Monday, March 1, 2021   

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Article Archive for October 2012 Publishes Discredited Former FBI Agent John Guandalo’s Conspiracy Theory About Muslim Infiltration
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by Jacob Hausner In an article published on October 24, 2012 on’s “Big Peace” website, John Guandolo, a former FBI agent who had to leave the agency due to his “unprofessional conduct” wrote an article with the blusterous title, CIA […]

Freudian slip at the Daily Mail
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This is the headline to an article in the Daily Mail reporting claims that Israel has destroyed a Sudanese weapons factory in a bombing raid. The article itself suggests that “the raid acted as a ‘dry run’ for a forthcoming strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities”.

Imran Khan: Another Prominent Muslim Detained
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Last spring, US officials detained Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan: King of Bollywood Detained in the US….Again. In 2004, US officials detained Yusuf Islam, a British singer-songwriter formerly known as Cat Stevens. Now they’ve detained Pakistan’s cricket legend and popular politician, Imran Khan.

Michigan City Bans Anti-Islam Bus Ads
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(Opposing Views)

CINCINNATI (CN) – The public transit authority in southeastern Michigan has the right to ban advertisements that it deems political for targeting Islam, the 6th Circuit ruled.

Unholy Prayer: “Jews” Are Not Our Enemy
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My daily fight against Islamophobia in the US has only served to increase my aversion to all forms of bigotry, including and especially anti-Semitism, and to increase my appreciation for what I consider to be a singular fight against all forms of bigotry.

Linda White, Mississippi Science Teacher, Under Fire For Calling Obama ‘A Muslim’
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According to Myisha Lewis-Reed, the mother of a student at Clinton Junior High School in Mississippi, White told her students that president should not be re-elected because he’s Muslim, WJTV reports.

Seattle: Anti-Muslim bigot beat Sikh cab driver
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A Federal Way man accused of viciously beating a Sikh cab driver while shouting anti-Muslim slurs now faces a hate crime charge. King County prosecutors contend Jamie W. Larson attacked the cab driver during an Oct. 17 ride after commenting on the man’s turban.

Sixth Circuit: Michigan Can Ban Anti-Islam Ads from Buses
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By Joe Palazzolo

Does First Amendment protect our right to say what we want in advertisements on the side of a city bus?

Yes and no.

EDL leader and Bedfordshire Police Commissioner candidate says all Muslims are backward savages
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In reality, of course, the EDL is a movement of far-right racists who just hate Muslims, as the vile comments that its rank-and-file supporters post on Facebook demonstrate every day.

‘Near total destruction’ of Myanmar City’s Muslim Quarter
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SITTWE, Myanmar – A human rights group expressed concern for the safety of thousands of Muslims on Saturday after revealing satellite images of a once-thriving coastal community reduced to ashes during a week of violence in western Myanmar.