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Fischer’s Simple Immigration Policy: Ban Anyone Who Believes in the Quran

22 April 2013 RightWingWatch 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Fischer’s Simple Immigration Policy: Ban Anyone Who Believes in the Quran

On his radio broadcast today, Bryan Fischer renewed his call for a ban on immigration from majority Muslim nations, claiming that our immigration policy should simply consist of the question “do you believe that the Quran is the holy book of God”?

Anyone who answers “yes” is banned from entering the country:


  1. Simple and effective. But still leaves an in situ culture which consistently informs terror against Other. For the terror to stop cultural foundation text which determines Other unable to be reasoned with, deaf, dumb and blind, adherents god given gift to be able to sniff out evil ones as less evil and destined for severest penalty needs to be deleted.

    It is that simple as it always has been. Rational fear is not a phobia.

  2. My daughter was born here & follows the Quran..good luck bigoting her out of the country

  3. The man is obviously pitiable for his abysmal ignorance! He should be ignored.

  4. Here’s MY simple Answer; Go f##k yourself Bryan Fischer!!

  5. Islam is a dark age brainwashing device used by the insecure males to safegaurd their sexual outlets, children and wives used to produce more children. Its a violent totalitarian theocracy. it deserves no protection under western freedom of religion laws. Dont let these insidious mud people use our own good natured laws against us. They are for us and our own kind. Attack Iran and Arabia as soon as possible, show them the full extent of superior occidental technology and scrub them off the map while they are busy flaunting missles that were weaker than our pre cold war arsenal. They know they dont have anything close to the infrastructure needed to wage that kind of modern war. Thats why they resort to suicide bombings. Enough treating these savages like they are people (watch the stoning videos if you disagree) take the oil and the land that only very few camel jockeys have compaired to the rest of their wonderous civilization. As far as the dirty freeloading immigrants that are infecting our nations or the insecure and mentally ill whites and american blacks that claim to be muslim jihadists. Shun them and confront them. Disrespect and humiliate them. They had the chance to choose freedom over enslavement. They chose the laws of a violent child molesting false prophet. That right there should have tipped them off that the religion was false.

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