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Randall Terry Airs Graphic, Anti-Muslim Ad Against Obama In Pennsylvania

1 November 2012 Huffington Post 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Randall Terry Airs Graphic, Anti-Muslim Ad Against Obama In Pennsylvania


A gruesome, anti-Muslim television ad aired Tuesday night in Pittsburgh, insinuating that President Barack Obama is sympathetic to violent extremism in the Middle East.

The ad, first flagged by the liberal groupAmerican Bridge 21st Century, was paid for by fringe write-in presidential candidate Randall Terry and aired around the popular 11 p.m. time slot on Pittsburgh’s local FOX affiliate WPHG.

It features a sleeping woman who is struggling through a nightmare. It intersperses graphic images of bloodied corpses and a man being decapitated. A portion of President Obama’s speech in Cairo about bridging the gap between the Muslim and western worlds, and chants of “Allahu Akbar” serve as the background audio in the ad. The woman ultimately wakes up from the nightmare and says, “I can’t vote for Obama again.” The ad ends with Terry on screen saying, “A vote for Obama helps Muslims murder Christians and Jews. I’m Randall Terry and I approve this message.”

A request for comment from WPGH as to why the station agreed to air the ad was not returned.

Terry, who is an anti-abortion rights activist and founder of Operation Rescue, announced his write-in candidacy for president in Jan. 2011 in front of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. He’s mounted a number of unsuccessful runs for Congress and state legislature seats in the past.

Tim Murphy of Mother Jones reported last year on how Terry and his cohorts are able to air such explicit ads.

Together, they aim to exploit a Federal Communications Commission loophole and saturate major media markets with graphic anti-abortion images. What the ads lack in production values, they more than make up for in shock value. As he explained in an interview with Catholic Online last November, Terry, who is himself running for president as a Democrat, explained: “By running campaign ads in the top 25 media markets, we can reach one-third of the nation with a message about the truth and horror of abortion.”

Terry attracted attention earlier this year when he attempted to air a graphic ad depicting aborted fetuses during the Super Bowl on NBC’s Chicago station, WMAQ. The station ultimately refused to sell Terry the time slot.

The anti-Muslim ad that aired last night was pulled from YouTube for violating its policy regarding “shocking and disgusting content.” It can still be viewed on Terry’s website.


  1. @mike…christianity under the guise of spreading peace and love across the world, slaughtered millions of innocents starting in the 12th century. their crime? not being christian, not believing every single dogma of the church, for pursuing science, for being women, for being the wrong kid of christian, for pretty much anything you can think of.

    dont get ME started on your dip-shit pathetic self-intetled “outrage” because you have no position to push it from. it wasnt islam that created the inquisition, it wasnt islam that started the crusades….it wasnt in the name of islam that europeans invaded indigenous homelands, lands that your fat ass is no on, that ethnically cleansed north and south america seeking souls and land and gold. it was christianity.

    so if youre going to point fingers, then youd best be adding to that list of crims against humanity ALL that christianity has done to create massive death destruction misery genocide and hatred in the world because islam is not responsible for any of what i have just listed.

  2. Wow Greg, all those Christians that did those things are dead. They have been dead for hundreds of years. The Muslims committing similar crimes and are currently alive. How about we stick to the present and not the past. If you have not noticed Christian religious beliefs have advanced quite a bit since the mere claim that the earth is round brought about death.

  3. Greg, you get the idiot of the day award. Congrats.

    Are you reading form some document published on the OWS site? You sound like you can’t convey any of your own thoughts. The past is history and the Islamists are repeating it. How about that? I am glad you are just an idiot behind a computer screen. You are not thinking about a solution so therefore you are part of the problem.

  4. In today’s age, hundreds of thousands Iraqi children have been slaughtered in 1990s because the West and Israel believed Iraq a threat. Then, in 2000s the West once again attacked Iraq and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children are dying every day. Iraq NEVER attacked Israel or any Western nation. Is the war on Iraq a good Judeo-Christian value? If you ask me that is terrorism.
    Now, we are seeing attacks on Pakistan with drones. Civilians are declared enemy combatants. Is that a good Judeo-Christian value?
    Muslim men are hunted and imprisoned without a charge, all over the world, and taken into secret prisons (aka concentration camps). Their only “guilt” is being Muslim. Is that a good Judeo-Christian value?
    While the Arab world was sleepy, blinded, the West and Israel has amassed many nuclear bombs and other military technology. Question is: why? Of course: to kill and conquer. Who? Muslims. Why? Because they seek the destruction of Islam and want the oil.

    So, while the Western Christian fanaticism has taken a new coat, the tactics are about the same: kill, take, plunder, rape, destroy.

  5. As can be noted from my comment above, yes we can still talk about the evils propagated in the name of Christianity and Judaism. There are many in the West who donated thousands of dollars for Israeli interests and seek the destruction of Muslim nations. They call them Zionist Christians, the Evangelicals, and what have you. In the ancient days, those would probably be the kind of people who committed inquisitions, ethnic cleansing, etc.

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