Tuesday, May 18, 2021   

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Stephen Colbert: Obama’s Ottoman Empire


  1. Obama’s disloyalty to dictators? Are you kidding? Obama is actively trying to erect and install proIsrael puppet states.

  2. Turkish Empire was the greatest empire! people only wants to break down the picture of all what is an Arabic, Islamic, or Middle Eastern!

  3. Everyone should keep in mind that the Colbert Report is a SATIRICAL show and when he says things like this it’s meant to be SARCASTIC and to make fun of the clowns that actually believe this stuff. Just saying 🙂

  4. and Romney must be an incarnation of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, only this time, Ataturk is an advocate for the religious right instead of a fanatical secularist as he was historically.

  5. Thank you for a good laugh. 🙂

  6. …it’s STEPHEN COLBERT. You actually take him seriously? 🙁

  7. lol Ottoman empire? i love comedians!

  8. Jaenelle Yukina Shiroshita, don’t worry. You can be confident Islamophobia Today realizes its a satire.

  9. Just weird…After all, he IS a comedian!

  10. I just posted that thing about a “halal conspirancy” as a joke! I did not read this one here before. 😀

  11. the admin was being sarcastic Jaenelle

  12. I love him! this is a comedy show

  13. “You can help Mitt Romney and the Republican team turn around America by contributing to Romney Victory.” This is posted on Romney’s official sit. What does “turning America around” mean to Romney. Does that mean eliminating 47% of the Americans and calling them free loaders. Learn how to win people’s heart before winning the election. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Afghans-for-Obama/225252117603085

  14. The Turkish Empire stole land from my people the Armenians and held a genocide which they never apologized for. Armenians who speak out against them for this are punished and silenced some having their homes blown up. My great grandmother was branded like cattle by that government while they raped, tortured and murdered innocent people. Hitler would later write letters to generals and leaders of this genocide thanking them for their ideas. At least Germany apologized for the Holocaust and almost as many Armenians died estimated 1 million. I do not hold the actions of that ignorant government against the people. I believe that all governments should apologize for the wrongs of the pasts even if it wasn’t their wrong. I’m proud to be Armenian. I know many Turkish people who have personally apologized for the genocide. I tell them it’s not their place to it’s their governments. They ordered it. Turkey did this to many countries so in my opinion not a wonderful government. Wonderful people tho.

  15. Just for your info March To The World War III

  16. @Heather Hatounian: Well, if you had in your country some people who are against you in the conflict war, you would get them out as well… Turks moved just the ones who were against Turkey! And even more! Your Armenians fight Azerbaijan people, who actiually helped them a lot when they were moved out of Turkey! And what about stealing the land of Azerbaijan? 😀 nothing about that one? 😀 ps: was stolen by Armenian with the help of Russia …

  17. Hilarious!

  18. I’m not sure if it’s the admins on this page that don’t realize that the Colbert Report is satirical, or it’s me that doesn’t realize that they just think it’s hilarious like I do… lol

  19. Ok, I’m a minority, and will stand against any discrimination but folks relax, can you say sarcasm? He was calling out the idiots!

  20. I love the colbert report!

  21. lolol

  22. too funny

  23. The TEA party was right! This had to happen when we let a Muslim be President, LOL.

  24. The Funniest one was from the congress Bachman…she’s banning “falaffel from schools” omg….sometimes I wonder who is Sane, the Citizens or the Politicians..lol

  25. I could not read the article,so my comments are base on the topic alone and what a few of the readers said.Why the Europeans stood idly by and let Ottoman dO as he felt like?some even help him and today it is haunting them.Ottaman was one of a series of leaders including Hitler who wanted to conquered the world and set up they own ideaology,or way of doing things.ottoman wanted to get rid of the infidels ,while Hitler wanted to get rid of the Jews ,both had strange religious belief,Hitler was a jesuit, ottaman a jihadist.Can you immagine what life would be like under shariah or hitlist.Christian mention about a “Halah conspiracy”Halah is the Chaldean name for Allah.If Allah is great and all powerfull how can a mortal beings conspire against him.

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