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Montana Ice Cream Company Tells Local Muslim Customer ‘We Don’t Deliver to Pakistan’

1 October 2012 General 27 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

An ice cream maker out of Livingston, Montana, is facing boycott threats after the company’s president responded insensitively to a Muslim customer’s Facebook question about the contents of their product.

Wilcoxson’s has been serving its tasty frozen treat to neighboring communities for a hundred years, but a sloppy reply from president Matt Schaeffer could cost the company dearly.

A Muslim Facebook user who wanted to know if Wilcoxson’s Cookies and Cream contained any pork-based gelatin in it was met with a single-sentence response: “We don’t deliver outside of Montana, certainly not Pakistan.”

That would be a legitimate way to answer the unnamed user’s question, if not for the fact that their location was clearly identified as “Sheridan, WY” right above their query.

“I thought he was making this comment from Pakistan,” Schaeffer told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, claiming he was thrown off by a nonexistent icon next to the user’s name that read “Pakistan.” “It wasn’t a racist comment,” he added. “It was just an honest mistake.”

That would be a legitimate excuse, if not for the fact that according to a Bozeman Daily Chronicle article from May of this year, Wilcoxson’s not only delivers outside of Montana, they specifically deliver to Sheridan, WY.

Wilcoxson’s’ Yelp page is presently being inundated with one-star reviews calling the company “racist” for its comment.

Schaeffer told the Daily Chronicle he has disabled the company’s Facebook page due to “cuss words,” and it will likely remain down for the foreseeable future.

[screengrab via STFU Conservatives]

Original post: Montana Ice Cream Company Tells Local Muslim Customer ‘We Don’t Deliver to Pakistan’


  1. How is this even news?

  2. Hypersensitive is the word of the day for people who want to be insulted or even care about if a stranger says something they do not like. The man should have just answered the question but he may have actually thought the man was from Pakistan, and they are not exactly on most peoples good neighbor list lately.

  3. jane,

    i think it is news in that it totally disproves the assertations made in the other article on this very site.

    “Rightly or wrongly, the message is: use certain hateful words in public, and you’ll pay the price. So why is there a different set of values at work when it comes to the hurt caused Muslims by hateful, Islamophobic characterizations of the Prophet Mohammed, or denigrations of Islam?”

    so this guy has slurred the muslim community and is now feeling a backlash. but i thought there was no repercussions for anti-islamic speech. it is truely amazing how many times this website can prove itself wrong.

  4. “so this guy has slurred the muslim community”

    He didn’t mention the guy being a muslim.

  5. The case is absurd, but it is an example of how careless speech can blow up in one’s face. The man saw a map of Pak on cust’s request for delivery and said we don’t deliver to Pakistan and suddenly this is presented as a terrible racist insult worthy of the end of the man’s business, etc. What a crock.

    I hope protest crowds show up to buy his ice cream.

  6. Ignorant morons. tisk tisk

  7. Oh well. Think next time.

  8. But last time you delivered it to the Mars, why not Pakistan ?

  9. lol so what would they say to me? I’m an Irish American revert…like what, you don’t deliver to…IRELAND?! haha

  10. This was last week’s news.

  11. lost a customer….

  12. capitalism at its best.

  13. you big jerks!


    Here is a link to the original exchange. There is NO profile pic of anything about Pakistan.

  15. The original email said nothing about Pakistan or where the ice cream was being consumed. No mention was ever made about the product being shipped anywhere. The owner had to know that his product was indeed delivered outside of Montana. What an ignorant and thoughtless reply to an honest and sincere inquiry. Wilcoxson’s pres Matt Schaeffer certainly doesn’t have a diplomatic bone in his body and should hope to high heaven he hasn’t just flushed his business down the tubes. What an IDIOT!

  16. the only way the feces eaters of the world (like racists, sexists, classists, religious fanatics and homophobes)change is when they are forced to change. kudos to the decent people of the world standing up and saying no to the feces eaters.

  17. i mean, the point is that the customer didn’t ask if the product was delivered…anywhere. just asked about ingredients. The response should have answered the question.

  18. Jane,annon n mike..ur dedication to hate is utterly stupid n a waste of lyf..u comment on @of this sites post with ur perception of “knowing” islam..pity pity mike wud write to make a “point” islam is injust,80 lashes to @of u..hahahaha

  19. The ice cream man was responding to the map of Pak on cust’s communication. Cust and friends got all het up about it.

    It is absurd. I hope there is a crowd response in the ice cream’s favor.


    Pakistan needs more than ice cream.

  21. Am reading that the US drones in areas the Pak gov cannot patrol. It is true they are hitting innocents as well as militants. The Pak gov has the option of refusing them; it does not.

    Syria is angry that the West is not helping them. Really? They are always angry at the West whether it helps them or not.

  22. So the cost was annoyed by the man’s remark, so what, why is it blown up into this huge hoo ha.

  23. “I’m an Irish American revert”

    You should invent a time machine and go back in time to murder your previous apostate self.

  24. Nill,

    how’s it going? how are things in your part of the world? sorry but i don’t know what “lyf” stands for? i don’t claim to know islam. in fact i find it quite confusing. as for 80 lashes, i do find that barbaric and unjust, don’t you? again here, “to @of u..hahahaha” i don’t know what you mean?

    anyways thanks for calling me dedicated and thanks for your pity.

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