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Islamic School of San Diego threatened: Authorities investigate threatening messages

22 May 2013 General 45 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


SAN DIEGO – Investigators sought Tuesday to determine who was responsible for several recent bomb threats directed at a Muslim school in Clairemont.

On Saturday, a woman left three menacing telephone messages on an office answering machine at the Islamic School of San Diego, authorities reported.

Among other hostile statements, the anonymous caller said, “I’m going to throw a bomb in your (expletive) school,” according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which reported the incident to the FBI and the San Diego Police Department.

“Because of this and other reported threats, we urge local, state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate the incident as a hate crime,” said CAIR-San Diego Civil Rights Director Sadaf Hane.

“We have had our mosques threatened, community centers, Islamic schools and other facilities have been targeted at various times,” said Hanif Mohebi with CAIR-San Diego.

Staffers at the school, which also received a phoned-in bomb threat in late April, have been working with area law enforcement agencies to review and refine their security measures at the Eckstrom Avenue campus.

Authorities are treating the incident has a terrorist threat, but if more evidence comes to light, it will then be treated as a hate crime.

The Islamic Center is the cultural center for scores of Muslims in San Diego. Aside from services, the center offers lectures and hosts the kindergarten through eighth-grade campus school.

Original post: Islamic School of San Diego threatened: Authorities investigate threatening messages


  1. some people need to take the courses I did in college… I majored in Comparative Religions… learned that when you get down to the most basic level they’re all more the same than the petty differences mankind focuses on

  2. 🙁

  3. what the hell is wrong with some people?

  4. Very disgusting.

  5. More hate fuel for hate crimes

  6. The media is inciting the hostility.

  7. What drives me crazy is that people who hate Muslims will support this and no one will call them terrorists or Hypocrites. Just like it’s not ok for someone claiming to be Muslim, to harm others, it’s not ok for a nonMuslim either. But that’s never how it’s looked at.

  8. probably a fox viewer . and I’m sure. he’s white .

  9. *sigh*

  10. Under the law, that statement is known as “Making terroristic threats” Thew question is, will the police & prosecutors use that charge?

  11. What??

  12. Ignorance is a dangerous thing. Ignorance and stupidity are volatile substances that should never appear together.

  13. Do U people believe the US authorities do care abt the Muslim there???

  14. Yes it is disturbing . As the police officer bitten to death in London today , in day light by two Muslim individuals . May Peace upon us and with us , for all !

  15. As ; I am very sensitive to any and all wrong doing in this nation and any other nation towards any faith . NON – EXCLUSIVE . Very disturbing indeed .. That girls at age 10 can get married in Iran .. And 12 for Saudi Arabia . Make no mistake – ; When I state ; I call that unacceptable, immoral . and deeply disturbing .

  16. If we are the “good guys” shouldn’t we behave better? WWJD?

  17. Americans = pathetic.

  18. A British Soldier murdered today by a Islamic.

  19. Your page ; doesn’t serve purpose … Other then trying to provoke individuals . But you already know ; the level negativity that dwells here . American’s aren’t pathetic . There are millions of good hearted souls here .

  20. sickening

  21. Terrible horrible and every other word possible!

  22. If publicizing/repoting a terrorist threat is a form of provoking individuals, shouldn’t reports about muslims making terrorist threats/terrorizing be provoking individuals too? i don’t understand why whenever someone posts something about the wrong things being done to Muslims it is seen as spreading hate. I have followed this page long enough to know this not only speaks out against injustice but promotes love and tolerance and reports acts of kindness towards Muslims as well. Also, no one denied there are good hearted Americans, in fact this page claims the true face America is against bigotry!

  23. What does this post have to do with girls getting married in Iran or Saudi Arabia?

  24. First of all that’s a very rare thing nowadays, but anyways, so what if they can get married. It’s their life and their government and their laws. As long as it is not against their consent why do you have a problem with it? You can’t impose your beliefs on people just like you don’t want Muslims imposing their beliefs on you.

  25. yes, we all want peace! Stand up against wrong, but do it for everyone – not just non-muslims.

  26. Girls getting married in Iran and Saudi Arabia —- DESERVE TO HAVE is own topic .
    FACT that — name of this page , speaks for itself. Let us be clear ; it is the media , government of all nations ; that are separating people apart.

  27. Any action of terror is disturbing and a violation of the cause they proclaim to support. The only thing these types of people support is their anger and frustration. That is the root of radicalization. Whether it is a Muslim radical, a Christian radical, a Jewish radical, a Buddist radical, an American Patriotic radical. It all stems from anger and frustration. Religion and Patriotism are against such unjust and criminal acts. When we keep labeling a Religion for such radicalization and crimes, we keep fueling the anger of radicals. Lets start calling these people for what they are: criminals and not give in to the attention they seek towards their radical causes.

  28. There is and regretfully will be an oddball or two in ever society . This is a fact . However ; I know – Good always weigh more than Bad .Blessings to everyone .Love and Light .

  29. Amen !!

  30. The word ‘Hate’ aka Against gives me chills . I can confidently say that amount of Muslim’s resenting non-Muslim’s is tremendous .

  31. and where is the page for Middle -Eastern against Christianphobia ?? Couldn’t find it .

  32. Stand tall,stand firm,stand together brothers and sisters-Christians and Muslims !

  33. it sure is.

  34. Ignorance everywhere….can’t we just let everyone worship as they will? Why all the hate?

  35. And some people need to realize that what is taught in college is liberal, or progressive—most instructors are biased.

  36. so create it, moron!

  37. Maksura Alam , whoever you are …with no picture .. ; be grateful – that you have given the right to live in this country . It is a privilege . Your statement made prior ” so what if 10, 12 year old girls get married ” is — beneath me . But then again ; I see – the followers .. I am sending .. Peace . I think , that –it is pretty awesome .. That there are islamic schools .. You can send your children .. Here .. specifically in big cities . It is a blessing .

  38. Oh .. Which .. By the way .. Never EVER trust any REPORTER .. Unless they are your mother.. I overheard this .. From a mentor – !! We know this already. Kind reminder .

  39. It takes a really sick mind to want to kill kids.

  40. Gamze Ridley you have an interesting way of sending peace while belittling. You have a clear bias but want to seem diplomatic about it. Peace, peace to you Mr Ridley.

  41. not good :((

  42. It’s disgusting that there are Islamic schools in America.

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