Sunday, June 13, 2021   

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Freudian slip at the Daily Mail

Freudian slip at the Daily Mail

This is the headline to an article in the Daily Mail reporting claims that Israel has destroyed a Sudanese weapons factory in a bombing raid. The article itself suggests that “the raid acted as a ‘dry run’ for a forthcoming strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities”. The subeditor’s substitution of “Islam” for “Iran” in the headline tells us a lot about the general mindset at the Mail.

Update:  The headline has now been amended.

Earlier this year the Mail reported that the existence of the Freudian slip had been confirmed by scientific research: “A new study has revealed how the theory, which forms part of the basis of psychoanalysis, is linked to the conscious symptoms of people with anxiety disorders such as phobias.”


  1. Rather than Freudian slip… maybe someone at the daily mail was outing Israel’s intentions. I’m sure many have read about the rumors of WW3 plans putting Islam vs Israel annihilating the two.

    Who knows, Israel might start the war while America is sitting under a the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on the eastern board.

  2. Ok. This is just silly. Someone typed something by accident, and you think it makes the entire news provider Islamophobic? That might be a little paranoid.

  3. Haha, Freudian slip or not, the Daily Mail IS Islamophobic.

  4. Who cares about the ‘slip’? Isn’t the bombing itself considered an act of war? How do justify target practice on a sovereign nation?

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