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Wingnut Islamophobes Create Another Hoax Story: Muslims Rape Horse

27 September 2012 General 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

EDL Review)

Islamophobic sites like IslamVersusEuropeBaredNakedIslam and Vivienco, have been posting and regurgitating a story claiming that a 53-year-old ‘Muslim’ inhabitant of El Ejido abused, and raped a female horse (click on the names for their articles). But the story has been manipulated and has been a petty attempt to demonise Muslims.

First of all, it’s extremely strange that these sites have provided no or little source or reference to the story they are mentioning. Secondly, the author fails to give the name of the rapist, and only gives the initials ‘M.A’. Why? Is it so we don’t find out that this incident never even happened? Thirdly, earlier news reports (like this) only say the man was ‘African’. There was no mention of his faith.

A real-looking picture of a dead horse has been added into the manipulating articles, giving the impression it’s the same horse that was‘raped’. As you can see, BaredNakedIslam even claim it is.

But this picture isn’t even of the incident! It’s a four-year-old picture that has been used previously in a Spanish news article titled ‘Wild horses cause three accidents in recent days Carnota’ (here), explaining how some Spanish workers were injured when crashing into horses on a road!

Clearly, these websites have been manipulating people by twisting things for their biased agenda. Only the gullible have been believing them without checking their accuracy, like the English Defence League (EDL) Surrey Division.

Note: We have exposed sites such as Vivienco before when they circulated a similar duck rape article and blamed it on a Muslim. The story was alsomanipulated. Read about it below.

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  1. strange that they make up news. especially considering there was a hand grenade attack on a church in kenya today. or the suicide bombing in afghanistan today. raping a horse, that happens all the time. i guess then again blowing up churches and sucide bombers happen all the time in the islamic world.

  2. I live near this lady and her horses. I definitely heard him scream “Allah Akbar” when he was done.

    The rumor in town was that he was upset about some film about the prophet. Not sure what that was about.

  3. Also, in the police report, it stated that the search of his residence yielded some interesting equine oddities. It was noted that next to his Quran was the complete first two seasons of Mr. Ed on DVD.

  4. Islamophobic sites are the biggest DECEIVERS around these days.

  5. @fred – absolutely islamophobic sites are the biggest deceivrs around & islam is the religion of peace.
    The true face of islam is ritual human sacrifice & cannabilism. Hope this helps

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