. Suprise, surprise, con artist Ayaan Hirsi Ali published this.

  30. Fascists like Harry Mustafa are making excuses for the rioting.

  31. Newsweek is awful

  32. “Jane – Where on earth do you get your authority to claim something like “they represent the mainstream of contemporary Islam”?

    The OIC, the leader of Hizboolah, the governments of Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc etc.

    “You are wrong”

    Take it up with the OIC and all the governments of muslim countries which agree with her.

  33. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been notoriously anti Islam and having her write the cover story is to me an incomprehensible decision that just furthers anti-Islam sentiment in the West.

  34. Why do people say other people are “retarded” when they disagree with something they’ve said?? This seems to be the new politically-correct throwaway term these days to throw other people under the bus–I know some people who are socially awkward, like myself, got called that in childhood, by people who are probably running this country in some way or other, not because they’re smarter than anyone, but because they know how to adopt a slick line and stick to it–such as “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction”, AND I know people who were truly “intellectually challenged” who knew to avoid sticking their nose into to other people’s business. As for these “Angry Muslims”, I don’t know but what some got paid to do these violent demonstrations–and perhaps to hijack peaceful demonstrations as well. Maybe they’re angry about the high food prices.We are being gamed-all of us. Muslims are certainly no better, and no worse, than anyone else.

  35. Khadija,

    of the four main schools of islamic jurisprudance, how many have a penalty for blasphemy?

  36. Newsweek is a rag.

  37. Disgusting–i would never subscribe to them, but if I had I’d cancel now.

  38. I find the Muslims disgusting for rioting over a movie. And I find the liberals disgusting for defending the rioters.

    And Newsweek is not a right-wing magazine. They are known liberals who once famously defended a Koran desecration hoax.

  39. Hucy, Muslims don’t control the media, so you see only bad depictions of Muslims. There IS am anti-Muslim media propaganda!
    As culture+ posted, these horrible acts are condemned by prominent scholars & devout Muslims in general, and have always been condemned, long before even 9-11.
    The western media refuses to publish it because it goes against their hate filled agenda. They can count on most American SHEEPLE not investigating their lies & twisted truths, and not caring to be educated, because its worked for them in the past. Fear-mongering has been America’s weapon ever since they stole this land from the Native Americans. Just look at this country’s history to see how they’ve used fear to oppress & disenfranchise one group or another. Heck, look at how they used fear-mongering to oppress/slaughter each other in Western Europe before they ever came here & committed the genocide against the Native Americans & the oppression of rest of their “colonies”. Check out John TRUdell for more info on that.

    Sadly, we are not a nation of THINKERS, and until we are there will be turmoil & hate because corrupt government elites thrive on a nation of complacent, voluntary idiots.

    Next time you read/watch the news, remember Malcm X said it best:
    “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

  40. I want to know if Islam is so loving and kind why a death sentence is given to anyone who converts to another religion.why no one seems to be sympatetic to the deceased family?why others when their religion is insulted we do not hear anything?what is islam hiding.

  41. Whether Newsweek magazine gives a fair representation of Islam is open to argument considering the recent Islamic rioting and killings committed, “in Gods name”. It becomes the responsibility of the Muslim community world-wide to present to the world VISUAL testimony that the rioting and killings we see daily do not fairly and accurately describe the attitudes and feelings of their community. How about a blog called “Islamists Against America-phobia” inviting Muslims to profess their tolerance and acceptance of people who believe other than they do? It is indeed unfortunate and misleading that Muslims are being lumped into one group of hateful radicals and we, as Americans, have a moral obligation to do what we can to expunge that image. Ultimately, however, because of the media coverage and the ease with which the racists and haters among us can spread their propaganda via the internet, more is required from within the Muslim community than has been demonstrated thus far.

  42. You may like the terrible images of Muslim rage here:

  43. There is nothing inherently ill about that article; the ignorant reactionary (and thin-skinned) response to these sort of ordeals is characteristic of the theocratic Islam world where the majority of followers of Islam reside. (a la third world countries/developing nations)

    @Familja Jon There isn’t any “anti-Islam” in the media unless you’re watching Fox News, because they’re pretty much the only outlet that will call out Islam on a lot of issues (yet contrarily, they do little on calling out issues with Baptists/Mormonism/Catholicism, etc). News organizations are “hesitant” to call out Islam much like a lot of people in Hollywood are worried on their depictions in their media (2012 director too scared to destroy an Islamic monument) because of the inherent ignorant responses that comes with mainstream Islam when criticism is applied, or *shockingly*, free spech and freedom of the press is used. (Something theocratic states in the Arab world *despise*).

    Basically, theocracy and liberalism are incompatible with another.

  44. When all they publish is the bad, and refuse to publish the good, specifically the condemnation of these acts by mainstream Muslims, then it IS propaganda. The media is garbage, and journalism is long dead. Just like after 9-11 when they media posted an OLD video of Palestinians dancing in the street and said it was a response to 9-11. This country has always used fear-mongering, twisted/withholding truths, and outright lies to incite hatred of one group or another. Its just our turn now.

  45. @Familja Jon

    Using sweeping generalizations is inherently narrowminded. Secondly, many news outlets have showcased Western Muslims views on the ordeal and how they have urged exercised caution in responding to these acts (especially condemnation of violence). Why? Because they *have* to in Western Society. Modern and liberal (not to be confused with Conservative/Liberal ideology) societies do not take kindly to these sort of mainstream theocratic ignorance be it Christian, or Islamic, among others.

    Muslims are characterized (and even stereotyped) because of their own actions in the Middle East and their disgusting abuse of liberalism and all the rights the Western World takes for granted. Once again, the media sensationalizes news because they–like other businesses–are a corporate entity that must survive on viewership and ad revenue. People don’t necessarily care about some Christian lady putting forth a new community outreach program, much like they don’t care when a select minority of individuals in the Middle East reach out to condemn the actions of the mainstream.

    Times won’t change for a while though, even as (shoddy) democracy moves into the Middle East, the inherent culture of Islam will continue to abuse liberalism. Religion and liberalism just don’t mix well unless it’s restrained and perhaps even watered-down–it was only a couple hundred years ago that individuals used religion as a catalyst to justify gross abuse of human rights in the United States. It’s a good thing that we, as a Western society, have moved past the destruction that can be found in theocracy.

    Also, in be4 tldr. LOL

  46. How very liberal of you Steven.(sarcasm, in case you missed it)
    That is YOUR opinion and an anti-Islam one at that. You don’t understand Islam and don’t care to. You also live in a bubble if you think bias against Islam & Muslims doesn’t exist. That or you hate the religion so much you don’t care if it does. This country has a long history of hate, and it has not stopped. Non-whites & non-christians are still discriminate against in much of America. Travel 1 1/2hr west of NYC and you will see the hate, but only if you open your eyes to it. Since you are not the target of it, and clearly have everything figured out, you may not notice it, or see it as a problem. You can call it as you want, but the fact still remains white christians have caused more slaughter, oppression and overall harm than any other group here & abroad. I know this is contrary to your “inherently narrow-minded” “sweeping generalizations” about Islam & Muslims, but we can’t change facts just because America doesn’t want to publicize it & some people who are not the targets of hatred refuse to acknowledge it. Why are you on an anti-islamaphobia site anyway? To change the minds of the level-headed? It won’t work.

  47. Of course the words expressed through here-in are my opinions, shaped through the environment around me. And yes, I am quite liberal in my social stances for it matters not which “god” one believes in, only the manner in which they express it. Trying to use religion to abuse others (gays, women, etc) is, for lack of a better world, bad. Trying to use religion as a means to help others and yourself to better society, good. Constrained Western Islam is good. Theocratic Unconstrained Middle Eastern Islam is very, very, very bad–at least if you care about freedom of speech, women’s rights, homosexual’s rights, and freedom of religion among others.

    Of course Christianity has caused more harm–but why is that relevant as a justification? What a silly knee-jerk reaction; we can always look at the crusades, inquisitions, burn at stakes of homosexuals/witches, etc. Disgusting it was and disgusting it remains. But that was centuries ago… it’s like trying to excuse racism today because ancestors did it two hundred years ago. Makes no sense. It’s time to splash some water on your face and realize that women *today* are grossly abused, men *today* are also grossly abused in the name of “religion.” Like I said previously, when theocracy is in control (regardless if it’s Christianity, or Islam or whatever), liberalism suffers. And I don’t know about you, but I like my free speech, my freedom of religion, press, ability to petition the government, etc.

    Ah, and I’m on this page because of unjust hate towards rational minded followers of Islam in *Western Society*. I hold little respect for individuals in the middle east who thrive on abusing human rights for the sake of religion. :]

  48. The article was extremely derogatory to me. She is clearly anti-Islamic and advocates the publishing of the anti-islam film and The Satanic Verses. Well I just want to say that she just doesn’t realize how sacred Muhammad (SWS) and the Qu’ran are to the Muslims. Just like her precious free speech those are just as important to us. Aayan Ali condones all the anti-Islamic movements. She is clearly impudent towards the Muslims even though that’s how she got raised. She denounced Islam after 9/11 (as she says in the article). I don’t know how she wants it to be manifested in other peoples eyes, but I just want to say she has no place in writing that article. Reading her article made me cry myself because she shows no sympathy towards the Muslims. I think that she really should think before she writes all these controversial articles.

  49. Success is for the righteous ones!!

  50. shw looks so Dutch…~
    Go read about Islam first!

  51. mike,

    please change your name.

    “shw looks so Dutch…~
    Go read about Islam first!” first it says right in the article she is somali-born, if you didn’t already know that. so she grew up muslim. do you not know who she is? she wrote the film “submission”. directed by theo van gogh. do you know who he is? someone who thought islam is a beautiful religion that shouldn’t be blasphemied, KILLED him, go figure.

    “Success is for the righteous ones!!” just a thought, so why are so many muslim countries so poor????????????? richest nations on earth has very few muslims?????????????? strange????

  52. Ayaan Hirsi is surrounded by a lot of controversy. Her citizenship from the Netherland was revoked and she lost her status as MP after the government found out she had lied since she stepped foot in the Netherland. She never lived in Somalia, nor in Saudi Arabia nor does she come from a religious family. Ayaan appologized to the dutch people and left the country and currently lives in the US.

    This documentary about her in the Netherland was done to expose her:

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