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“Prophet” Kamal Saleem: “Wake up America and smell the hummus!” USA Run By Shadow Muslim Government

16 October 2012 RightWingWatch 8 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

“Prophet” Kamal Saleem: “Wake up America and smell the hummus!” USA Run By Shadow Muslim Government

by Brian Tashman (RightWingWatch)

During a speech at Rick Joyner’s MorningStar Ministryphony ex-terrorist and Values Voter Summit headliner Kamal Saleem said that the Obama administration has established a stealth Islamic “shadow government” to control the United States. Saleem repeated many of usual claims in his address, including his belief that Hillary Clinton is planning to shut down churches and that even U.S. military leaders are working on the behalf of radical Islamists, but now he contends that “Islam is creeping into our government and a shadow government has been established by our current government and now they are a leader within.”

Saleem alleged that Obama’s top speech writer and Sasha and Malia’s babysitter are both Islamic fundamentalists that are wielding secret power. “The right-hand of our President today, his name is Hasan Rashad, and he is sworn to destroy the United States of America,” Saleem said (possibly referring to OIC representative Rashad Hussain), “our President’s babysitter wears abaya and keffiyeh just like those ninjas, you don’t see her face everything is covered, that’s the babysitter of his children.”

“America, wake up and smell the hummus,” Saleem warned. He then falsely asserted that the Democratic National Convention invited “20,000 Muslims” and said the convention was filled with “socialism, Islamism, communism, fascism, homosexuality and lesbianism, and Code Pink, which is abortionists and what so have you, and now we kick God out of our nation.”

He also described to listeners his prophesy where two eagles were screaming at each other, which he said it means that: “the Lord said America is in trouble and the Church has cried, and I’ve heard their cry and tell them, help is on the way.” But God also told him “9/11 was a disgrace to me, after I saved the nation they turned their back on me and went back to their vomit,” and it is now up to Saleem to spread this message to America.


  1. How am i to be sure that GOD gave you that dream and its interpretation.they are many going around doing some strange things claming that GOD told them to do.GOD is consistant,he does not say something today and something different tommorow.saleem you seems to be blowing things out of propotion to get across your unwanton message.Obama made some erroes we all know but you are attributing all the evils to OBAMA.Before Obama they were and after he goes they will be also.

  2. No NO carlton, it all makes sense now.

  3. That man should consult a psychiatrist!

  4. Idiots like hearing idiots

    Meanwhile the savages are at work


  5. unfortunately there are many muslims who side with the taliban. and some are wiling to “martyr” themselves for their god. maybe they read the koran without the proper (westernized) context. strange that god’s divine revelation is open to “mis”interpretation. i guess god works in mysterious ways.


    all things are the will of allah.

  6. IbnAbuTalib,

    mike Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 17th, 2012 at 9:04 am

    speaking of the first amendment: what do you think about the hadith where muhammad is quoted as saying to kill anyone who changes his islamic religion.


    are you a muslim. if so, it’s good to see a muslim who understands american freedom of speech.

  7. what a loser!

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