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Kooky Cathie Adams of the Texas Eagle Forum Says Grover Norquist’s Beard Proves He’s a Muslim

1 June 2013 52 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Cathie Adams of the Texas Eagle Forum fearmongers about the stealthy Mooslim Grover Norquist.

Cathie Adams of the Texas Eagle Forum fearmongers about the stealthy Mooslim Grover Norquist.

Kooky Cathie Adams of the Texas Eagle Forum Says Grover Norquist’s Beard Proves He’s a Muslim

Hey, didn’t you know, Abraham Lincoln was a secret Muslim too! Just look at the beard on him.:



  1. a lot of our president’s had beards… warms my heart to know that they were all muslim (sarcasm 😉 )

  2. seems legit

  3. * you’re, not your 😉

  4. My Islamophobic neighbor has a beard…his point?

  5. Oh, that it explains it! The entire NHL has converted to Islam for the playoff season!

  6. Oh my god.

  7. So Grizzly Adams was a Muslim?

  8. That gave me so many lulz! Thanks:) I needed a good laugh.

  9. You are right, a great laugh.

  10. I think Robert Spencer has beard …:P

  11. I may not agree with Grover’s statements on taxes, but to claim he’s a Muslim because he has a beard is very ignorant and foolish.

  12. If beards denote Muslims, there are a whole bunch of young Muslims in my neighborhood, and the neighborhood young ladies seem to appreciate them greatly! Who is this kookie Cathy Adams anyway? What a silly woman to make an ignorant statement like that!

  13. I don’t think so dinggo.

  14. So Jesus was a Muslim?

  15. It proves you didn’t drag a piece of steel across your face.

  16. Shut up already..pleaze fukin stupid post

  17. If u think this is legit …your nuts

  18. So no more Santa Claus at Christmas, dammit!

  19. Interestingly, the 5 that I found who had beards were all Republicans …

  20. Matthew Noel Mayotte

  21. And Obi-Wan Kenobi was a Muslim too.

  22. because Republicans back then were not like the Republicans of today… as a matter of face there is no longer two parties… just one that pretends to be two

  23. Wait, all the hipsters in NY are Muslim?!

  24. you’re

  25. She’s the same woman that said I was the wrong kind of Texan. When I told my boss (head of government relations), he asked me who told her?

  26. Is there no end to right wing idiocy?

  27. Just more rightwingnut stupidity.

  28. What has me bewildered is all the ultra-Orthodox Jews. How can they wage jihad against themselves? Mass suicide?

  29. Actually according to Islamic beliefs Jesus (pbuh) was a Muslim. Lol I just found that comment ironic.

  30. lol wait is Santa a Muslim?

  31. What amazes me more is hearing all those mindless donkeys clapping.

  32. He was indeed.

  33. No, Lincoln was a vampire hunter. It must be true because they made a movie about it.

  34. Uncle Jesse was a Muslim! Awesome.

  35. Heh Heh Heh, yeah, like ZZ Top or The Dead, too. Sorry: God gave all men a beard. Whether a man lets it grow is another thing. But, having a beard only proves that a man has let it grow.

  36. Yes, Indeed!

  37. how much of what is done in most daily news or even entertainment media isn’t based on what me might call “fallacious syllogism”?

  38. if my jacket is red, and red is the color of apples, then it follows that my jacket is an apple 😉 *heh*

  39. Crazy rednecks…

  40. I guess that would make Santa Claus & Snow White’s elves also

  41. Proves your Muslim what?

  42. >Bible says that shaving is an abomination of equal proportion to homosexuality
    >Christians ignore it and shave anyway, still have issues with homosexuals
    >Then wonder why we call them hypocrites and cherry pickers

  43. Muhammadu Ackbar

  44. Guess that makes my dad a Muslim, despite his being a devout atheist for as long as I can remember.

  45. Wait, so this means Hasidic Jewish men are Muslim too. What a paradox.

  46. “you’re” not “your”

  47. Grover Norquist – a Muslim????? *choke*


  49. Actually, in Islam, he was. 🙂

  50. So that means Uncle Sam is Muslim???

  51. @ricky daniel.. what you’re saying that’s the parable of Islam which is reported by the media 🙂 #sory for my english, I hope you understand 🙂

  52. The shear stupidity. The shear FUCKING stupidity. All those that believes this (yes-you) should run back to their hospitals & retrieve their lobes. You are retarded beyond imagination.

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