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Family Research Council’s Boykin: Bachmann and Gohmert on mission from God to hunt Muslims

5 April 2013 General 25 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Family Research Council’s Boykin: Bachmann and Gohmert on mission from God to hunt Muslims

The Family Research Council’s President Jerry Boykin said this week that U.S. Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Louis Gohmert (R-TX) are “standing on the word of God” in their mission to find and punish Muslims and Muslim supporters in the U.S. government.

According to Right Wing Watch, Boykin made the remarks at a panel discussion at this week’s National Religious Broadcasters conference featured Boykin alongside alleged former Islamic terrorist Kamal Saleem. The panel was moderated by Christian radio host Janet Parshall.

After portentously warning that the U.S. justice system has already been infiltrated and overcome by Sharia law, Boykin called on Americans to support Bachmann, Gohmert and Rep. Ted Franks (R-AZ) for their efforts to drive Muslims out of the U.S. government.

“There’s a lack of leadership in America today,” Boykin said. “Leaders are intimidated, they’re afraid and they will not confront the Muslim Brotherhood. They will not face up to what is really happening in America. Those who will are people that are standing on the word of God. Start with Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Trent Franks. They are a very small number who are standing on God’s word and because they have the spirit of God, they see this for what it is.”

Boykin is a retired U.S. Army Lt. General who was a plangent voice in the effort to keep President Barack Obama from overturning the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which forbade military service by openly LGBT people.

In talks to churches around the country, Boykin has characterized the post-911 world as spiritual conflict between Muslims and “Christian America.” Boykin has warned of a “stealth jihad” in the government and has said that Islam does not deserve the same protections enjoyed by other religions in the U.S. because it is “a totalitarian way of life with aggressive political goals.”

The Family Research Council was determined to be a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2010 because of its insistence on spreading misinformation about LGBT people, Muslims and other groups it deems to be insufficiently Christian.



  1. He needs to be on a mission to hunt his aunt & uncle who are also his mom & dad. She needs to be on a mission to hunt a heterosexual husband. Let that poor man out the closet witch!

  2. Forget Muslims; these people and their actions are a sad commentary about our government.

  3. I wonder if these morons are aware that by hunting Muslims, they are basically hunting Christians as well. Islam and Christianity both have the same roots in Judaism.

  4. Their vision is not of America, but of sick pseudo-christians leading the ignorant into a dystopian idiocracy.

  5. Gohmert is an under the radar but unmitigated nitwit n knucklehead

  6. If you’re Muslim don’t worry about Bachmann. I think she got her law degree out of box of Cracker Jacks! I don’t know much about Gohmert but he sounds like his particular hatred is for Latinos!

  7. Even Bachmann’s mother knows she’s an idiot.

  8. I’m right here Bachmann, you Crazy Snowbitch

  9. And this makes them different from the Taliban how? Oh yeah … because there’s a woman assisting in the hunting …

  10. “hunting”? Why, are they hiding?

  11. She is an ignorant dangerous woman!

  12. how the sheytan twists people

  13. this is digusting church is separated from the government for a reason why can’t we get along

  14. She continues to make us so proud…. NOT

  15. Good

  16. This woman is CRAZY!!!

  17. “God, I said ‘Please take away batshit crazy’, not Patrick Swayze…”

  18. horrendous ideas… and complete lack of thinking…

  19. 🙁

  20. Mission from WHOSE God, Michelle?

  21. Every time I read anything about these people I think, “McCarthyism.” That and “batshit crazy.”

  22. Oh Lord .. NOT her again!

  23. Good.

  24. MMM you will all see the so called joys of islam if your muslim president gets his way, he is a murderer and a liar and will bring the downfall of America ( MARK MY WORDS )

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