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Outrage in Russia over hijab school ban

17 October 2012 General 8 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
The hijab ban won flaks from Russian scholars for violating the right of Muslim students to practice religion

The hijab ban won flaks from Russian scholars for violating the right of Muslim students to practice religion

Moscow – Several Muslim families pulled their daughters out of schools in Russia’s south after the girls were told they were not allowed to wear their hijabs, a top Muslim said on Monday.

The Mufti of the southern Stavropol region Muhammad-Haji Rakhimov said he had received complaints from several parents whose daughters were for the first time not being allowed into their schools wearing their hijabs.

The situation resembles a “stalemate” because both the Muslim parents and school authorities refuse to budge, and several girls including second-graders have not been to school for two weeks now, he said.

“The parents of these girls are not letting them go to school, which can lead to the child welfare services taking them away,” Rakhimov said.

Sudden change

He could not explain the authorities’ sudden change in school policies.

“There have not been any problems before this month.”

He added that there were now “many girls” in the Stavropol region who were being kept out of school for this reason, and their parents were too poor to send them to private schools.

One such institution is a rural public school in the village of Kara-Tyube, close to the overwhelmingly Muslim region of Dagestan.

The school’s list of rules posted on its website says that students’ appearance should be in line with the “business style used in a secular society, excluding provocative elements”.

Russia’s pro-government newspaper Izvestiya quoted the school’s director Marina Savchenko as saying that girls would not be permitted in class in their hijabs, but that they could wear ordinary headscarves instead. It added that the parents had filed a complaint with the local prosecutor.

There are about 20 million Muslims in Russia, most of them living in the mountainous North Caucasus, as well as in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan on the Volga River.

Original post: Outrage in Russia over hijab school ban


  1. Stick to it Russia. There should be no place in schools for ridiculous religious garments.

  2. This is amusing, Hamas continue to persecute palestinians – this time over fashion

    Can you imagine if police in civilised places arrested people because they were wearing “foreign” fashions.

  3. No way Jane. This is a plot by Russian Muslim Radicals who have infiltrated the very core of Russian politics. Do you not see that by banning these Hijabs and forcing the girls to stay home they cannot grow as women and challenge their parents or Islam. These Muslim Radicals are devious as well as cunning. Even now they employ methods to further their aims while shifting blame to non Muslims.

    Of course I could be wrong, but sometimes it’s fun to simply string words together into sentences. I think, though, that I have hit upon a hidden truth which is simply been obfuscated by the lack of facts.

  4. This is soooo ridiculous! I mean, come on! Who really cares what someone is wearing on their head? My son goes to a school where girls are dressing half naked! I wish they would wear long sleeves and and long dresses and hijabs any day instead of dressing like prostitutes. When will the people of this world wake up? LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!

  5. Really Jane? How is this ridiculous? May I ask what you wear every day as clothing? I bet it would be safe to say there are people who would venture to say that you look ridiculous!

  6. “And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion. Say, ‘Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance.’ If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allah no protector or helper. (120)” Al-Baqara.

  7. This is definitely not fair. The Hijab is not just a piece of cloth, but it is an obligation for the Muslim women from God. It does no harm to others. Thanks Melissa, I really liked what you said. I go to high school and the clothes these girls wear are ridiculous. Its like they have no self-respect for their bodies. Anyway, I hope these people realize that the Hijab only brings good and they let the girls wear them to school.

    Jane, you should be open-minded.

  8. Ahmed do you think the Scripture could read
    And never will Muslims approve of you until you follow their religion.

    In the modern world a Christian is not going to injure you or kidnap your children and force them into Christianity. This cannot be said of Muslims who do kidnap girls, hold them against their wills, and force them to convert to Islam. Of course there is no ill will they simply do it for the girls own good.

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