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Sears: Get Your “Sexy Middle Eastern Arab Girl Burka-Halloween Costume”

25 October 2012 Loonwatch.com 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Sears: Get Your “Sexy Middle Eastern Arab Girl Burka-Halloween Costume”

by Mooneye

For when you want to look like a “savage?”

In a twist to the Islamophobes’ “Halloween Jihad” theme, this year Sears was hawking a “fetishized Islamic ‘Arab girl’ burka-wearing ‘temptress’” costume for Halloween. Clearly, someone in Sears’ sales department thought selling such an “ethnic” costume was a good idea, there is a demand out there for “funny-Ay-rab-Mooslimy-savages” costumes and being the good Capitalists they are Sears wanted to corner that market.

At the time of the capture of the screenshot Sears either sold out or yanked the “product” from its line of Halloween costumes. It can still be found for sale on other sites like Buy.com.

According to tipster Sulayman F. a “student on Tumblr noticed it when doing a school project and searching google for images of Burkas.”

Sulayman went on to comment that, “This isn’t necessarily racist, but extremely degrading to the culture when the whole point of the burka is to preserve the modesty of the religious (from what I understand). And to add insult to injury, the description reads ‘Sexy In the Desert’.”

I concur that it is pretty degrading, and another ludicrous example of Halloween gone strangely awry. For some reason it is the one day of the year when people think they can dress up in whatever costume, Native American, Black face, “Arab girl” etc. and think they have a free pass from scrutiny and criticism. The reply goes something like, “get a sense of humor!”

What these people don’t realize is that this is not a costume for the people who actually wear “Niqabs” or “Burkas.”

What are your thoughts?


  1. Oh for crying out loud, get over yourselves. People wear all sorts of costumes at halloween.

  2. Is Ku Klux Kair going to sue Sears? Or threaten to blow it up?

  3. Holy crap! The comments on this thread are insane! It’s cool to have a different opinion, but the total disregard for cultures and faith practices other than one’s own is reprehensible. How about a little empathy? People of Arab descent and people who follow Islam undeniably face danger and discrimination in our culture. Instead of writing a bunch of abusive stuff (not to nitpick, but with TERRIBLE grammar and spelling…English teacher moment over), why not ask for more information about why this is seen as hurtful or degrading?

  4. Here’s the deal people and its common sense. If a person (who happens to be Muslim) buys the costume, wears it, dances etc, if she or her friends don’t find it offensive; we’re nobody to judge. But if one of us (who is not Muslim wears it and does the same; of COURSE it is offensive). Did you not learn anything from Amos And Andy? It was finally banned from American tv, though the humor was wonderful, the strategy (blackface on white skin was/is racist). I am Jewish and if I wanted to put together a rap Jewish band wearing yamulkes etc (and rap and dance); if my friends and i did not find it offensive, then its probably not (to us) surely to some but that’s their issue). I probably would never do it as I realize too many people in every religion has sensitive issues and why be offensive when there is no real reason? Be creative. Make your own costume. I went as a giant toilet that actually flushed one Halloween, and though some may have found it offensive; they eventually got over it. Nobody got hurt (except me…the toilet was a bit heavy to wear) 🙂

  5. I just think the girl in the costume is very cute. Since it is not really a Muslim outfit I do not see the problem.

  6. “Muslim isn’t a race!”

    Correct, but if you substitute muslim with black, jew, asian, is what you’re saying considered racist?

    And I’m still waiting for my fat white TV worshiping cheetos scented American costume.

  7. Here are some people killed by Christianophobes


  8. I think the more religionists are offended, the better. I’m sick of holier than thou religionists and their ilk, especially worshipers of that child molester Mohammed.

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