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Madonna: Obama Is ‘A Black Muslim In The White House,’ Deserves Votes (VIDEO)

26 September 2012 Huffington Post 25 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Madonna called Obama a "black Muslim in the White House."

Madonna called Obama a “black Muslim in the White House.”

Madonna: Obama Is ‘A Black Muslim In The White House,’ Deserves Votes (VIDEO)

Madonna brought her MDNA Tour to Washington, D.C. on Monday night, and added a bizarre dose of politics to the show.

“Y’all better vote for f–king Obama, OK? For better or for worse, all right? We have a black Muslim in the White House. Now that’s some amazing s–t,” she said. “It means there is hope in this country. And Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man, goddamnit.”

Obama is Christian and has spoken and written widely about his faith. Madonna’s comments — which may have been made in jest — came in the middle of an extended speech that touched on Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and traced the civil rights movement from America’s inception to Obama’s election.

This is not the first time Madonna has mentioned Obama during her live act. Earlier in September, she thanked the president and unveiled a (presumably fake) back tattoo of his name.

“I’ve seen some scary things,” she said at the time. “I’ve seen people being locked up and put in jail for speaking their minds, for being gay, for not practicing the right religion, for not dressing the proper way. Yeah, it’s scary. But what it made me realize is how lucky I am to be living here in America. It doesn’t mean that this is the perfect country. We have a long way to go.”

She also expressed her gratitude for the First Lady: “Thank God for Michelle Obama.”

The popstar has made waves all along the tour, by covering Lady Gaga and thanking the young singer for “imitation,” putting a swastika on Marine Le Pen’s forehead,supporting Pussy Riot and gay marriage in unfriendly territories.

[h/t Politico]


  1. A Jest? I think your giveing her to much credit.

  2. Old woman needs Attention !



    “US govt kills innocent women and children and calls it collateral damage,” yes, that is what it is called when you accidently kill non-combatants in war.
    “they detain anybody they deem anti-state and anti-establishment for beliefs (not a crime) they call material support” name a dozen.
    “and they can starve millions of children to punish a govt that they deem rogue” how can we starve children. we have enough guys to run around a country and pull the food out of children’s mouths.
    “and yet here only 4 americans died and couple of their embassies got attacked for a provocative film but muslims are being blamed for it.” who would you blame for it? so it wasn’t muslims who did this?
    “i am thinking of asking oscar awards to come up with a new category, it will be called “deceptionary films” and only govts can apply.” ok, considering the logic of your other sentences i will not even attempt to decipher what you mean here?

    as for collateral damage. it is allowed in islam. do i need to remind you of the hadiths about night time raids? or are you a koran only muslim?

  4. There is a youtube of cut up children in Syria.

    Madonna does need attention.

    The NOI are Obama’s constituents. I think crazy black rage amuses him.

    The only sign of election support I have seen so far is 1 Romney sticker. Like the lady at the supermarket said, why vote. They’re all going to kill us.

  5. anon,

    if you aren’t going to vote. at least vote for gary johnson.

    and vote no for amendment 8 if you are in florida.

    like bob’s freind, the lady at the supermarket is an idiot.

  6. It’s getting biblical. Ike’s farewell speech looking like Ezekiel, that Wis. guy must be John the Baptist, the voice crying in the wilderness.

    I read that the Chicago teacher pay hike will probably cause the layoffs of many school workers.

    The PO can’t hire letter carriers because they have to pay too many pensions. That was a union pumped up salary job area.

    Were it not for Medicare and secondary insurances, one half of my family would have gone bankrupt rescuing the other half from super expensive diseases.

  7. America is is divided over the value system.One side favour the Christian which America upheld for many years and they use the bible as they standard.The Moslims are opposed to gays and they standard is the koran so Obama is not a moslim either.Obama represents a devalued system,can someone please tell me what is his standard.

  8. anon,

    “Were it not for Medicare and secondary insurances, one half of my family would have gone bankrupt rescuing the other half from super expensive diseases.” so the nation should go bankrupt rescuing “the other half from super expensive diseases”? no one is guaranteed life. sorry that you have so much disease in your family. but maybe it is best the diseased are eliminated from the gene pool. don’t throw good money after bad. so what are these super expensive diseases you speak of? did not god create them. why fight the will of allah?

    “I wonder how much blame unions shoulder for the ruin of the city? The US needs reforms in several areas.” yes most definately. we need entitlement reform more that anything. so are and medicare and medicaid equaly to blame for the declime of america.

    come on, your logic is nearly as bad as the muslims. so you would spend a million dollars so your grandmother can live another month?

  9. So go shoot your grandma, Mike.

  10. It is the propensity of the US health care monster to make everything crazy expensive. A single injection for someone in chemo can cost 5-8 thou. Maybe cost $20-200 dollars to make, just guessing.

    At some point they will figure out how to manipulate genes to destroy cancer and the whole cancer caravansary will collapse.

    There are diseases where the patient begins to break bones. When you going to shoot them? First break? Second? Young people as well as old can get that.

    My family does not have any weird diseases. Just here and there a person with cancer or alzheimer’s. Not as wide as a church door, but it is enough. Most of them old. Several young.

    I belong to a huge old US family living up and down the east coast from NY to FL.

  11. anon,

    all my grandparents are dead. but if my mother gets beyond healing, i’ll shoot her, per her wishes. or at the very least not spend a ton of money to prolong a lossing fight. you do know that something crazy like 80% of medicare is spent in the last 15 days of life.

    “A single injection for someone in chemo can cost 5-8 thou. Maybe cost $20-200 dollars to make, just guessing.” so what exactly is this shot. i have a freind who is the head of dosimetry at a hospital, he can propably findout what the true cost is. is this a new treatment? you do realize it can take billions of dollars to come up with these treatments. production costs may be minimal. perhaps they are trying to recoup the r&d costs?

    “There are diseases where the patient begins to break bones.” osteoporosis?

    “When you going to shoot them?” hopefully my days of shooting people are over. but i’m not advocating shooting anyone. all i’m simply saying is that we can’t save everyone. some diseases kill, weird or not.

    my sister had an ovarian cancer that they told her was 90% fatal. she did chemo, lost her hair, was sickly throughout but now she’s fine. not all battles are loosing and some choices are tough, but still need to be made.

    the government has no business being in the healthcare business. eliminate medicare and medicaid. and social security too.

  12. “There is a youtube of cut up children in Syria.”

    not this one i hope.

  13. At some point Mike, you will probably acquire more wisdom about this matter than you have at present.

  14. well if that is the best reasoning you have, all i can say is:

    ha ha ha. that’s great. but your comment is a dead end. shows no wisdom. no intelligence and no defense of your position. perhaps you can completely lower yourself to the level of many of the muslims on this site and call me a bigot, or full of hatred of old people. lol.

    have you ever heard of the water diamond paradox.

  15. No, what my comment shows is that I do not wish to discuss the matter any further with you because your previous remarks reveal an ignorance about these matters.

  16. “ignorance” lmfao. how very muslim like of you.

  17. Yes, a muslim would say we are too ignorant to discuss his religion. We are not too ignorant to ask for more tolerance from them, though.

    In the last few days I have seen muslim posters discussing the lack of tolerance in their societies, that is good.

    US used to be much more censored, everybody stayed dressed and did not swear, but if a dead homosexual or black person showed up the perps were often let off very lightly.


    ““By 1965, we had serious suspects—namely, Robert E. Chambliss, Bobby Frank Cherry, Herman Frank Cash, and Thomas E. Blanton, Jr., all KKK members—but witnesses were reluctant to talk and physical evidence was lacking. Also, at that time, information from our surveillances was not admissible in court. As a result, no federal charges were filed in the ’60s.”[10] Although Chambliss was convicted on an explosives charge, no convictions were obtained in the 1960s for the killings.


    “At the time of the murders, the state of Mississippi made little effort to prosecute the guilty parties.”

    jane this why some call for the fbi. i think this case is what the movie mississippi burning is based on?


    “In 1994, 30 years after the two previous trials had failed to reach a verdict, De La Beckwith was brought to trial based on new evidence. Bobby DeLaughter took on the job as the prosecutor. During the trial, the body of Evers was exhumed from his grave for autopsy.[3] De La Beckwith was convicted of murder on February 5, 1994, after having lived as a free man for much of the three decades following the killing (though he was imprisoned on an unrelated charge from 1977 to 1980). De La Beckwith appealed unsuccessfully, and died at age 80 in prison in January 2001.”

  21. I think it was Denise McNair who was a classmate of Condoleeza Rice.

    Cherry was turned in by his granddaughter. One of the others by his wife.

    Mississippi burning I think is based on the murder of 3 civil rights workers – “northerner agitators” . Someone had tried to burn the bodies in a car.

    I was a little kid when Till was murdered. Introduced me to the concept that adults sometimes murder children.

  22. Condi’s father registered as a Rep. At the time the Dem Party logo in AL was a rooster standing above a banner reading “white supremacy”.

  23. anon,

    you are right. it was the death of some white, northern, civil rights activist that got the attention of the fbi. no one cared much about the deaths of blacks or the white juries that let them off before that.

  24. Years later they asked some of the men on the Till jury how they came up with their verdict, they said they were shown pics of a mature dead man.

    That case is still incendiary and hard to talk about and probably still dangerous. Those who took part in the trial went directly to the train station and never returned to their homes.

    The banks in town refused the money of Bryant and Milam.

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