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TYT: ‘Anti-Foreign’ Law Targets Muslims in Michigan

17 December 2012 General 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

‘Anti-Foreign’ Law Targets Muslims in Michigan

“As the protests in Michigan continue over the new right-to-work law, the state Legislature is now considering passing a ban on Shariah law.

The bill, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Dave Agema, would block “foreign laws that would impair constitutional rights” in the state. The Associated Press reports that though the bill “doesn’t specifically mention the Islamic legal code called sharia,” its “supporters have said they are concerned about the use of sharia spreading.”*

Republican state Rep. Dave Agema is trying to block “foreign” laws that would impair constitutional rights. Closer inspection reveals this is a preemptive strike against Muslims and they mean “Sharia Law.” Cenk Uygur breaks down the ridiculous lengths taken to sell this law in Michigan.

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  1. What does it matter? Muslims state they are not trying to institute Sharia in America. So a ban on any laws whos origins are outside the U.S. should affect no one.

  2. Actually I agree with criley. Sharia laws are religious laws and this is a secular country; they have no place in our courts. The only time they come up is in wedding contracts and inheritances and in those instances whatever is written into the legal contract is upheld regardless of the religious code that dictated the terms. A law of that sort wouldn’t really affect anyone beyond stirring up anti-muslim sentiment.

    That said I really don’t know why everyone is so upset about Sharia law. When has anyone ever walked into a court and actually tried to sue someone based on it? And what American court would hold someone to non-American laws?

    Haters gonna hate, and all that.

  3. Well I can see their point as an American, but the bill itself is just rubbish….

    I do believe however, that their extent in which Sharia Law is used in European countries does indeed have my Fellow American’s fearful, being that we do love our Constitution dearly.

    Then again that same document is the reason why do many people do come to our Nation, which leads me to believe that this Bill in Michigan is just a wash to conjure up Votes…. Which both Republicans & Democrats do very well

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