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Racist graffiti daubed on Muslim cemetery prayer building

31 May 2013 General 17 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Racist graffiti has been daubed at Muslim cemetery section.

‘Pakis Out’ and ‘Islam murders scum’ was daubed on the building as well as other words.

A headstone also had the words EDL written on it.

More to follow

Original post: Racist graffiti daubed on Muslim cemetery prayer building


  1. Shame!

  2. THIS IS sick!and should be punished!

  3. Where was this? I pray they catch them!

  4. What can non Muslims do to help stop this clear attack on a beautiful religion and its followers?

  5. I HATE when stuff like this happens! I realize the power od that word and I can say I hate this behviour.

  6. Remember that Satan/Shataan has had thousands of years of experience!

  7. this is the influence of the USA media agaiinst Islam it’s obvious to see that king of things people are blind

  8. Well, its truth, but still these retards make us Islam Resistance look like group of idiots. I hope he gets caught because he makes bad name to EDL and probably have no clue about “why is Islam bad”, and just wants to make mess.

  9. this is so vile and evil…..

  10. sick people who do this

  11. It’s not just ‘USA media’. EDL is the English Defence League, which is an extreme group in the UK that is fascist.
    The issue Is that we cant just blame the media on this. If every single ‘sane’ and normal person would consistently and frequently stand up for humanity in the right way, then it wouldn’t just be the extreme voices getting heard. It’s the age old ignorance and greed that guides this kind of hate from any extremists in any groups. It’s passiveness and the belief that ppl have no power to make positive change happen that allow these extremist views to keep reappearing in media.

    Just for a bit of an understanding of the type of people EDL are:

  12. That is just a new low.

  13. This is disgusting

  14. This goes back to lack of education, and – let us be honest – our own bigoted and fundamentalist beliefs. We do not teach our children about comparative religions, so that causes our ignorance. But we do – or we have some states and some lawmakers who do – teach biblical genesis as a scientific fact, and at the same time either deny or attempt to suppress Darwinism as some sort of evil and non-Christian theory. Some of the southern and mid-western states have even mandated such teaching in their schools. I have knowledge of several Americans – of otherwise advanced education – who flatly deny that Islam (1) is one of the three great “Religions of the Book” and (2) deny that Islam worships the same God as Christians and Jews do, and (3) do not know that Islam shares with Judaism and Christianity many of the same prophets, and (4) Jesus Christ Himself is one of Islam’s revered prophets: “Issa bin Maryam” – “Jesus the son of Mary”. Finally, until this country recognizes that rabidly anti-Islamic pastors such as Terry Jones, the Koran burner, are in reality fomenting hatred of, prejudice of, and are actively promoting falsehoods about Islam, this problem will never be solved. We have far too many persons who themselves hate Islam and who are in positions of power and influence who preach hatred of Islam to the point that they in fact provide much of the food that Islamic terrorists feed upon.

  15. No respect for the dead, no class.

  16. John…well said….and ignorance breeds free and and it is a vicious circle…and its time the world this rediculous marry-go-round.

  17. I meant “fear”. Sorry typo….

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