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Coulter: Boston suspect’s widow ‘ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab’

23 April 2013 General 14 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Appearing on Fox News Republican talk show “Hannity” Monday night, right-wing columnist Ann Coulter said she’s sad that not only does she think the Boston bombing should shut down the nation’s immigration reform debate, she would like to see the alleged bomber’s widow in jail too, not for committing a crime but for “wearing a hijab.”

“I don’t care if she knew about this,” Coulter said. “She ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab. This immigration policy of us, you know, assimilating immigrants into our culture isn’t really working. They’re assimilating us into their culture. Did she get a clitorectomy too?”

Hannity seemed momentarily puzzled at the sudden citation of female genital mutilation, stammering his reply. “I, uh, I don’t know the answer to that,” he said before confidently adding: “But your point is well taken.”

Hannity went on to say that he believes people who immigrated “from countries where perhaps they grew up under Sharia law” are definitely a threat and “I think we can make a safe assumption that they have been radicalized.” He added that even foreign students should be subjected to greater scrutiny, lest they too pose a threat.

“Our immigration policy has nothing to do with helping America,” Coulter insisted. “It has to do with solving the internal problems of other countries. We’ll take Russia’s radicals. We’ll take the illiterate, unskilled, low-skill workers from all these countries. We’ll take their old people and put them on our supplemental security and Medicare. No, immigration policies are supposed to make your country better, not to make it worse and to create all these problems.”

“Lindsey Graham was on some show this week saying this shows we need better tracking,” she continued. “I’m thinking this means we need better immigrants.”

Coulter and Hannity are just the latest conservatives to jump on the idea that because the Boston bombing suspects were born overseas, the nation’s whole immigration reform debate must shift gears into more regressive policy proposals, or just shut down in Congress altogether, as it did on Monday.

Fellow Republican talker Laura Ingraham said as much on Monday afternoon, suggesting that the U.S. shut down all immigration from majority Muslim nations. “I would submit that people shouldn’t be coming here as tourists from Chechnya after 9/11,” she said. “Dagistan, Checnya, Kergystan, uh-uh. As George Bush would say, ‘None of them stans.’”

Both Boston bombing suspects came to the U.S. legally as children. Authorities say there is not yet any evidence linking them to any foreign terrorist organizations, but an investigation is still ongoing.

Additionally, the Partnership for a New American Economy said last year that about one in 10 Americans worked for an immigrant-owned business in 2012, which contributed more than $775 billion to the U.S. economy and over $125 billion in payroll.

This video is from Fox News’s “Hannity,” aired Monday, April 22, 2013.

Original post: Coulter: Boston suspect’s widow ‘ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab’


  1. Crazy blond woman uneducated in any culture but in her own selfish being. So stupid to be so closed minded. It doesn’t matter if u believe in what others believe but everyone has the right and freedom of religion and to be who they wanna be. Who put her on the news? Some people just have to be quiet, if you have nothing got say don’t say nothing at all. Where is the humanity in this world? We have problems with blacks, with people’s religious believes and even what they like or not like to eat. It’s not your problem. Everyone has the right to do what they think its best for their soul.

  2. Ann Coulter should be jailed for opening her mouth and spewing stupidity

  3. i truly admire your ignorance,,, this is a country base on freedom of religion so why you imprisioner some just because of their looks????and ignorant!!
    I am Musim and very proud,,, My religion is Islam

  4. she is a sick lady …they use the poor lady like a pig to talk trash, say trash, and act like trash….though she made a good living doing it as if eating trash is good living

  5. ‘Dear’ Ms Coulter,
    Kindly stop farting through your mouth. It’s NOT ladylike and the reek is revolting. Your Taliban friends agree with me.

  6. When I first saw Ann Coulter speak, however long ago that was, I thought she was some sort of edgier comedienne in the Stephen Colbert style. I thought this because her eyes belie what comes from her mouth, as if she does not believe what she is saying. Indeed, to this day I think that she says what she says more to be in the public eye, to be hated if that is the only way she can get the constant attention she craves, than because she really owns some of the crap she says. She practices these lines she spews. This is all about her pushing the product of Ann Coulter than about any authentic thoughts. Listen to her: she is all about being quotable, about pithy sound bites, and says nothing substantive, ever.

    I feel pity for her.

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  8. She is saying this woman should be jailed for exercising her 1st amendment right of freedom of religion. Then she says the woman is an example of foreigners not conforming to US culture. This woman was born and raised here! She is not a foreigner. And lastly she claims this bombing was a result of poor quality of immigrants – these boys came to the US as CHILDREN. Please, stop giving this woman attention. It’s what she wants.

  9. Chris Rice gives voice to what I have always believed about Ms Coulter. I wish I could be human enough to pity her but alas I cannot. She feeds herself and those with like intelligence and complete ignorance of relevant fact. That she does this for personal gain denys her of any sympathy.

  10. Coulter, your a bitch, simply put.

  11. When ignorance is allowed to be displayed this way, I feel as if this blonde bimbo should be called a terrorist! Anyone who commits a crime like the Boston bombing, or the new town shootings, or the aurora shooting, anyone one of these acts to me is criminal, but because the Boston suspects are not “American” they are terrorists when in fact all these incidents are CRIMINAL. Just because someone gave you a mic and put a camera in front of you does not mean you are intelligent, in fact you are by far the most ignorant person to ever speak and trust me you have a lot of competition. These boys are American with an American citizenship, maybe if they didn’t hear stupid things being spewed out of hatred against people who are not “white” maybe the Boston bombing would never have happened. Now you white trash I’m sure your folks never taught you to be respectful of others if they are not like you but pick up a book and find out where your background is from, I’ll bet your not as American as you think!

  12. […] Coulter: Boston suspect’s widow ‘ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab’ […]

  13. This is the harridan who called for the bombing of the New York Times building. Missing from her shrill outbursts is the role of the United States in the misery much of the world finds itself in, whether due to economic or political warfare. The metaphor is a warship gunning down the boats around it, and then condemning those who would make their way to so-called safety. If all of the people she condemns were to put down their tools and stop working, the whole American economy would collapse. Finally, to note is that America hates immigrants as adults, but loves to import babies from the countries it ravages….

  14. I thought Ann Coulter was a man? Looks like a guy.

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