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David Yerushalmi: Pamela Geller’s anti-democracy lawyer & “SION” senior member exposed: The facts

13 November 2012 19 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

David Yerushalmi: Pamela Geller’s anti-democracy lawyer & “SION” senior member exposed: The facts

Original article by Jai Singh

I have recently come across some major information regarding a pivotal member of Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller’s inner circle, specifically David Yerushalmi. The main cross-published article below is from the Center for American Progress think-tank, although I’ve also included URL links for extensive further information about Yerushalmi at the end of this article. It certainly explains a lot. It is also very revealing indeed about the core anti-Muslim propagandists’ endgame.

Along with being Pamela Geller’s laywer, David Yerushalmi is a senior member of Spencer & Geller’s Stop Islamization of Nations/”SION” organisation. Yerushalmi was even one of the main speakers at Spencer & Geller’s anti-Muslim conference in New York in September 2012 (Geller enthusiastically provided video footage on her Atlas Shrugs website here).

David Yerushalmi is also General Counsel for Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy organisation, which has had a considerable influence on certain senior Republican politicians, particularly their wild claims about “extremist Muslim infiltration” in the Obama Administration. According to the New York Times, Gaffney is “Yerushalmi’s primary link to a network of former and current government officials, security analysts and grass-roots political organizations” and is also able to tap “a network of Tea Party and Christian groups as well as ACT! for America, which has 170,000 members”.

There is, however, much more. As the main article below (and the subsequent URL links) discusses, David Yerushalmi has tried to conceal a huge amount of self-incriminating information from the public. Not only are his racial and religious views self-evident, but it also raises several further questions:

1. Exactly why is Pamela Geller allying herself so closely with someone who believes that American women should not have the right to vote ?

2. Yerushalmi heads an organisation (Society of Americans for National Existence/”SANE”) whose charter explicitly states that it is “dedicated to the rejection of democracy” in the United States. It is worth noting that such actions are defined as sedition, a major offence under multiple Federal laws: See hereherehere, and here. Why is Yerushalmi not being prosecuted for sedition ?

3. Exactly who are the members of Yerushalmi’s anti-democracy “Society of Americans for National Existence” organisation, and to what extent have they penetrated the United States’ educational, legal, and political systems, government, intelligence, the media, and US military ?

4. Considering the fact that Yerushalmi heads an organisation explicitly dedicated to the rejection of democracy in the United States, why have the relevant authorities not stripped Yerushalmi of his license to practice law ?

5. To what extent are Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and David Horowitz involved in furthering Yerushalmi’s anti-democracy agenda ?

6. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are also closely allied to John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the UN; Bolton was Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s senior foreign policy advisor during his campaign. As publisized by Geller, Bolton was even originally scheduled to be one of the main speakers alongside Yerushalmi at the SION conference in New York in September 2012. Bolton has also appeared on Frank Gaffney’s radio show in order to defend the aforementioned claims that extremist Muslims have “infiltrated” the US Government. To what extent is John Bolton involved in furthering Yerushalmi’s anti-democracy agenda ?

7. Following on from #6, is John Bolton himself a member of Yerushalmi’s “Society of Americans for National Existence” organisation ?

8. Following on from #6 and #7, to what extent is Mitt Romney aware of all this ?

9. The other main guests & speakers alongside Yerushalmi at the SION conference in New York in September 2012 included New York State Senator David Storobin, English Defence League leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”, also see hereherehere, and here), English Defence League co-founder/British Freedom Party deputy leader Kevin Carroll, and British Freedom Party leader Paul Weston. To what extent are they aware of Yerushalmi’s anti-democracy agenda ?

10. To what extent are Frank Gaffney (also see here) and his Center for Security Policy organisation involved in furthering Yerushalmi’s anti-democracy agenda ? (Note: The CSP link includes extensive details of the organisation’s main financiers, board members, military committee members, and academic council members. The information about the level of involvement of extremely senior [and well-connected] former military officers and major weapons manufacturers is particularly startling).

11. To what extent are Newt Gingrich (also see here and here), Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN),Rep. Peter King (R-NY) (also see here), Rep. Allen West (R-FL), Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Rep. Thomas Rooney (R-FL), Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), and other anti-Muslim members of Congress aware of Yerushalmi’s anti-democracy agenda ?

12. Peter King, previously known for his active support of the terrorist IRA, is currently Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, and is also a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He has appeared on Frank Gaffney’s radio show, where he made a series of demonstrably false statements about American Muslims. More recently, Peter King has received an award from Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy organisation. Why is the Chairman of Homeland Security accepting an award from an organisation whose General Counsel is dedicated to the rejection of democracy in the United States ?

13. To what extent are Congress, the Department of Homeland Security, and American intelligence agencies aware of the fact that several of the senior politicians listed in #11 have demanded action based on dubious material from an organisation whose General Counsel is dedicated to the rejection of democracy in the United States ?

14. To what extent are Congress, the Department of Homeland Security, and American intelligence agencies aware of the fact that a disproportionate number of the senior politicians listed in #11 have direct links to the same fundamentalist Christian organisation dedicated to influencing American politicians ? Further to the recent US presidential election, updated details of some of these politicians and their activities are available herehere, and here.

15. To what extent are Congress, the Department of Homeland Security, and American intelligence agencies aware of the fact that several recent Republican presidential candidates, including one of the senior politicians listed in #11 (who is also a member of the House Intelligence Committee), have extensive links to “Dominionism” ? (Note: Dominionism is an extreme interpretation of Christian fundamentalism deriving from “Christian Reconstructionism”, which involves the belief that rule by non-Christians anywhere in the world is sacrilege, explicitly approves of the historical slavery of African-Americans, and openly advocates the replacement of American law with Old Testament injunctions including the death penalty for apostasy and homosexuality; Dominionism also claims that its adherents have a God-given mandate to infiltrate the highest echelons of power and subsequently impose their beliefs on the entire world).

16. Yerushalmi has also proposed a range of measures targeting Muslims in the United States (see ThinkProgress article below). If Yerushalmi and his main allies were given free rein to implement these measures, exactly what criteria would they use in order to identify someone as a “suspected Muslim” or a “known Muslim” ?

17. Following on from #16, exactly what measures would Yerushalmi propose in order to conclusively prove that someone is (or is not) a Muslim ?

18. Exactly what actions would Yerushalmi describe as “knowingly acting in furtherance of, or supporting the, adherence to Islam” ?

19. Considering the fact that Yerushalmi, Geller and Spencer publicly claim to be such staunch supporters of the concept of “freedom of speech” and refer to this concept when justifying their own actions, why do they keep threatening to sue people who exercise their own freedom of speech against them ?

The original ThinkProgress article is cross-published in full below:


Neocon ‘Team B’ Author Yerushalmi: ‘Islam Was Born In Violence; It Will Die That Way’

I wrote last week that the new “Team B” report from neoconservative activist Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy on the threat of Islamic sharia law is notable for, among other things, the fact that its authors consulted with no actual Muslims or Islamic scholars in writing it.

A key “expert” behind the report’s interpretation of Islamic law is a man named David Yerushalmi. In addition to running a DC law practice, Yerushalmi serves as General Counsel of the Center for Security Policy. Yerushalmi is also a contributor to Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace. On his law office website, Yerushalmi claims to be “considered an expert on Islamic law.”

The release of the sharia report was hailed last week by three leading Congressional conservatives — Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), and Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) — so it’s worth looking into what one the report’s key contributors actually believes about Muslims and Islam.

Here’s what Yerushalmi wrote in the American Thinker in 2006:

”Islam was born in violence; it will die that way. Any wish to the contrary is sheer Pollyannaism. The same way the post World War II German youth were taught by their German teachers and political leaders to despise the fascism of their fathers, with strict laws extant still today restricting even speech that casts doubt on the Holocaust,so too must the Muslim youth be taught from the cradle to reject the religion of their forebears.”

Yerushalmi also wrote in 2006 that the Muslim Brotherhood “has succeeded in penetrating our educational, legal, and political systems, as well as top levels of government, intelligence, the media, and U.S. military, virtually paralyzing our ability to respond effectively.” He criticized President Bush for his “fatal, but well-intentioned ideological whim to build democracies among a ruthless people who believe in a murderous creed falsely labeled a ‘religion of peace.‘”

Yerushalmi heads an organization called Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE), whose charter — now hidden behind a paywall but shared here by Talk to Action’s Brian Wilson — states:

“America is a unique people bound together through a commitment to America’s Judeo-Christian moral foundation and to an enduring faith and trust in G-d and in His Providence… America was the handiwork of faithful Christians, mostly men, and almost entirely white, who ventured from Europe to create a nation in their image of a country existing as free men under G-d. The founding fathers understood that party-led parliaments and democracy were the worse form of government and sought to resist the movement that was soon to find fertile ground in France with the French Revolution…

…at its core, SANE is dedicated to the rejection of democracy and party rule and a return to a constitutional republic…

…Any world view, ideology, or -ism that promotes directly or indirectly the elimination of national existence and the establishment of a world state is our foe. So you can know at the start that liberalism (and this includes libertarianism) and Islam are in our sights.”

Yerushalmi’s group suggests the following measures for dealing with America’s Muslim problem:

“- It shall be a felony punishable by 20 years in prison to knowingly act in furtherance of, or to support the, adherence to Islam.
– The Congress of the United States of America shall declare the US at war with the Muslim Nation or Umma.

– The President of the United States of America shall immediately declare that all non-US citizen Muslims are Alien Enemies under Chapter 3 of Title 50 of the US Code and shall be subject to immediate deportation.
– No Muslim shall be granted an entry visa into the United States of America.”

Unsurprisingly, Yerushalmi’s antipathies extend beyond Muslims. In a 2006 article, “On Race: A Tentative Discussion” [Note: Despite Yerushalmi’s efforts to destroy the online evidence, his full article in PDF form can still be accessed directly here] — tentative because, as Yerushalmi laments in the article, one cannot engage in “a discussion of Islam as an evil religion, or of blacks as the most murderous of peoples (at least in New York City), or of illegal immigrants as deserving of no rights” without being labeled a racist — Yerushalmi writes that the American founders were on to something when they limited the vote to white men:

“There is a reason the founding fathers did not give women or black slaves the right to vote. You might not agree or like the idea but this country’s founders, otherwise held in the highest esteem for their understanding of human nature and its affect on political society, certainly took it seriously. Why is that? Were they so flawed in their political reckonings that they manhandled the most important aspect of a free society – the vote? If the vote counts for so much in a free and liberal democracy as we ‘know’ it today, why did they limit the vote so dramatically.”

So Yerushalmi isn’t crazy about Muslims, African-Americans, immigrants, or women. But wait, he also strongly dislikes liberal Jews:

“Jews of the modern age are the most radical, aggressive and effective of the liberal Elite. Their goal is the goal of all “progressives:” a determined use of liberal principles to deconstruct the Western nation state in a “historical” march to the World State……one must admit readily that the radical liberal Jew is a fact of the West and a destructive one.”

I contacted Mr. Yerushalmi to give him an opportunity to explain these writings. He declined.


[Note 1: This is just the tip of the iceberg. Extensive further information on David Yerushalmi’s real views & agenda herehereherehereherehereherehere, and here]

[Note 2: As discussed by Richard Silverstein here, Yerushalmi is also on record as making the following anti-democracy statements: “Our constitutional republic was specifically designed to insulate our national leaders from the masses, democracy has seeped up through the cracks and corroded everything we once deemed sacred about our political order.”]

[Note 3: As discussed here, other articles on Yerushalmi’s website included openly racist statements such as the following: “Race matters and affects your intelligence. Jews are the smartest white people around. Orientals smarter than Whites. Latinos next. Then Blacks.”]

[Note 4: As discussed here, Yerushalmi has also written articles claiming that “most of the fundamental differences between the races is genetic.” In the aforementioned article “On Race: A Tentative Discussion”, Yerushalmi described African-Americans as a “relatively murderous race killing itself” and stated: “If evolution and the biologists who espouse the theory are correct, then the idea that racial differences included innate differences in character and intelligence would[,] it seem[,] be more likely than not.”]

[Note 5: Yerushalmi tried to silence Richard Silverstein by threatening to sue him for defamation when he referred to Yerushalmi as a “white supremacist”. However, Yerushalmi withdrew the threat after Silverstein publicly presented the mass of information supporting his allegation and refused to back down.]

[Note 6: As discussed here, Yerushalmi is also on record as making the following Robert Spencer/Julius Streicher-style statement in his own defence: “I have never written anything that calls for discrimination against…Muslims qua Muslims.”]

[Note 7: Yerushalmi, Spencer, Geller, Gaffney and Horowitz are part of the core anti-Muslim propaganda network. Extensive further information on the main US-based individuals, organisations and financiers involved in this network is available hereherehere and here.]


  1. Islamophobia Today editors:

    The list of questions in the original Loonwatch article ( has been modified and reformatted after you cross-posted it here. As the issues raised in the article are extremely important, it would be a good idea for you to update your own article to reflect the latest version currently on Loonwatch.

  2. Thanks Don!

  3. Good point.

  4. Well it’s nice to point it out! Report the matter and take it up, “That is called taking action”

  5. Yerushalmi may be a slimy racist fanatic, but as long as he stops short of advocating illegal acts or the violent overthrow of the U.S. government, I don’t think any bar association has cause to disbar him.

  6. I believe the reason is that hypocrisy isn’t illegal.

  7. Susanna then you have not seen what he advocates and what he associates with, he sees justification in the killing of innocent women and children in Palestine. What many Americans fail to see is that many of these innocent people killed in Palestine are both Muslims and Christians living under a ruthless occupation, the same views he has with regards to the people of the region he has for Americans as well who oppose such acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

  8. Because this is a democracy and we have freedom of speech. We are free to publicly oppose him. In order to be disbarred he must commit a crime or otherwise violate the administrative code relating to officers of the court in the state in which he is licensed to practice law. If you have evidence (or at least probable cause to believe) that he has done so, I suggest you contact the state bar association and the attorney general of the state or states in which he is licensed to practice. Otherwise, welcome to America!

  9. Anyone who as ever been to the Middle East knows that Palestinians don’t live under ruthless occupation – only a disturbed mind would see things that way and its attitudes like that which find the minds of those who suffer from “Islamophobia.” We Americans who have no issues like that need to check abuse from all sides.

  10. Gellar is a very troubled person and carries a lot less weight then people give her credit for – truly who has lost her faith.

  11. True, Michael. All they have to do is ignore her, and stop giving her attention.

    But, unfortunately, there’re people who think they and their religion are above criticism, and can’t handle as much as a syllable of criticism and are hypersensitive to anything that people say about them or their religion.

    IT is THEY who’re giving Geller all the attention she doesn’t deserve and giving her all the fame and publicity that she shouldn’t be getting. THEY are creating a monster in Geller, and proving right everything she has to say about Islam and Muslims.

  12. @ADMIN You said “why have the relevant authorities not stripped Yerushalmi of his license to practice law ?”.

    Well, this ain’t Shariah, man. The constitution has a 1st Amendment, which guarantees freedom of expression.

    On the same note, why hasn’t CAIR been banned, when it CLEARLY is an Islamic Terrorist front group?

    Oh, I forget, mea culpa, it’s a “civil rights” organization, right?

  13. cliff pinto: Really? “can’t handle as much as a syllable of criticism” i think a whole blog, few books, public speeches filled with bigotry and army of brainwashed followers egging her on goes a bit beyond syllable. And no we’re not proving right everything she has to say about islam and muslims! Half the things she says only applies to a very small portion of uneducated muslims and the other half is just ridiculous! I don’t think speaking up against lies and ridiculous claims about your religion make you what they’re out to make you look like, which would be savages, terrorists, rapists, necrophillic and whatnot! if making yourself heard and speaking up for what you believe is what makes you the reason people are incited to speak nonsense against you, then why are you even here on this page constantly posting links and making comments trying to put your part in? trying to make a monster out of the admin?

  14. [[[ Half the things she says only applies to a very small portion of uneducated muslims and the other half is just ridiculous!]]]

    But I can hear you denouncing the activities of that “small portion” so loudly and vehemently, right? The silence is deafening. 😉

    No? Ok, prove me wrong. Do you denounce Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda etc as terrorist organizations? Don’t respond with “But Israel does…..”. Let’s see if all of Geller’s claims are correct.

    [[[ which would be savages, terrorists, rapists, necrophillic and whatnot ]]]

    The vast majority of Muslims are certainly not all of the above, but liars, propagandists, conspiracy theorists, passive supporters of terror etc etc etc????

    Let me give you an example of how YOU, yourself, are a liar, propagandist and passive supporter of terror. On here, a few hours ago, you put up a piece of propaganda that said that over 208 Palestinians were killed in the last 24 hours, but the truth is that only 19 were killed. Why are you so quick to believe propaganda against Israel? Why’s it that any lies about Israel, however untrue, becomes the obsession of every other Muslim? Probably to do with religion?

    Oh, wait!! I forgot, “you don’t hate Jews, just Zionists”, right? 😉

    Also, speaking of conspiracy theorists, the VAST MAJORITY of Muslims believe that the “Jews did 9/11”, “Jews are responsible for the Arab spring”, “Jews invented homosexuality” ETC. DO NOT deny it, because you, yourself, are one of those.

  15. From Gaza to the people of the world.. We are not Numbers, we are Humans! I swear we have names we have families we have kids we have emotions we have feelings.. Every life has a story.. just like you and just like any human being! we are not news and death
    an being! we are not news and death

  16. @cliff pinto: Is this the new page where i have to come and declare my love for all human beings or something? I was just responding to your claim that it’s muslims who make a monster out of Geller. I am not a passive supporter of terror, but I do believe what Israel is doing is injustice.. and yes i know your side of it too, its self defense.. but i do know many Israelis who think palestinians have no right to live.. i have met them right here on this page! and no i don’t hate jews, before i was exposed to this whole israeli/palestinian conflict I never ever thought of a jewish person as anything else other than another human being.. I often went to great length to show support for victims of hate crimes against jewish people in America as well.. i have jewish friends and professors in school.. but i’ll be honest, after being exposed to the whole israeli/Palestinian conflict, and seeing so many jewish people supporting mass murder, watching children being used as human shield and the condition palestinians have been living for so many years my view of jewish people changed a lot, but i have learned to distinguish between those who support zionism and those who don’t and not to link religion with it. And you’re so quick to judge! i didn’t even know there were people who thought jewish people invented homosexuality!

  17. عبد العزيز عبد المنعم Israelis don’t think you are numbers and not humane, that’s why the IDF does so accurate job to destroy only terrorists and that’s why the IDF spread notes to the civilians. No none here really wants a war and bloodshed. I am sorry that the world doesn’t know what really happens. I bet you don’t know either

  18. The only people who think you are numbers are your cruel leaders

  19. Most people here are Americans, not Palestinians. Both Arab and the Israeli governments have mistreated Palestinians.

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