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Fox News Attacks Muslims Relentlessly In Wake Of Boston Bombing

26 April 2013 General 31 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


In the days following the Boston Marathon bombings, Fox News has become a haven for talk about the extreme threats posed to the United States by Muslims. Day after day, the network’s hosts and pundits have warned about an Islamic menace which is poised to take down the country.

At the most extreme has been “Fox News liberal” Bob Beckel, whose call on “The Five” to bar or severely restrict Muslim students from coming into America seemed to startle even Dana Perino, George Bush’s former spokeswoman. Beckel stuck by his comments on Tuesday, saying that some of the 75,000 Muslim students in American schools are likely to harbor terrorist ambitions.

“It’s a risky situation,” he said.

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade has also suggested putting “listening devices” in mosques, and wondered aloud why there can’t be more racial profiling of Muslims and Arabs. He said this despite widespread reports that bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was actually shouted down at a mosque when he began making radical statements.

There was also Ann Coulter, who called for Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s wife to be jailed for wearing a hijab, as well as a host of other virulently anti-Muslim commentators; and the state senator who has been calling for Dzokhar Tsarnaev to be tortured.

Bill O’Reilly got in on the act on his show, shouting down the head of the Council on American Islamic Relations when he tried to point out that people like the Tsarnaevs are not representative of all of Islam.

There were no signs that the campaign was letting up on Wednesday, as “Fox & Friends” took up the question of the “infection” of “radical Islam” in America.


  1. You know, in all fairness I would never defend Fox News but I thought CNN was definitely pushing the Islamophobic angle during the coverage, more so than any other network

  2. fox? news? isn’t that an oxymoron?

  3. and CNN and MSNBC and… need I continue?

  4. People say that we can trust these news personalities because they are so charismatic and sincere, they can’t be saying anything other than the truth. They wouldn’t play on our fears for their own agendas, no, not at all. You can even see that they honestly believe what they are saying! Hmm…. Same could be said about Adolph Hitler.

  5. Short of violating State & Federal libel & slander statutes, FOX News must be held accountable in the Court of U.S. Public Opinion. I’m satisfied with the unfolding of that case.
    Saludos y Shalom,
    –Jimba in Colorado 😎

  6. Don’t take it too personal they hate everybody except American Conservatives & Tea Partiers!

  7. P.S. The days of Walter Cronkite; and for that matter of Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw & Dan Rather, are gone forever. ANYONE who wishes to know the truth of anything needs to develop skills to expand their networks Y resist their own THOUGHT BUBBLES. This should be increasingly Self-Evident in the Info Age…

  8. Which part was fairytales?

  9. They’ve misspelled the name of the channel. The name is not Fox, it’s Fucks News.

  10. Yeah, CNN surprised me with all the sensationalism this time. However, at least they had Juliette Kayyem, who brought fairness & balance to the coverage. Also, it apparently seemed to influence Chris Cuomo to ride her journalistic integrity coattails. At least he made an attempt to report with fairness while she was on the air. Faux News reporters & analysts have no fairness, no balance, and definitely NO dignity or integrity.

  11. Call a spade a spade, the only people who should be held accountable for asinine reporting are all the left wing sites who were literally praying that the bombers were white right wingers. comes to mind…sorry about your luck guys, the religion of peace rears it’s ugly head again


  13. All of it

  14. As a committed fundamentalist Christian living in the USA, I am horrified by the views expressed on Fox. I want to apologise for the insanity. It doesn’t reflect Jesus’ love, the majority of Christians, or Americans. It’s a sensationalistic, attention-grabbing, radical minority that enflame to get ratings. I hope Muslim’s understand this.

    To Fox viewers, I plead… TURN IT OFF, CHANGE THE CHANNEL. This drivel has to stop.

  15. They are a bunch of creeps on that network. Why isn’t there Christian and Jewish aphobias?? They are the ones killing everyone. Millions at a time in fact.

  16. I didn’t watch so can you point out what they may have said that was wrong?

  17. I’m SO sick of all the hate! Fox better understand that THEY are contributing to our problems. Their hate speech and conspriacy theory CRaP is NOT HELPING!

  18. if you are Muslim Americans, you better be worried about ur children’s future. Well, I am for sure.

  19. I do not call them “Faux News” anymore; I call them “Fucks News!”

  20. I’ll just give you about the guy was armed but it turned out he wasn’t.

  21. Haters up the on Bullshit Mountain.

  22. There’s a reason that Fox can no longer operate as a news-source in Canada. Actually, several…

  23. They supply us what we demand.
    How many of us watch dispassionate, fact based, honest coverage?

  24. moderfucking fundemalist and islam

  25. This reminds me of Edward R. Murrow vs the McCarthy machine. Edward R. Murrow could’ve cared less of the private lives of any of the people labeled by McCarthy of being a communist, but as any American should, he stood up against accusation without proof and evidence vs slander.

    Fox News is a joke. We need another Edward R. Murrow. I’m not religious, but I’m sick and tired of the rampant islamophobia in America today. My conscience cannot tolerate it.

    Great site, btw. I love your articles.

  26. No person or network has a monopoly on xenophobia, prejudice, or moronic blinders. We had a radio personality here in Aspen, sort of a blue-collar, Irish Chris Mathews type, who was as hatefully & viscerally anti-immigrant as any Minuteman or Tea Partier I’ve heard. Especially egregious considering the horrors [we] Irish-Americans had to endure for decades before becoming accepted as integrated…the best motto is: “We are not your allies, [when] we cannot defend…”

  27. P.S. Remember Sting’s song, “I Hope the Russians Love Their Children Too” ? Little about the “Muslim Menace” resembles the genuine 1980s threat of Global Thermonuclear War. Americans need to “get out more”, travel, surf the Internet & learn about world trouble spots & dynamics, how diverse Islam is, the Opium Wars & ‘Open Door to China’ (why China is so paranoid), the unique personalities of the 38 United States of Mexico, the European Union, gun control in Australia since 1996…Ask WHY DOES AMERICA NEED AN ENEMY? We must learn and listen to be The Shining City on the Hill, to evolve the Human Race, not a fear-based, greedy example of the Ghost of Empires Past.

  28. well they were islamic so whats your point??? should they have said they were mormons..this is what allah produces..demons chanting the devils mantra..allah akbar before murdering people..

  29. I cant believe Freedom of speech has “Morphed” into Freedom to LIÉ!!!

  30. I cant believe Freedom of speech has “Morphed” into Freedom to LIÉ!!!

  31. FOX news lead ALL of cable not just cable news with its coverage of the Boston bombers. Clearly many Americans are choosing FOX news.

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