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Sri Lanka: “We are Sinhalese” Group Protests Muslims and Halal Meat, Burn Effigy of “Allah”

26 January 2013 17 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Sri Lanka: “We are Sinhalese” Group Protests Muslims and Halal Meat, Burn Effigy of “Allah”

Sri Lanka has over the past few years seen a resurgence in Sinhalese and Buddhist chauvinism particularly targeting the Muslim populace of the island nation.

Anxiety over halal meat doesn’t only affect Islamophobes in the West. Groups in Sri Lanka, such asSinhala Api (We are Sinhalese) are also hoping to transform the subject of “halal meat” into a broader culture war.

In a recent protest led by We are Sinhalese, demonstrators shouted anti-Islam/Muslim slogans and carried effigies of a pig with the word “Allah” and “Halal” written on it in Arabic which they later burnt. (h/t: msmrishan)

Protest against Halal – Kuliyapitiya, Kurunegala district

There was a protest held by “Sinhala Api – We are Sinhalese Group” against Halal, the day before yesterday (24/01/2013) at Kuliyapitiya Junction, Kurunegala district. This group marched from Assedduma Shasanalankara temple to Kuliyapitiya Ashoka Buddhist Centre. They marched with banners and cut-outs written against Muslims and Halal.

After they had come to the clock tower of Kuliyapitiya Junction, the chief member of “Sinhala Api” organisation, “Mathale Weda Thero” and “Thalkole Piyadassi thero” addressed the meeting.

In this protest, the cut-outs and banners read:

“Sri Lanka is not an Arab country for making halal foods.”

“Halal is a death trap to destroy the Sinhala nation.”

One of cut-out had a picture of a pig with “Allah” written on it.

And they burnt an effigy named “Halal.”

The banner said boycott Halal

The banner said boycott Halal

A Buddhist monk addresses the protest

A Buddhist monk addresses the protest

Burning the "Allah" effigy

Burning the “Allah” effigy


  1. Sure, poor muslims are the target everywhere, victims everywhere.. Why is it, that nobody accept them ? And only them its only muslims, religious and racist conflict ? 95% muslims involved..

  2. I am a Sinhalese but I am totally against these protest as we must respect Muslim beliefs. The world does not belong to any single race as we don’t know where we come from or where we go.

  3. @chris – u are absolutely right, there is no need for such violent protest or even a protest, as u may know they are always black sheep in every community and they will do what ever it takes to create an evil act. Their are so many good Sinhale people who i know who respect the religions and love to live in peace.

  4. Hi! I’m a Sinhalese, Buddhist from Sri Lanka.

    I believe it is an absolute right of the muslim community to consume halal products.
    But at the same time, it is the right of the non-muslims of the country (Buddhists, Christians & Hindus) who are 90+ % to eat non-halal food.
    There was no chaos or violence in the country like what the media says over this issue.
    The fact that this Bodu Bala Sena highlights is that the halal products are sacrificed to Allah. And the certification cost some additional amount to the commodities. So, it is not justifiable to sell halal products to the non-muslims who are 90% majority of the population and get an additional charge for the goods. And that’s why they are suggesting non-muslims to boycott halal items.

    My opinion to solve this issue is to allocate a certain percentage (say 10%) for halal certified products and produce rest of the products without the certificate. I think this is what All Ceylon Ulama organization also suggests.

  5. as u can clearly see these so called patriotic saviours of the country are not on a heroic mission to save the country from the “muslim invasion” as clearly shown by their retarded insults to islam and Allah subhanuwathala but merely to put down the muslim nation down as a whole… i have faith in allah that justice will be done

  6. Justice will be done…who are these jokers anyway???Sri lanka gets its oil from Iran for a very cheap rate,sri lanka gets millions from foreign employment in muslim countries…even the last stage of the victorious war was aided by iran and pakistan….when we helped you that much, is this how you treat our brothers? dont you think you can repeat the crimes of 1983 …if you cross the limits, be ready to pay the price

  7. You Sinhalese and Buddhist chauvinism, do you know the bamboo ? when this will enter into your back then you will understand what is right and what is wrong…? Iran, Pakistan, and other muslim countries will show you the use of bamboo… be prepared…

  8. from bangladesh…very pathetic.. you shouldnt treat such a way to minority people…this not the way to protest by hurting religion…

  9. Everyone should respect and show tolerence to all religions.i am a muslim & almost 90% of our population are muslims.but we don’t have any religious contradictions.but just think of yourselves,how will you feel if you see such a shameless act against your own religion?

  10. as a muslim i’m hurt…may Allah show them the righteous way and help the weak.

  11. We are also protesting these kinds of activities. As we believe that religion is totally personal matter and nobody can impose anything on anybody. But unfortunately the way we non-Muslims come forward to condemn this sort of activities, we don’t get the same response from our Muslim friends when the temples are demolished in BANGLADESH OR ELSE WHERE IN THE WORLD. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE RECIPROCAL AND IF SRILANKA IS GETTING OILS @ CHEAPER RATES FROM IRAN, THEN IRAN IS ALSO GETTING SOMETHING ELSE FROM SRILANKA IN RETURN. MORE OVER IF THE SRILANKA, INDIANS AND OTHER NON MUSLIM PEOPLE DON’T GO THERE TO WORK, MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES WONT BE ABLE TO RUN THEIR COUNTRIES IN PROPER WAY. BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT THAT MUCH EDUCATED. NOBODY IS DOING ANY FABOUR TO ANY BODY. IT IS A SIMPLE GIVE AND TAKE PROCESS.

  12. There is no doubt only Islam sends the real message of peace though some Muslims make it controversial. We feel proud as Muslim cause we beleive the communal harmony as it is the order of Islam.. Incase of others..all are fake..And buddist just pretend.

  13. Hindu (Sanaton) is the only religion that gives peace and patience and saves the world. No way of killing big animals, ..then killing and bombings.

  14. allah say respect other religions, so we are muslims respected all religion,

  15. really i m worry about above photo 2 person situation in future, they did very very big mistake. “ALLAH KAREEM”

  16. I am a proud Sinkalese.

    We need the Muslim Terrorists to leave our sacred country.

    Muslims go to Allah Land Saudi.

  17. Dear All Friends,

    Can people hurt differant way but we know what’s true..Everything up to Allah..



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