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The Reviews Are In: ‘Zero Dark Thirty makes me hate Muslims’

21 January 2013 General 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Adam Horowitz (Mondoweiss)

The film Zero Dark Thirty is now showing in theaters nationwide and reactions are starting to appear on social networks. Here are some collected on the tumblr site dapsandhugs:






While the film has obviously found its supporters, backlash against it continues to grow. Yesterday, director Kathryn Bigelow defended her film from charges it promotes torture in an Op-Ed for the Los Angeles Times . Bigelow claimed artistic license writing, “those of us who work in the arts know that depiction is not endorsement.” While this is obviously true, the film goes further than depiction. As Deepa Kumar wrote the film promotes extra judicial killing and the drone warfare that has become the hallmark of the Obama administration’s “war on terror.” Not sure? Check out this tweet from the official film Twitter account:

To find a man in hiding, you need an eye in the sky. Learn about our specialized airpower on @militarydotcombit.ly/ZDTtc1

Update: The tweet has been deleted from the Zero Dark Thirty Twitter account.

Here are some more that I found: The Reviews Are In: ‘Zero Dark Thirty makes me hate Muslims’


  1. So would watching a movie about the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City make you hate Christians or Baptists? Timothy McVey was a Southern Baptist.

  2. @ M.Richards. It could. Especially if there was already an anti-Christian atmosphere and depending on how the characters are represented in the film. If all Christians in the movie are presented as like minded with McVey, you establish guilt by association. It’s the ultimate generalization. If McVey is bad and evil and deserves to be shot dead for his acts, and he was Christian, and all Christians are the same, then all Christians deserve to be shot. That’s the danger of the film, if it does not establish that all Muslims are not osama bin laden, do not think like him, and did not support what he did. If it even hints to the contrary, it is likely we will be hearing about a anti-Muslim hate crime inspired by this movie.

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