Monday, March 1, 2021   

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Article Archive for March 2013

Fla. State Senator: We Need to “Vaccinate” Against Shariah
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As I reported in a piece for the print magazine last summer, Florida has emerged as sort of the Thunderdome of the anti-Shariah movement, with a host of lawmakers at the municipal, state, and federal level working hand-in-hand with a dedicated group of activists to combat the invisble spectre of Islamic law.

Belen Fernandez: How to Write about Muslim Americans
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The Western press and social media often seem to exercise two options for dealing with the Muslim population of the world: overt, unabashed Islamophobia or slightly subtler Islamophobia.

Pope extends hand of friendship to “Muslim brothers and sisters” during Good Friday rite
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ROME – Pope Francis reached out in friendship to “so many Muslim brothers and sisters” during a Good Friday procession dedicated to the suffering of Christians from terrorism, war and religious fanaticism in the Middle East.

Pamela Geller Wrong About “Sexual Jihad” Fatwa
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Pamela Geller has published Islamic ruling encouraging “Sexual Jihad”: Prostitution for the holiest in which she introduces an article from Al Monitor Tunisians Raise Alarm on Possible Fatwa Encouraging ‘Sexual Jihad’

Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens: New Atheists flirt with Islamophobia
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How the New Atheists’ anti-Muslim hate advances their belief that God does not exist is not exactly clear. In this climate of increased anti-Muslim sentiment, it’s a convenient digression, though.

Dear Rightwing Catholic Islamophobes: Pope Francis just washed the feet of a Poor Muslim
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by Juan Cole

The pope washed and kissed the feet of 12 inmates, two of them women and two of them Muslim (one of the women was Muslim).

Tarja Cronberg: Islamophobia Had Been Fueled by the Response of the West to 9/11
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Hatef Mokhtar of The Oslo Times had a very interesting interview on a wide range of subjects with Tarja Cronberg, a member of the European Parliament, the whole interview is well worth the read if you are interested in European issues that effect the whole world.

Fox News Stokes Islamophobia with Misleading Story
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Christians face discrimination in many places in the Muslim world, including in Egypt, however it certainly doesn’t help when Fox News, a bastion of Right-Wing fundamentalism (of both the political and religious variety) pushes misleading stories.

Who Guards The Most Sacred Site In Christendom? Two Muslims
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JERUSALEM — Every Christian knows the holiest places in Christendom are in Jerusalem. The holiest of all, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, was erected in 325, over the site where it is believed Jesus was crucified, buried and rose from the dead.

South Bend mosque holds blood drive
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Muslims are trying to do their part to help others. The Islamic Society of Michiana held a blood drive Friday organized by the South Bend Medical Foundation.The drive was open to the public and held immediately after the Friday prayer service which over 250 people attend.