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Muslim teen helps Vet give up prejudice

14 May 2013 General 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


by Rondrell Moore

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A military man’s beliefs have been changed for the better, thanks to a new addition to his family.

Brian Miller served in the army in the 1980s in various locations. He’s a military vet, with a pride for country, you’d be hard pressed to match. His son fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Miller said his son had negative experiences while in those areas. He admits those experiences, in addition to the events of 9/11 gave him a skewed view of a big part of middle eastern culture.

“I wouldn’t say hate or racist, I would say dislike of the Muslim community,” Miller said.

However, his beliefs would be turned upside down once his fiancee announced the family would be getting a little bigger. She works for the state exchange program that places students with families, and one of them needed a home.

That’s where we met Brian’s newest son, Ali Naqvi.

“They accepted me in their home and I ended up being their.. like exchange student.”

Properly, his name is Syed Muhammad Ali Naqvi.  His hometown is Karachi, Pakistan. His religion is Shiite Muslim. He was sent as part of the YES Exchange Program .

It was started by Richard Lugar and Ted Kennedy after 9/11. Its goal is to bridge the gap between middle eastern countries with Muslim cultures and the U.S. That bridge made it’s way to Shirkieville, where Miller lives.

“Once we got Ali in the home, I got to learn a lot and he enlightened me to quite a few things,” Miller said.

After that, they became a family that virtually inseparable.

“I tried to relieve some misconceptions and it was pretty good. They welcomed me into their home,” Naqvi said.

Miller said his perspective on the Muslim culture has completely changed thanks to Naqvi.
Naqvi will return back to Pakistan next month.

Original post: Muslim teen helps Vet give up prejudice


  1. I’m glad that he was given the opportunity to grow beyond his Islamaphobia. Most Islamaphobes aren’t given such a learning experience a go through their lives becoming more and more ignorant and, worse, passing their ignorance along to others.

  2. This guys lives in “SHIRKieville”? You couldn’t make this stuff up. 🙂

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