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Norway: Roses, Not Protest

17 October 2012 9 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

A positive, creative response to the “Innocence of Muslims” film controversy. (H/T: Syed, who asks: “Now I wonder why this isn’t featured on the frontpage of some magazine?”)

Volunteers of the organisation Stand4Hussain handed out flowers to the people in Oslo, with cards attached to them containing an introduction to the holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This was in response to the sacrilegious film Innocence of Muslims, that caused outrage all across the Muslim world.


  1. well that is sweet. i wonder what “introduction to the holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).” was cherry-picked? the chick with the hadith about the dirt (i always heard it was garbage, but samething i guess) being thrown on muhammad is often cherry-picked as and example of his kindness. never any mention of him stoning people or lashing them. you can’t have it both ways. no cherry-picking, yet we cherry-pick. you can arguee that the totality of islam is peaceful, but as long as there is brutality within it, your claim is false. as they say, the devil is in the details.

  2. IbnAbuTalib,

    i tried to comment on the greek blasphemy article. moderator didn’t even look at it. it appears they have blocked me again. loonwatch has no bravado appearently. oh well.

  3. A weird sect handing out roses and leaflets is hardly front page material – although if it was a christian sect handing out roses and leaflets in some muslim countries it would be newsworthy because they would be arrested or killed.

    Have a look at the website for this sect, it says:

    “In the year 680 AD, the worst massacre in historie found place. It was when a people killed their profets grandchildren. 73 people thirsted, starved and slaughtered in the end, while women, the elderly and children were taken prisoners”

    I can think of worse massacres.

  4. Very nice.

  5. “Very nice”

    I assume you believe christian, jewish, hindu etc groups should also be allowed to hand out leaflets about their religion in, so called, muslim countries without fear of arrest or violence

  6. Jane and Mike – u must be full-time paid up Islamophobes. What is your motivation? Who do you work for? Don’t you have lives to lead? Instead of spewing your hate on all these articles….

    Why don’t you just do your own site – so we don’t have to see your shit all the time.. I’m sure you’ve got a large enough audience. I see plenty of your right winged, redneck, neo-con, zionist bullshit all the time – but I don’t waste my time getting myself worked up (like you do) replying to it.

    Ps. I’m being polite here – because usually when I write a response to you I can’t get it past the moderator….

  7. Trolls, go back under your bridge! Some of you are never happy and have to find fault with everything. A peaceful demonstration of goodwill is certainly better than a violent demonstration, but you guys and girl have to put your negative spin on everything. It saddens me and makes me sick. It must be just your nature to be so negative. Pity!!!

  8. hate movie is okay, lieflets are not….strange mentality!

  9. Who’s doing the cherry-picking? Most secular historians regard the Hadiths with little seriousness, citing the lack of evidence to corroborate any of the stories they profess. Many Muslims, however, take on faith their veracity, just as we all take on faith our religious (or a-religious) beliefs. You, however, seem to take them as being 100% true, all of them, in order to criticize Islam, when none of them can be definitely proven. So while you are obviously not a Muslim and do not believe in Muhammad’s prophethood, you treat every Hadith as truth in order to promote your agenda.

    Here we see Muslims doing the exact thing you’ve told them to do: make their points peacefully and respectfully. But still you criticize them over the actions of people they’ve never met. The fact that you are unwilling to find good in a single act performed by Muslims is testament to how prejudiced you are: so long as they’re Muslim, nothing they do is right.

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