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Russian far right opposes building more mosques

Russian far right opposes building more mosques

Nationalist organizations have criticized Moscow Chief Mufti Albir Krganov’s initiative to build more mosques in Russia to accommodate the needs of the large inflow of immigrants from Muslim countries.

“This approach is not totally correct,” chairman of the Russkiye movement’s supervisory board Alexander Belov [pictured] told Interfax on Tuesday.

“It is necessary to decide once and for all – whether Russia will turn into an Islamic state or will remain a secular state, where foreign immigrants come, find jobs and leave after their work is over,” he said.

“If immigrants live no one knows where but want to build a mosque in my yard, this approach is certainly wrong,” Belov said.

Interfax, 16 October 2012

Russkiye is a coalition of various fascist and anti-migrant groups. According to a recent Friedrich Ebert Stiftung report by Alexander Verkhovsky, The Ultra-Right in Russia in 2012, the movement “combines legalistic sounding rhetoric against ‘migrants’, a term used to refer to all ‘ethnically foreign’ groups” with “undisguised neo-Nazism”.


  1. The fascist state, Saudi Arabia, bans the building of non islamic places of worship. The Kuwaiti fascist government are considering a ban on building new places of non islamic worship. Many other fascist muslim states make building of non islamic places of worship very difficult.

  2. well, it’s like the far right in the 1930’s: “no more synagogues.” Same sort of movement, although this time the nazis are backed by racist elements of their (countries) respective jewish communities

  3. well then stop building any kind of churches also

  4. well then stop building any kind of churches also

  5. It always amuses me when a cranky, marginalised, group say something like this and people get all upset. Why aren’t these upset people protesting outside the saudi embassy?

  6. Theres no christians or jews in saudi arabia, bad example of a country to use when the entire population is muslim. In other Muslim countries there are churches and old jewish temples from when Mizrahi jews were living in arab countries.

  7. Are jews even allowed into Saudi Arabia? There are people of many faiths, foreign workers, in saudi arabia – however non islamic places of worship are illegal there – so why we allow money from saudi arabia to fund islamic propaganda centres in the West is anybodies guess when saudi islam is totally against freedom of religion. Do we really want that abhorrent code being taught here?

    I doubt the entire native population of saudi arabia is muslim – of course they will say they are because to say they aren’t would be extremely dangerous in a fascist theocracy where freedom of thought is illegal.

  8. Good for the Russian far right. Take your mosques and your sick religion and find another planet. That is the bottom line!

  9. Jane I love Farah’s comments. This could be what Islam means when it says it’s a religion of peace. If you simply get rid of everyone that does not agree with you then there is peace. If you only gather around you those that believe as you do then there is tolerance.

    Farah, do you not think there were ever Christians in Saudi Arabia? Do you think that Jews have never lived in Saudi Arabia? Why do you think there is no Christians or Jews in Saudi Arabia?

    Actually there are Christians in Saudi Arabia here is the link:

    They are there they just are not treated very well. I guess you could say that with them there is no peace and that tolerence will take place in the future when their wills are broken or their bodies dead.

  10. Muslim fascists in Indonesia – closing churches and temples and not allowing any more to be built

  11. Some information about the hatred of christians and jews which is spread in saudi school textbooks

    This is interesting:

    “asked him why the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an infamously anti-Semitic fabrication at the time of the Russian revolution, is included in the textbook on Hadiths (traditions of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed) where it continues to be taught as historical fact. The Saudi justice minister said that the Protocols is treated as part of Islamic culture”

    So a fake book of jew hatred is part of islamic culture? So much for islamic culture eh? I assume Farah et al will be protesting outside the saudi embassy about this.

  12. Muslims want mosques everywhere. Yet we know what happens when one tries to build a church or synagogue in a Muslim country.

  13. farah,

    “Theres no christians or jews in saudi arabia,” what? there are many american christians living in saudi arabia working in the oil industry.

    there are 5 and a half million foriegn residents in saudi arabia. you are saying there isn’t a christian in the bunch. i went to a catholic high school with a guy and his twin sister who transfered in as seniors. they came from saudi arabia. their father was an oil executive. in the it’s a small world file. i worked with a guy who went to high school with them in italy. he lived in saudi arabia for 5 years, a catholic as well. so i personal know three christians who lived in saudi arabia.


    strange the need for so much security in a country with so little crime?

  15. Where is the headline “Mainstream Muslims resist the building of churches in Islamic Countries”

  16. “Theres (sic) no christians or jews in saudi arabia, bad example of a country to use when the entire population is muslim.” Circular reasoning.
    The reason women are not allowed to drive in saudi arabia is beacause women can’t get driver’s license there. And you can’t drive without a driver’s license. Therefore women are not allowed to drive in saudi arabia. Makes perfectly good sense.

  17. Saudi Arabia allows only muslims to become citizens, does not allow its citizens to convert to Christianity and so what you have is a 100% muslim society. Since their agenda is to not allow citizens to be Christians there will never be Christians. If that is the way they operate the rest of the world should boycott Saudi Arabia and its oil and not allow its people migrate or build mosques in non-muslim parts of the world.

    We need to operate on a two way street here. There are thousands of Christians on work permits in the country and they are not allowed to practice their faith. Apart from not letting Churches being built, they do not even let you carry religious articles like bibles, rosaries etc into the country. The non-muslim world needs to stand up against these double standards and send a strong message to them that if they wish to be tolerated then they should tolerate the practice of Christianity or any other religion in their country which includes building of houses of worship.

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