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Topless Jihad vs. Muslimah Pride

6 April 2013 98 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Topless Jihad vs. Muslimah Pride

Western feminists seem to have a love-hate relationship with Muslim women.

On the one hand, they want to “save” them from what they perceive as their cultural and religious bondage. On the other hand, they seem rather quick to stereotype and dismiss them as brainwashed idiots.

Sophia Ahmed is clearly not brainwashed idiot. She countered International Topless Jihad Day with Muslim Women Against Femen…Muslimah Pride Day:

On the 4th April. The so called feminist group, FEMEN has declared ‘Topless Jihad Day’ in which they are asking women to go topless and write ‘My Body Against Islamism!’ on their bare breasts. We as Muslim women and those who stand with us, need to show FEMEN and their supporters, that their actions are counterproductive and we as Muslim women oppose it.

So please post pictures of your beautiful selves, whether you wear hijaab, nikaab or not. This is an opportunity for Muslim women to get a say and show people that we have a voice too, that we come in many different shapes and sizes that we object to the way we are depicted in the west, we object to the way we are lumped in to one homogenous group without a voice of agency of our own…. ~ Sophia Ahmed

Muslim Women Shockingly Not Grateful for Topless European Ladies Trying To ‘Save’ Them

by  Callie Beusman, Jezebel
FEMEN, the “sextremist” feminist group known for staging topless protests, declared yesterday “International Topless Jihad Day” in solidarity with Amina Tyler, a 19 year old Tunisian activist who had received death threats after posting topless pictures of herself to Femen’s Tunisian Facebook page. She had written “Fuck your morals” and “My body belongs to me is not the source of anyone’s honor” in Arabic on her chest, causing religious officials to call for her to be punished by 80 to 100 lashes or even, horrifyingly, by being stoned to death. Following reports that Amina had been admitted to a mental hospital, FEMEN called upon its supporters to protest the “lethal hatred of Islamists – inhuman beasts for whom killing a woman is more natural than recognising her right to do as she pleases with her own body” at Tunisian embassies around the world. Protests occurred in Sweden, Italy, Ukraine, France, and Belgium.

While it is unquestionably necessary, brave, and noble to stand with Amina (who is reportedly not free to move or speak safely), the protests were distressingly and distractingly Islamophobic. A photo from one of shows a white woman with crescent moons covering her nipples, wearing a fake beard, a unibrow penciled in with eyeliner, and a bath towel on her head. Another photo, highlighted on FEMEN’s Facebook page is of a topless woman protesting at a mosque in San Francisco (because, when you’re fighting the good fight of “TITS AGAINST ISLAMISM,” standing topless in front of any mosque anywhere will do) with the following caption:

TODAY IS AMINA TOPLESS JIHAD DAY. I was at the Islamic Mosque in San Francisco. Some Arab guy tried to grab my sign and pushed me in a violent way. My friend stopped him. MY BODY IS MY TEMPLE.

Further down is a cartoon of a woman crawling out from under her burqa to light on fire the beard of a caricature of a Muslim man (or should I say “some Arab guy”?). In the comments, a woman posted a link to an Al Jazeera article about Muslim women counter-protesting the protest, as they rightfully feel that it was condescending and imperialistic in both tone and intent. FEMEN fans responded to her link in the following ways:

“Stupid muslim women. Made brainless by Quran.”

“Stupid slaves!”

You know that there’s something wrong with your protest when its ardent supporters find it appropriate to repeatedly call the women they are “saving” stupid and to affirm that they have no capacity for making decisions of their own.

Muslimah Pride

Sign Reads: “Nudity does not liberate me and I DO NOT need saving”

FEMEN needs to recognize that Muslim women do in fact have agency, and the idea that Muslim women are helpless, passively indoctrinated by the alleged evils of Islam, and desperately need of Western feminist help is oppressive and orientalist. Patriarchy is not specific to Islam — although there are inarguably extreme and truly saddening examples of misogyny in the Muslim community, patriarchy is a global issue. Furthermore, feminism is not only a Western institution — to assume that Muslim women need someone to “speak for” them is insulting to all the grassroots political organizing and activism that Muslim feminists have done. It’s disturbing how a the rhetoric of “women’s liberation” has been co-opted to justify aggression, violence, and prejudice against Muslim communities. In what way is it appropriate to “rescue” women by indulging in and re-circulating essentializing, stereotyped, and offensive depictions of their culture?

“Muslim women send message to Femen” [Al Jazeera]


The Feminist Mosaic: The Naked Blogger, the Burka, and the Boys in Hijab

Why Do They Hate Us? They Don’t.


  1. Nudity doesn’t liberate me either. I’d fight for the right to keep my breasts covered.

  2. Have you been nude around a bunch of other nude people in a safe environment?

  3. Nope. But I’ve been nude around other nude people in an unsafe environment, (school changing rooms).

  4. Respect Sisters <3

  5. I think this is true. I kinda of met feminists with a good perception of Muslim women and others with a negative view.

  6. I think this gets away from the real issue…Most western women like to cover their breasts (yes, we have our young and flashy girls, but eventually even they learn to cover up). The real issue for me as a feminist is the kind of treatment that Islamic women are facing where the religion is more extreme. The woman in this photo may not need saving, but there are many other women in the world that do and their suffering shouldn’t be undermined.

  7. Actually, the person who started this topless ordeal was from Tunisia.

  8. lol What are you saying Nudity is Nudity no matter where u are

  9. I think that running around topless kind of under minds the message of seeking respect :/

  10. Odd, isn’t it, that, in a society that will let women wear almost as little as they want in public without drawing the line at being indecently exposed, the same society condemns women should they choose to cover themselves because they are “Muslim.” Like that’s some swear word or something.

  11. In bed with my long-term boyfriend, or in the middle of a football field when a match is in progress? Im sure you can see the difference.

  12. My interpretation of feminists: Bunch of confused, satan worshipping, loonies running around nude Screaming freedom. LOL!

  13. Seeking respect and liberation from this world riddledd with excessive male dominance, one hand we have the east indoctrinating women to be submissive child bearers, on the other we have the west submissive sex objects. We need sane women to speak out how ironic is it to be calling for liberation while using another form of male dominated oppression.

  14. Fundamentalist religions (including fundamentalist Islam) seem to have a love-hate relationship with all women. Mostly hate.

  15. WTF? This is 2013!!! Wake up. We are suppose to be enlightened. Science is real. So is history. And so is being emancipated, which is a term that also concerns men.

  16. well the biggest problem with it is the thought by anyone that you can just pick out a problem to talk about without respect to where you stand geographically and socially. the u.s. military and it’s client state dictators have been killing thousands of muslims for years.

  17. Shouldn’t feminism be about whatever the women feel will set them free from patriarchy, regardless of clothing?

  18. I try to teach my daughters that your body won’t win you respect or friends.. Your intelligence is the best route

  19. When I grew up in Indonesia (the biggest Muslim country in the world), I can wear whatever I want. I can wear dresses, skirt, jeans, etc and nobody complained, no one got offended. But here in the US people are offended that Muslim women chose to cover herself. And that always confuses me, isn’t in a free country women should be able to wear whatever they want? I don’t understand the logic of some for women to be free she must go around topless on the street? I don’t know which part of the country those feminists live in, but here in Philadelphia if you walk around naked in public area (women or men) you can go to jail and people would call you weird or a whore.

  20. The protest of FEMEN do nothing to advance the Western understanding of Muslim culture. Islamic women do not need to be “saved” from their culture by misguided protesters.

  21. And this equivalence of “sexualized” cultures and practices of outright brutal misogyny is not only absurd, it is offensive. If you are really equating relatively mild social pressure to wear skimpy clothing and, for instance, the practice of publicly stoning women accused of adultery, you are suffering from a severe case of multicultural myopia. Combatting Islamophobia should not mean having to whitewash very real abuses of women which take place hourly in fundamentalist societies.

  22. I understand that it is different and harder for you all because these are foreigners and perhaps the rhetoric should be turned down but they mean well and boobs are better than bombs. We just saw how much hate speech was being used by both Israeli and pro palistinian hackers I wish Jews and Muslims would just run around naked with little costumes like femen and resolve their conflicts that way.

  23. Did they ever stop to think that their actions supposably in support for Amina Tyler will only make those who wish to see her punished / put to death will want it more so now? I also do not believe that those women doing the topless protest are Muslim’s seeking freedom or what have you. & I totally agree with the comment from the article that states
    “You know that there’s something wrong with your protest when its ardent supporters find it appropriate to repeatedly call the women they are “saving” stupid and to affirm that they have no capacity for making decisions of their own.”

    Their actions are doing nothing to help “”Free”” Muslim women.
    IMHO their actions are doing more harm then good.

  24. yap true But believe me, things changed for the better slowly I live in the Muslim world, the problem for some of the women in the Muslim world experiencing comes from the nudity of some Western people !! societies there are terrified to let the women do what they want … This is the first weapon of the opposition to the rights of the woman

    Do we want our women become like Western women ؟

  25. The choice to cover one’s self or to wear less is what is liberating, not the act of either. What I see as the problem is when women are told they must cover themselves by their government or men/other women in their society or family. Modesty should be at your comfort level and/or relationship with your god. The fight to give all women a personal choice is what feminism is, not telling them they should do.

  26. ahh spoken like a typical man. ladies have the right to to be who they are just like us guys have the right to be who we are we all should have freedom.

  27. Oh, the birth of fig leaves! Freedom is …. CHOICE. Please. Really, the greatest wrong is forcing women, and men, to conform.

  28. Each human is born with the right to dress as they like. If someone is giving them that right, they must have already taken it away from them beforehand.

  29. I think women should be free to become whomever they want. If they want to show their breasts, let them. If they don’t, let them keep them covered. They have the right to be free of anyone telling them how to live. There is nothing to fear here. Women who have the right to move about society freely and be educated parts of the work force hold up half the sky. Societies who allow these freedoms do better economically, with less poverty and better health and welfare conditions.

  30. Fundamentalist is the real F word. It’s bad for everyone.

  31. women in ANY religion should be free to make their own choices and decisions if they don’t like the way they are being treated they should have the right to speak up and act out.

  32. These protesting women are the antithesis of feminism. You want to wear skimpy clothes do so. If I feel more comfortable covering my breasts from oogling eyes, then that is MY choice, not anyone else’s. Women who call women who cover stupid, do so because they feel guilty for wearing less. If they were so happy wearing so little they wouldn’t be trashing women who don’t.

  33. double standards

  34. I don’t get why you are guys are so blundering stupid. Sure these ladies campaign is not the most intellectual but you are making excuses for the Salafis who started this fight in the first place.

    It was Amina’s right to dress as she choses, bear herself on the internet as she choses, chose what religion that she wants to be apart of, etc. The fact that she is no suffering psychiatric abuse because of her choices showing zero psychological distress outside of the physical threats for having a right to her life, is where the real outcry should be.

    This proves that you don’t give a damn about civil rights or individiual liberty as long as it means preserving your religion, the good ol’ boys club.

  35. You say often “Muslim women should have the right to wear hijab” and I agree with you but where we disagree is that I believe she has the right to not wear hijab too, and you do not uphold her civil liberties to do so.

  36. -.-;; equal treatment does note equal the contents of your wardrobe

  37. While it is true, the problem with Femen is they paint a picture that covers the whole Islamic World, and the Islamic World is diverse. Where it originated in, Tunisia, the hijab was until recently banned. So how can one say Tunisian woman are forced to wear it? True in Saudi Arabia, not true in Tunisia. etc

  38. Here’s a no-brainer for the Islamophobes… Would you wish to “free” nuns from their torment & enforce democnudity upoin them too? 🙂

  39. Unfortunately some overzealous ignorant idiots got carried away and really distorted Amina’s message.

  40. Nudity as a protest is simply exhibitionism in its worst form. Nudity is a personal thing, and shouldn’t be flaunted all over the place. In an inappropriate place it is an invitation to slurs at the very least, and attacks at the very worst.

  41. Oh c’mon Tarquin. Ladies have the right. These protestors are anything but. And at no point did I even suggest that “ladies” aren’t entitled to running around with their boobs bouncing around because let’s face it, a true lady wouldn’t. 😀

  42. It is like hiding from rain and jumping to river.

  43. Very true as well, but this page is specifically for Islamophobia. For Amina, and for women aborad (among other “minorities”) there are other groups for that, in fact several Islamic ones to help her. Though she seems to be shaken up, she seems safe. But women’s rights and others are at jeaopardy in many parts of the Muslim World, so we must urge for greater care and treatment of them. And women and men for that matter should wear (or not wear) whatever they want.

  44. There is a positive that is going to come out of this. Dialogue.

  45. Henry: It doesn’t matter because you can’t denounce these ladies without denouncing those who started the fight in the first place and in the case of this page, defend the salafis by pointing to these ladies as if they started the fight in the first place.

    However I’d like to point out that these ladies are not saying anything about a Muslim woman’s right to chose to wear hijab and dress modestly, outside of saying that it should be their choice to do so, not imposed.

  46. As for Amina herself, how can you say that she is “shaken up” but “seems safe”? What evidence do you have of that being the case? She is locked away in a psychiatric facility where known abuses take place for simply making the choice to chose her own religion and attire [or lack there of].

    Amina shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells because Salafis want to murder. Murderers and those who desire to do it are the ones who should be walking on eggshells.

  47. As for Islamophobia, Salafis are the ones creating it, so if this group truly is dedicated to Islamophobia and fighting it, they should start with the Salafis who are disgracing the religion and the prophet that they claim to act in his name. Muhammad [PBUH] would never have stood for this sort of rubbish. Neither would he stand for the burning and bombing of Christian Churches in Egypt by Salafis yesterday.

  48. I guess what Idris Ibrahim was talking about was the locker room. God knows.
    Decency and morality is universal … and beautiful … thank you Julia, for making the statement.

  49. The Tunisian government made the enforcement of Hijab illegal, so women are free dress how they choose.
    And a lot of people are protesting for Amina, because a lot of people in Tunisia are against the Salafist influence.
    Colleges in Tunisia do the ‘Harlem Shake’ in protest of a Salafist saying it was inappropriate.
    Here is a group that has also staged international protests for Women in the Middle East, but you don’t hear about them, because we’re supposed to believe Arab Women have no voice:
    You say we’re “blundering stupid” but it is YOU who has failed to actually see that no one here is saying Amina should be forced against her will or beaten. You’re just making baseless assumptions.
    The group, Muslim Women Against Femen, actually is about the choice to wear hijab, because those women are letting it be known that they chose to dress the way they do and support any woman’s choice to do so.
    No one is making excuses for the Salafists, I’m not sure how you got that out of this article.

  50. United States, in general, if full of decent minded people. What soap operas try to portray and promote, isn’t even a common household in America. It is always the few. Always!

  51. Do you mean ‘Femen’ or ‘Feminists’? Because there is a HUGE difference.

  52. these half nude women are an insult……… a woman has the right to dress in a modest manner, AND any family has the right to expect that they can go out in public without being assaulted by nudity…… the woman who assaulted the SF mosque with her naked breast is disgusting….. would she think it okay for a man to expose himself to her and tell her it was for her own good???????

  53. Succinct

  54. Kelsea: By putting the blame for this fight upon Femen [the feminist group] and claiming that they are against all Muslim women who chose to wear hijab is stupid by it’s very nature and it is defending the Salafis who started this fight in the first place.

    Please tell me how a Muslim woman can be against Femen, aside from disagreeing with their choice to bear their breasts in public, when they have said nothing against you having a choice to your religion and religious attire?

    That is defending the Salafis because it’s saying “we disagree with the Salafis but those Femen are horrible for what they did”.

  55. And I should note that the crimes that Salafis have committed have gone unpunished, as do the threats.

  56. Yes, objectifying women is a male dominated oppression. True.

  57. Muhammad [PBUH] spoke about justice. Dr. Cornel West often says, “Justice is what Love Looks like in public”. The Salafis can burn churches, can threaten people and even commit acts of violence and they are never brought to justice. Laws are only as affective as they are enforced.

  58. And this comes from someone who’s wife wore a hijab for a decade, who’s sister still choses to wear hijab and I have zero problem with it. I find it to be great because it’s their choice. Not because they will be killed if they do not.

  59. What does baring your breasts have to do with women’s rights? It’s counterproductive. You can only fight for your rights with dignity…not looking like a fool, going around shirtless, man or woman. No one will take you seriously.

  60. Bravo!

  61. Don’t provoke them, they are stupid enough to do just that!

  62. “Who is behind FEMEN?

    To understand FEMEN’s ideology, you have to know where their money is coming from, and who exactly are they. Most of them are students, recruited from Kiev’s colleges. Some of them are even schoolgirls. None of them are unpaid in their capacity as “activists”. Their leader is Anna Gutsol, an ex-PR manager.

    For a while, FEMEN got money for the recruitment of their “activists” from an American multimillionaire expat named Jed Sunden, the owner of the Kiev Post, and one of the richest expats in Ukraine. His support dwindled, however, when Gutsol started to get into political activism, and move away from feminism in any sense of the word. FEMEN’s logo was bought by Sunden in Russia’s premier design agency, the Lebedev Studio.

    When Gutsol enacted several nude protests outside of foreign embassies in Kiev, Sunden cut off all contact with them (his involvement with the organisation led to him being declared persona non grata in Ukraine, and he had to go through a court process to stay in the country).

    Gutsol had to find financing elsewhere, and her father, (a member of the ukranian parliament, no less), had just the solution! For a while, Mikhail Gutsol had troubles with the law. Last incident occurred in 2009, when he killed a pedestrian while driving under influence. He never saw jail of course, because he had a very good friend, named Vadim Rabinovich. This man, essentially, owns FEMEN. Ukranians have taken to calling FEMEN “Rabinovich’s boobs”.

    Rabinovich, an israeli expat in Ukraine (which explains why he forbid Gutsol to picket the israeli embassy in 2011), has a wonderful record with the ukranian penal system. Excluded from the KOMSOMOL for “amoral behaviour” in 1974, arrested for the first time in 1980 for large-scale theft of governmental funds, then found a cushy job as the owner of several large crystal factories in USSR, sold a large quantity of soviet weapons abroad, then arrested again in 1982 for more theft…
    He did well, however, seeing as he owns a number of ukranian tv channels, papers, publishers, was awarded one of Ukraine’s highest orders (order Nikolay the Miracle Worker), is the president of the Ukraine’s jewish congress, and is called by many “the Ukranian Berezovsky”.

    He always had an eye on Ukraine’s politics (having supported several political parties at the same time during the “the orange spring”), and world politics (having sold the Taliban two hundred T-55 and T-62 tanks with his friend – you might’ve heard of him, – Viktor Bout, transporting them to Kabul by plane via Sharjah – source by Der Spiegel).

    Rabinovich is also well known for his philanthropic activities. He donated a golden menorah that now overlooks the Western Wall Plaza. He also donated over 10 mil NIS towards restoration of the Hurva Synagogue. Many Jewish leaders believe he is trying to buy positive publicity to make up for the negative publicity that his financial and political activities have drawn.

    By now you must see that Rabinovich has more than enough for FEMEN’s “activities”. All their members are strictly forbidden to disclose payments they receive, but according to ukranian papers, each student gets around $600-700 a month, which is a tidy sum for a ukranian student, believe me.

    Either way, please know that FEMEN’s purpose was always to be a political tool in the hands of the highest bidding media magnate. They were used to discredit ex-president Kuchma in 2011, ex-PM Tomoshenko (attacking her in front of the prosecutor’s office and showering her with fake dollars “to buy her freedom for”), and many, many others. They are nothing but a puppet organisation (even their numbers are uncertain, with Gutsol claiming to have 15,000, 300 and 40 members at different points), and any support for them from the west should be an object of ridicule.”

  63. @Shaf Yara, some things are universal, aren’t they? Another thing that should be common … common sense.

  64. As for the idea that I don’t know about the Harlem Shake, I was and am well aware of it. However that is not sufficient. Muslim women do have voices and are speaking up the streets. However when it comes to politics that is a completely different matter. When the Egyptian Constitution was passed and the Tunisian Constitution, you can’t honestly tell me that Egyptian women and non-Muslims had a say in those documents. They did not and those documents did not reflect their respective individual rights.

    In Egypt, Salafis and MB members were nearly everyone. There was one woman present and she was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. In Tunisia the first draft was downright wicked towards women according to Human Rights Watch and the second draft was more exceptable. However who in Tunesia is drafting the constitution?

  65. Is everyone who disagrees with you a ‘political tool” or “puppet”? Maybe they just have alternative views. Why the conspiracy theories? Can’t you survive without them? Can I apply my conspiracy theories to you and what you say? Maybe these women are against Islamic misogyny without being the “puppets” of the platonic Media, or the neocons, or the Zionists, or whatever.

  66. So as I’d said, women are in the streets giving their opinions but they are often expected to walk on eggshells and “do it respectfully”, where as Salafis can threaten murder and we’re supposed “try not and offend them”. I say that we should offend them all we want, their actions of burning churches and threatening violence and murder is anti-islam and they should be the one walking on eggshells.

    Women spoke at the Great Mosque during the time of Muhammad [PBUH] and that is what we are standing up for.

  67. Kelsea, tomatoe tomato lol. Tariq, touche! 😉

  68. FEMEN are not feminists. They dictate what women wear and have no idea just how racist and anti-woman they are. They don’t care about Muslim women, they only care about themselves and their own agenda that is threatened by a religion that has nothing to do with them. Fuck FEMEN.

  69. Paul you can accept or reject …. and for me it is obvious they are pawns … otherwise they wouldn’t act like this these women are mainly against Christians and Muslims, let’s say they are for WOmen’s rights and freedom… then a question rises why don’t they say a thing about Israel killing and oppressing Palestinian women and children for more than 60 years?? why don’t they talk about the American Drone use on Pakistani Women and Children if they are against oppression ?? our dress code is not the thing supposed to be the measurement for the freedom of women, but rather if they get enough opportunity in the community or they are being brutalized or oppressed like Israel and mainly west does to the middle east and Asian countries where women and children are killed everyday by the western imperialist powers … so it is obvious their intention is different from what you want to perceive or portray about them ….. these Femen activists are scums and will do anything for money and fame…. otherwise this is not the way to protest and their intention is not to gain the rights and freedom they ask Muslim women to strip wtf and they claim then only they are free , it is kind of racist thought they think muslim women are oppressed because they wear such dress, there are more important things than this to protest…. everyday thousands are being killed due to poverty and war, ask them to protest that ….

  70. Jerry, thanks for sharing that. Care to share some sources? Once again, appreciate it.

  71. May God reward you for that last ‘clarification’ Jerry.

  72. Tariq, I agree, but only on the coasts. Travel just 2.5 hours west of NYC, and you will see the anti-Muslim sentiment, not to mention racism. That’s why the old saying about Pennsylvania is Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh on the west, and Alabama in between. The south, ughhh, the south….

  73. That’s a pretty judgmental & narrow minded opinion isn’t it Mr-Stereotype-Pridham? Who gave you the basic understanding & knowledge about my religion? WTF is a fundamental religion anyway? Is it one of those that has adopted pagan rituals annually & whilst claiming they’re actually religious? 😉

  74. You can’t fight extremism with extremism Beth, and there are women being oppressed in all parts of the world, you only need to look into US stats on violence against women to comprehend that ill treatment of women or extreme forms of male dominance is prevalent in all societies. Its not the religion its the people or in this instance “some” men.

  75. yap henry soo true i live in Saudi Arabia even here There has been a big change you might not feel it but believe me, there is change As I told you the problem there is the fear of the unknown and the painful reality of some Western societies frankly !! not the hatred Muslims generally treated their women tenderly and great respect

    And do not forget the tribal factor This is another problem in the east generally religion has nothing to do with where Christian women and Muslim women suffer from it too..And in my opinion This is the biggest problem that we face there !!

  76. This is my contribution to extremist men whom are powerful enough to make other lextremist men follow their deluded supermist ideology whom wish to hide behind Islam. But i want to say there is this misconception that Islamic countries are exempt from corrupt elitist usually (men) that steer society to their own selfish interests and desires. It must be clarified once and for all that if in the sight of Allah swt we male or female are considered equal so, how is it unreasonable to suggest we are equal in a social sense.
    I understand that Allah swt has given us male and female different roles and responsibilities/duties in life and social matters. But this however should never be turned into a justification that males are in anyway more superior to females. Males at the time of the Prophet PBUH were generally the protectors and maintainers of women. And yes men have a right over their wives but it is the same for women which have a right over their husband and it’s clear that both rights must be established in the most just and acceptable manner. The verse: And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable; but men have a degree (of responsibility) over them. And Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise (2:228).

    The terms we apply to this subject matter has a profound impact on not only a martial relationships but in social sense also. When we say that the husband has “authority” we have given way to what we are facing today which is known as “The male superiority complex.” This is not only dangerous because it may lead and has in fact led to males treating women unjust and unfairly because it is embossed in their minds that they are above them (superior gender), but also this term implies that there is another authority figure other than Allah swt.
    With these rights comes beside it the term responsibility and this in turn can never ever be translated into “authority”, as many scholars/sheiks have suggested in the past and present.
    Lastly I will say women are generally more than happy to please their husbands especially when the husband is for filling his responsibilities/duty with consideration to his situation and his means in doing so.
    In conclusion males are the protectors and maintainers of their wives and males are generally physically stronger than females in the sense they can carry heavier objects. But today’s reality is that men are no longer the maintainers/protectors and the some so called religious men are growing their beards and collecting welfare payments leaving too many burdens on the wife which is meant to be focusing on the household and raising children. Today we are facing a dynamic shift that women are manlier and are actually maintaining and protecting them self while many men are failing to take on the responsibility. I am not putting the soul blame on man as we see in the reality that too many women are so easily influenced and convinced that their right as a human being can be compromised because a man said so. If a male is more knowledgeable or experienced in a matter which the female has no knowledge of which includes religion then yes the male can be considered superior in his knowledge of the subject/situation at hand for example purchasing a car. But never can neither a female nor male be superior to one another on the basis of their gender alone. And in the sight of Allah swt those that are superior in his sight is only through righteousness and good deeds nothing else.
    Then their Lord responded to them, “I do not waste the deed of any doer among you, any male or female. The one of you is as the other (Aal `Imran 3:195)

  77. “Topless jihad” = mad corny. My scarf is not oppressing me. I wasn’t oppressed before I embraced Islam, why would I be after? In fact, my skin and hair have never been better! This scarf isn’t keeping me from running the biggest DJ battles in the USA or throwing Hip Hop park jams in the Bronx and Harlem. Certain feminists should actually talk to one of us instead of believing everything they read. In fact it’s people who have the stereotype that I am oppressed, who are oppressing me! I completely support every woman choosing what she wants to wear, to cover or not cover and I strongly feel that NO MATTER what she wants to wear, she should be free from harassment and danger.

  78. But Steven, FEMEN is also using hate speech. Just because they’re using hate speech in conjunction with boobs, that doesn’t make it right.

  79. This is not feminist movement but an insult to the feminist movement world wide. This is not degrading to Islam and Muslims because they have seen it all since the time of the prophet but this is definitely degrading to women. Ask the vast majority of Muslim women and they will tell you that they CHOSE to wear hijab or niqab or dress conservative. So liberals or secular and the feminist have lost the moderate Muslim voice from this point.

  80. I wonder if the topless jihadis will try to liberate the Virgin Mary statues too (LOL) – she’s almost always in hijab!

  81. but no one said they have to get naked.

  82. it’s more like you should have the right to get naked if you want.

  83. its just another form of imperialism: projecting colonialist notions of expressions of freedom and liberty on the subaltern because really, the subaltern doesnt know what is good for them….for many western women whove been historically oppressed systematically by christianity and misogyny, (which equals body shame) getting naked is their highest form of personal expression of freedom (look at the 60s and the getting naked everywhere thing as a form of social protest). but it is not everyone’s.

  84. If nudity is freedom then I don’t want to be free.

  85. And being naked with an “unibrow” and towel on the head seems more like a joke and acting like absolute idiots is not doing women any favours.

  86. Yet Nehi you have no idea how vested this idea is in within those who hold power in post-colonial ex-colonist states.

    Do you think it was by chance Egyptians and Palestinians voted for religious parties? Why the Shah was overthrown by a Mullah?

    These elite hold Western liberalism as dogmatically as religious fundamentalists do of their 8th century interpretations of Islam.

  87. And over here in southwest Michigan, far from the areas of the State which have big Muslim populations, it’s awful. The right-wing conservative evangelical types are so convinced every last one of them will go to Heaven when they die simply because they are “born again” and that everyone else, Muslims especially, will burn in Hell. They don’t even realize their beloved George W. Bush was a mirror image of Osama bin Laden — supported and opposed essentially the same things.

  88. Islam is a swear word

  89. Well no one’s imposing you to be nude anyway Julia. If a feminist society like Femen wants to get nude and protest against patriarchal society, they have the right to do so. I’m not offended nor I see nude women (or men) as immoral.

  90. I think that a person who is against feminism is way more confused; probably brainwashed himself to the point that he considers nudity as immorality.

  91. No Shaf, it’s not the same. A feminist is person who promotes equal rights for women. They certainly aren’t confused, or satan worrshippers. Nor are they loonies and nor do they run around nude.
    Femen does not represent all Feminists, and it’s insulting and belittling to make such base assumptions.

  92. […] which “are not aberrations. They are the norm.” Such Islamophobic ideas are not unique to the new atheists, of course, but after reading Lean’s analysis, one is inclined to […]

  93. […] and terrorists,” which “are not aberrations. They are the norm.” Such Islamophobic ideas are not unique to the new atheists, of course, but after reading Lean’s analysis, one is inclined to nominate […]

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