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Attack on Thurnby Lodge Mosque in Leicester; Pig’s Head Left Outside Mosque

27 December 2012 General 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

This was sent to us by a worshipper at the Thurnby Lodge mosque in Leicester. The site has been the centre of activity by the Far Right, including the British National Party and a pigs head was placed outside the entrance to the mosque yesterday, (26/12/12). This is a truly shocking anti-Muslim attack. Here is the text we received.


This morning (Wed 26th Dec) brothers turned up to perform their Fajr salaah & this is what was found at the entrance. If you’re not sure what it is….it’s a pigs head. This did not deter the brothers at all who still went ahead & performed their Salaah, Alhamdulillah.

As you may or may not be aware the the Muslims especially as well as some non-Muslims have been facing intimidation from some very racist individuals on the Thurnby Lodge estate. So far 9 arrests have been made which just goes to show the kind of people we are dealing with.

There are protests almost daily around Isha time just to intimidate & harass brothers who come for salaah.

We are shocked and saddened by this development which is indeed a discriminating and hurtful act of religious intimidation. Indeed this was placed to cause serious offence to members & in the hope that we will go away from Thurnby Lodge.
Very sadly for those who tried to offend the Muslims, this has just increased our commitment to stay right here. If i may say so, to a certain extent it was only a matter of time before some individuals actually carried out what they have been talking about for a period of time!!
This just goes to show more evidence of the hatred these people hold against people who are not of their race, colour & religion. There is so much that they have made evident that even a blind person could see what they are all about.
Maybe it is time we protested because our remaining silent has allowed them to harass & intimidate us, be accused of things we haven’t done.
We need to stand up now & show that we are here to stay & no matter what they do they aren’t chasing us away!!!
We are working with the police and authorities to bring those responsible to justice.
In the meantime, we continue to work towards a amicable solution to the whole situation.
We humbly request you to remember these brothers, sisters & our children and the good people of Thurnby Lodge in your dua.
JazakAllahu khair.

Original post: Attack on Thurnby Lodge Mosque in Leicester; Pig’s Head Left Outside Mosque


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  2. Does Islamaphobia really exist? We’re always hearing of it in the UK, but it is a complex issue. There are eight factions of Muslims living in the UK who frequently argue about interpretations of the Qu’ran. How can ordinary people possibly understand these misunderstandings enough to generate a so-called phobia? I am concerned that the extreme opposite of so-called Islamaphobia is the full acceptance of Islam. What is your opinion?

  3. These words from a religion that teaches hatred and discrimination as well as abuse toward women and encourages the sexual assault of children? They should be sent back to the country they hailed from and walled off for good

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