Sunday, July 25, 2021   

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EDL leader and Bedfordshire Police Commissioner candidate says all Muslims are backward savages

EDL leader and Bedfordshire Police Commissioner candidate says all Muslims are backward savages

EDL News draws our attention to a recent Facebook comment by Kevin Carroll, who is now leading the English Defence League during the enforced absence of his cousin Stephen Lennon, and is also standing as the British Freedom party candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Bedfordshire.

The official EDL line is that they are opposed to Islam as a barbaric 7th-century ideology, but have nothing against its followers. In reality, of course, the EDL is a movement of far-right racists who just hate Muslims, as the vile comments that its rank-and-file supporters post on Facebook demonstrate every day. And, as Carroll shows here, even the EDL leaders sometimes allow their mask to slip.


  1. Liberal and Muslim fascists hate Europe, hate England, hate America, but love the welfare benefits, And what race is Islam?

  2. Well, judging that sikh’s also get beaten up for being Muslim, I’d say that to people like the EDL, Muslims are anyone of West-Asian appearance. And I’ve see nothing in the Qur’an that says they have to hate specific nations, so I’m pretty sure your stereotypes of Muslims aren’t true.

  3. Its not raciest to dislike or even hate a religion. Just because a religion has a large number of people does not mean that they become a race.

  4. I didn’t say they are. I’m saying that many of these people just seem to attack anyone that seems west or south Asian, without learning if they’re Muslim or not. They therefore assume they are Muslim simply because they are a certain race. Therefore, they are attributing a non-racial characteristic to someone based only on their race, aka racism.

  5. I think it is time to do something tangible for the Muslims to bring them to a more rationable aproach. They should be given a choice to study other religions and come to their own conclusion based on reason.They are many questions that i would like answer for and i also believe that they are many in the faith that need answers also,but who can they go to.

  6. Mike,i usually qoute from both when the need arises.Everyone has a god even those who do not believe in the all powerful GOD.your ideology is your god, some people money is they god your house, education,pride ,fame,car,children,wifethe list goes on and on can be your god.Anything that you cherished most in life or you percieve to be most important in your life.the ancient people had a different god for everything and their life was centered around these gods .some people say they is no God because they have a problem understanding who God really is.If you have a problem with your father would say, you have no father?The mere fact that you are here ,tells me that you did not just happened to be here. Everyone to a certain degree is influenced by a higher power and that is where God comes in ,because we are influence by good or evil.So all of us are affected.they was and still is a war going on between the forces of good and the forces of evil and some believe that we are caught in the crossfire.I do hope that this will help to explain the reasoning of people.

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