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Pamela Geller’s 9/11 gathering features speaker calling for Islam to be ‘wiped out’

6 October 2012 General 31 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Alex Kane (MondoWeiss)

On September 11, most Americans carried on with their day, perhaps pausing for a moment to reflect on the terrorist attacks in 2001. But not the crew of Islamophobes who have exploited the attacks as an opportunity to foment hatred of Muslims and profit off that hatred.

Leading anti-Muslim bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer held a September 11 gathering in New York City titled “D-Day in the Information Battle Space.” An initiative of what they call the International Freedom Defense Congress, the conference focused on “Islamic supremacist attempts to restrict the freedom of speech in the free world, and the smear campaigns against freedom fighters in newspapers and media institutions in the West,” in the words of Geller.

The gathering brought together speakers from anti-Muslim movements around the globe, including Tommy Robinson of the English Defense League, a violent far-right group. David Yerushalmi, the racist Orthodox Jewish lawyer who has lived in an illegal Israeli settlement, was a speaker as well. And David Storobin, the Brooklyn state senator who created some buzz after being photographed in an Israeli army uniform, spoke to Geller’s conference too.

It was the latest attempt by Geller and her cohort to forge cross-continental links to other anti-Muslim activists. The precursor to this event was a gathering in Stockholm, Sweden that likewise brought together a host of anti-Muslim activists from around the world. Before that, there was the founding of the Stop Islamization of Nations group, “designed to promote an umbrella network of counter-jihad groups across Europe and the US,” as The Guardian reported.

Brooklyn-based writer Aaron Labaree attended the New York September 11 gathering for Guernica Magazine. Labaree reports that Geller opened up the conference with a speech to attendees that called on “every single one” of them to “be a soldier” in the battle to “save the republic.”

By far the most disturbing aspect of Labaree’s report is this snippet:

A few choice words by Dr. Babu Suseelan, a Hindu activist in Pennsylvania, provided one of these occasions.

“If we do not kill the bacteria,” the jowly Suseelan scolded the audience, “the bacteria will kill us.” Otherwise, he warned, “Muslims will breed like rats and they will be a majority.” Still, he concluded hopefully, “Islam can be stopped! And it can be wiped out.”

Spencer laughed, but Geller covered her face, as if witnessing the antics of a naughty child.

Geller may have covered her face, perhaps in slight embarrassment that the activists she cavorts around with have no problem calling for the “wipe out” of an entire religion. But these are her allies.

But the fact that this rhetoric was inevitable may have caused the most high-profile speaker scheduled, John Bolton, to decide it was against his better interest to attend the conference. Bolton is a top neoconservative and a former official in the Bush administration, and is now advising Mitt Romney.

Bolton is an ally of Geller, as The Nation’s Wayne Barrett noted. “Bolton, who has campaigned repeatedly with Romney, is so close to Geller and Spencer that he wrote the foreword to their 2010 book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, and has done several interviews with Geller, cozily discussing Middle East policy in couch videos,” reports Barrett. In the midst of a campaign season, though, Bolton appearing at a conference like this was bound to attract attention that the Romney campaign could do without. So even though Bolton was advertised as being a speaker at the conference, he never planned on showing.

I emailed an assistant to Bolton, Christine Samuelian of the American Enterprise Institute, before the gathering took place. Samuelian told me that the event was “not on his calendar…He has done it in the past and they may have assumed he was going to do it again this year but he did not commit to anything.”

But think again if you take this as a sign that the GOP is trying to ditch its anti-Muslim wing. The optics of a Romney adviser meeting with people who call for Islam to be “wiped out” would not be good, but the larger alliance is still there. As Labaree explains:

National politicians generally don’t get photographed with anyone who talks like Geller or Spencer, but they are happy to be associated with them at just one level of remove. Last weekend, the Family Research Council held its annual conference in Washington, D.C. The FRC’s Executive Vice President, retired General Jerry Boykin, has gained notoriety for his paranoid rants against Islam, which he has called “the religion of Satan.” The FRC conference’s featured speaker this year was Paul Ryan. And the Ground Zero Mosque affair of 2010 drew plenty of politicians of national stature, including Newt Gingrich and Rep. Peter King, of New York, who made opposition to the “mosque” his signature issue.

These politicians take SION’s position because it’s popular. Most Americans don’t get high on outrage the way Geller and Spencer do, but many are receptive to their ideas about Islam. A recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute and the Brookings Institution found that almost half of Americans surveyed believe the values of Islam are incompatible with American values; the same percentage would be uncomfortable with a mosque being built in their neighborhood. This is theoretical, of course. Most people don’t have a mosque in their neighborhood: as of 2011, Muslims made up less than 1 percent of the U.S. population (Jews account for 1.6 percent, Mormons 1.9 percent, atheists and agnostics 15 percent). So far, the struggle in which SION attendees are supposed to be soldiers is a fantasy. But if Israel and Iran go to war, if there’s a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil—counter-jihadists and their allies will likely see their star rise. Meanwhile, Geller instructed the troops assembled to keep on blogging.

Original post: Pamela Geller’s 9/11 gathering features speaker calling for Islam to be ‘wiped out’


  1. yes, islam MUST be wiped out, any doubts on that?

  2. So pitiful are those people who talk against Islam since they don’t even realize what they are missed out in their lives until they decease but then it will be too late as the eternal hell fire will welcome them with open arms. Such losers are those people whose worldly intellect and wisdom didn’t help them find and recognize the truth and instead they became the tool and helper of Satan due to their arrogance and blindness and will rightly be in his accursed company forever. They don’t get a simple idea that Muslims seek their reward in the hereafter which is an eternal life and not in this material and limited life of this world. No matter how hard the disbelievers try, they won’t ever be able to extinguish the light of Islam no matter how much they detest and struggle.

  3. appearently hindus hate muslims.

    “Islamic supremacist attempts to restrict the freedom of speech in the free world,” well there have been some crazy calls for an international blasphemy law.

    from what i’ve read about spencer and geller here, it seems the reactions would have been reversed. is this Labaree sure he didn’t transpose their names accidently? in the alan colmbs interview carried on this very site, spencer said islam has cuased most muslims to act morally. strange? geller seems to make the more outlandished comment between the two.


    what do you think about blasphemy? should there be a law against it, in islamic lands, in the entire world?

  4. Remember one thing! More you attach it, more it spreads, it’s a fact you have to live with!

  5. Anybody that supports her is just as bad as terrorism itself! You can’t just go around demeaning people for what they believe in and if you do you’re a terrorist as well! Geller is a joke and a hypocritical bigot!

  6. Hindus hate Islam because although the Mughal dynasty gave India most of its world renowned architecture and historic accomplishments during the time it ruled, it was and is a minority faith that ruled over all of India until the British came. All the while not impeding the 80% or more of India that remained Hindu. In post-partition and post-independence India, the right wing Hindu upper caste supremacists, who hate and attack all religions that are not Hinduism, have risen in power and ability to leverage their power in a society that nominally claims to be secular, yet is infused with the Hindu culture and religion. Which basically exonerates all those who worked for a two-state solution which included Pakistan as a separate homeland for Indian Muslims following independence from British colonialism.

  7. Good history lesson Sophie, shame it’s not true

  8. Sophie,

    “ruled over all of India” not quite but we have split these hairs with dongo already. so do you think gandhi was a bastard too? the caste system seems to be one of the worst religions institutions i’ve ever heard of. did you see that dubai is building a replica of the taj mahal? so do you think the ruler who built the taj was a good muslim? i thought audacious displays of wealth were looked down upon by the “prophet”?

    should have come up with a three state solution. then maybe east pakistan wouldn’t have had to revolt against their fellow muslims in the war of liberation, of bangladesh. alot of tribalism within the muslims, don’t you think?

    isn’t the current leader of india and untouchable?

  9. may bad, singh is a sikh. obviously, given his turban. what happens if you see their hair? they explode? must have been thinking of the speaker. sounds like the right wing hindus are losing control.

    hindu militant,

    shouldn’t you wipe out the sikhs. didn’t they kill your girl?

    ya’ll need to get over these ancient and sometimes more recent, tribal grudges.

  10. Exactly what I was thinking Jim! Terrorism is not all just about killing people. Denying people their right and freedom to practice their religion is just as worse. Hate is not the answer!

  11. Truth be told,

    Barak Allah Feekum. Personally, I think the only people that need to be wiped out are those filled with the hatred like that of these people. Unfortunately, these days parents are raising their children in this manner of bigotry and hate. May they be guided. Ameen. In the end, truth will prevail. AND FOR THE RECORD. . All Hindus do not hate muslims, and vice versa. Nor do all muslims hate non muslims. 🙂 Peace. and Salam.

  12. Jane,

    How is not Sophie true?


    I was looking for you. In the Pens post, I replied your writings. If you please take a look, I will be honoured.

    You could not split the hairs with me. I answered in that regard. Yes, Mughals ruled all over India, stretching from present day Bangladesh to some parts of present day Afghanistan. In their time, they did not even spare Muslim Pathans who were a tough nut to crack. But like all Muslim dynasties, they also indulged in lavish lifestyles, women, marrying and keeping the non-Muslim women in harem. It is during their rule when elite Hindus did never mind to marry their daughters to Muslim high class ones; it became a proverb that the Rajputs were the maternal side of Muslims in India. And it is the Mughal rule as well that they allowed non-Muslims to wrest the ruling power from Muslims, thus allowing the British to set their empire here.

    No, Shahjahan was not a good Muslim. Barely for commemorating his dead wife, he should not have built such an edifice. What’s more, he amputated the builders’ hands and some were blinded so that they could never build another of such monument.

    I told earlier about the bloody realities about Gandhi. He was a BDSM Hindu, an utmost racist and a vicious snake in the guise of a pigeon. The term bastard would be too noble an epithet for him. So, it must not be applied to him.

  13. d-go,

    sup up my nigga?

    “I was looking for you. In the Pens post, I replied your writings. If you please take a look, I will be honoured.” no sweat baby pop…..

    holy shit. those are some serious posts. sorry but i’m way to drunk, on anheuser-busch products mostly. a little evan williams thrown in the mix to respond tonite. hopefully i’ll catch ya on the flip side. unfortunately i have to hit the office tomorrow. got some accounting problems. a customer is shorting us on some invoices. a greek no doubt.

    isn’t australia and new zealand what makes up oceania?

    anyways a quick overview. fuck god bless america. take it off the money and out of the pledge, it was thrown in during the cold war to combat the godless communist. the only thing the communist had right. yes we are war mongers in the america. you would think people would stop picking fights with us. i lost a bet the other night about james k polk being the dark horse. i thought lincoln was the first dark horse canidate. sorry to get off subject but polk took a shit ton of land from the mexicans. expanded america more than any other president other than jefferson with the louisianna purchase.

    dropping the bomb(s) wasn’t diabolical, but a good war stratagy. or maybe both.

    i wholy disagree with this extridiction of Abu Hamza. let him stay in england and say what ever he wants. he many be the true face of islam. well minus an eye and a couple of hands. he and choundry crack me up so.

    no florida is not the happiest place on earth. all the nuts roll south. it is the piilmill capital of america. if you need some good opiates, you’re all set. i said disney world claims to be the happiest place on earth. i’m about an hour and a half from there.

    nothing wrong with cowboy killers. i’ll take a carton of reds anytime.

    anyways, it’s neither here nor there, did you see n.w.a. is nominated to the rock and roll hall of fame. maybe we can hit compton.

  14. ice cube is now a mainstream actor, isn’t america great?

  15. Most non Muslims agree that muslims have a problem ,but they do not believe that they have a problem ,they believe that the problem is with the West .All infidels are seen as cows and they can be sold.They are many who disagree with what they do but do not believe that they should wiped out,because a Fox News reporter said that Christians are like the Taliban because the want to tell women what to wear and if they wiped out the Muslims they will turn on the Christians next.
    The problem with islam lies with the koran they are simply obeying the koran .Two days ago the Taliban shot a 14 year girl after cosulting the koran to find out what punishment is given to girls who go to school.This is worst than any blasphemy but you will not find anyone prostesting,because they all adhere to the same book.they said it does not reflect the views of the majority of Muslims yet, the majority in Pakistan where this incident happened support the Taliban.

  16. What verse of the Koran says girls can’t go to school?

  17. dongo,

    please don’t feel dishonored. i did reply to you. i even copy and pasted your entire comments, so as not to be called a liar of a “partional quoter”. but they threw th block on me again and scrubbed those two comments. i think there is one admin who doesn’t like me. i get blocked every three months or so. only the second time they erased anything. but way too much to recreate. yeah pythons in the everglades. challenging the gator for apex predator. sometimes it doesn’t workout for either of them.

  18. Panthers usually kill gators. Panthers are persnickety animals who require a large amount of personal territory though.

    Some animals go extinct because they are not universal enough. They follow such specific customs, diet, etc. that their world must be arranged just so or they die out.

  19. anon,

    “What verse of the Koran says girls can’t go to school?” none. the problem is that islam degrees the man to be the maintainer of the woman. men inherit twice as much as women, because it is their responsibility to care for the woman and the family. which of course all sounds well and good. but muslims don’t seem to realize why this logic is flawed. if you put all the responsibility on the male, then there is no need to educate the female. you can relegate them to perpetual state of childhood. no need for a housewife to know science, geometry, calculus, history, geography. were you around for the maldives girl story? if not google islamophobia today koran recital compitition maldives girl. some interesting comments from the muslims.

    certainly no need to go to law school.

    “Police say Rafiqul Islam, 30, attacked her because she pursued higher education without his permission.”

    the irony of his name would normaly have me on the floor laughing. but such brutality is never funny.

  20. Truth to be told,

    helper of satan. your funny. i took the form of a black dog the other day. a scorpion a couple of a thousand years ago. a snake six thousands of years ago.


    “AND FOR THE RECORD. . All Hindus do not hate muslims, and vice versa.” whoever said all hindus hate muslims or vice versa?

  21. The reason these men don’t want girls educated is because ignorant men like themselves will not be able to find brides to match them.

  22. dat 2

  23. Anon, what do you know about marriage? I mean marriage is such a novelty where you thrive!

  24. Shariq, are you one of those people who can’t figure out if the Taliban is good or bad? It’s muslim so it must be good. Scratches head at news of atrocities.

    Marriage? I thought those T people just fooled around with little boys. They have wrecked their society to the point where they don’t have enough stability to attempt marriage.

    Marriage is going strong for some people here in US. Women are able to report rape here without being arrested for it. The secrets that muslim women keep must be terrible.

  25. jim and hana,

    “Anybody that supports her is just as bad as terrorism itself!” NO.
    “You can’t just go around demeaning people for what they believe in” OF COURSE YOU CAN. IT’S CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
    “and if you do you’re a terrorist as well!” NO. TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS.
    “Geller is a joke and a hypocritical bigot!” maybe so. but in america you are allowed to be a joke and a hypocritical bigot. you can’t kill people and blow things up though.

    are you a fucking moron? don’t worry that’s allowed in ameica too.

    btw, i apologize for my language if ya’ll are twelve year olds. and i didn’t mean to yell, but you have to admit, that is totally rediculous. maybe you’ll understand it this way: sticks and stone may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

    Shariq Jamal,

    so what do you think about the case in new jersey where the wife wanted a restraining order because her husband raped her. he argueed in court that there is no such thing as marital rape. because they are muslim and under sharia the wife has to have sex with her husband when he commands it. he even brought in his iman to testify to that. you know the verse? right? “plow into your wives as you do your fields”.

    so you are pro-marriage? what about gay-marriage?

  26. this is terrorism

    “”The village had been terrorised by an armed group operating from camps in the forest. These armed men mostly attack villages and motorists along the busy Kaduna to Lagos highway.””

    not saying things you disagree with.

  27. Rape in marriage was allowed in US until a case in the 70s when a woman went to the house of a friend as a preliminary to asking for divorce. Her husband followed her there and raped her, she successfully charged him with rape. A husband had conjugal rights, marriage means that you agree to have sex with your spouse.


    looks like you got china and muslim countries. and who is that in south america? paraquay?

    [2.223] Your wives are a tilth for you, so go into your tilth when you like, and do good beforehand for yourselves, and be careful (of your duty) to Allah, and know that you will meet Him, and give good news to the believers.


    نساؤكم حرث لكم فأتوا حرثكم أنى شئتم وقدموا لأنفسكم واتقوا الله واعلموا أنكم ملاقوه وبشر المؤمنين

    Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.

    there appears that some nations have the context all wrong. 1400 years of divine revelation, and nobody has it figured out yet. things that make you go hmmmmm.

  29. Hello Sophia,

    This question is directed only to you and answer it with great sincerity and honesty. When India was partitioned it was split in to 2 countries to address the need of Muslims and Hindus. So, when pakistan was created just for the muslims, as an islamic republic, why was India not given that honour to be a Hindu republic. Why do we have to secular, tolerating the intolerant muslims day-in and day-out? Why were we given the step motherly treatment? Muslims have so islamic countries and still they were given an entire new country for their own community. But why were not given the chance to create our own Hindu republic? It is because of you people that we have not been able to develop in to a modern country. Just to appease you, the political parties have put our development in the back burner and keeps the minority vote bank alive. I cannot forgive Gandhi or nehru or any of our hindu ancestors for betraying us and made our country the laughing stock of the west.

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