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Jersey City man charged with having explosives on train 8 days before Marathon bombings: cop

27 April 2013 General 21 Comments Email This Post Email This Post



More than a week before three people were killed and more than 260 people were injured in the Boston Marathon bombings, a Jersey City man carried two homemade explosives on an NJ Transit train, authorities say.

Police also found explosive devices in the Newport Parkway home of Mykyta Panasenko, 27, Jersey City police said today. According to a criminal complaint, Panasenko is charged with having “two destructive devices, specifically improvised explosive devices (IEDs) constructed from a cylinder containing Pyrodex (black powder)” on April 5, the criminal complaint says.

He is also charged with recklessly creating widespread risk of injury or damage to a building which normally contains 25 or more persons by constructing the explosive devices, according to the charges filed by the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Port Authority Police Department.

The FBI did not return calls for more details and no one answered the door at Panasenko’s home this afternoon.

Although the arrest was made more than a week ago, it was not reported by authorities. The Jersey Journal learned about the incidents when Panasenko appeared in Central Judicial Processing court to hear the charges Wednesday.

Authorities also charged Panasenko with having two improvised explosive devises at 4 p.m. on April 7 aboard an NJ Transit train leaving Hoboken and bound for Suffern, N.Y., the complaint says.

Earlier this month the Jersey City Police Department’s Bomb Squad responded to the home of Panasenko after getting information from the New York Police Department and the FBI, Jersey City Police Deputy Chief Peter Nalbach said this afternoon.

Inside the residence police found “materials that may have been used to make an explosive device,” Nalbach said, adding that the information came from a tip provided by someone who knows Panasenko.

The complaint charging Panasenko with having explosive devices at his home was signed on April 15, the day of the Boston Marathon bombings, and the complaint charging him with having explosive devices on the train was signed on April 16.

Original post: Jersey City man charged with having explosives on train 8 days before Marathon bombings: cop


  1. I think things are changing, our perception is being changed slowly but surely.

  2. Wow. Do you think maybe he was planning to go to NY with his bombs? Why no speculation about him? Curious minds want to know!!!

  3. very true!

  4. where’s the outrage and horror from the right?

  5. So Simple He’s nt A Muslem………Fbi…Cia Nd All Other Belive Tht Only Muslem’s R Terriorist!!

  6. I don’t remember the how/what/where/when/why, but I did read about this not long after the bombings.


  8. Oh, he must be mentally ill, poor man…white people cannot be labeled “terrorists.”

  9. America always has some racial target.. Black people, Japanese people, Arabs, Russians, and so on…. unfortunately right now they are placing blame on Arab Muslims.

  10. WTF!? Im from Jersey City. Crazy crazy.

  11. too true!

  12. Guess we will have to hate all white men from New Jersey now!!!!!!!

  13. Easy guys from what I read he had fireworks/crackers and they questioned him and let him go. Someone confirm this again and lets not get carried away.

  14. Not the mysterious entrapper then…

  15. They got 4 high schoolkids in town last week with bombs and bomb making items

  16. If he were black, he’d be called a “thug”. If he were Muslim, he’d be called a “terrorist”. But because he’s white, it’s “just mental illness”.

  17. Maybe they took them from him and gave it to the mercs at the marathon in Boston.

  18. It would have been EVERYWHERE if he were brown or Muslim…..smh

  19. You can’t say whites don’t get covered on the news. White people are on the news all the time. If a white girl from a nice neighborhood goes missing, its on 24/7 coverage.

  20. Details, details give us more. Thanks for the info, this sure was a surprise.

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