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In a sense, right-wingers who mock Allah are mocking God

16 June 2013 General 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


by Pat Cunningham, rrstar.com

Sarah Palin, political guru to the brainless, said this the other day in arguing against American military intervention in Syria:

“Let Allah sort it out.”

One can imagine that more than a few Islamophobes chortled like crazy at that clever remark.

But a question arises: Was Palin, in effect, mocking God?

There’s always been a lot of hair-splitting on the matter of whether Muslims, Jews and Christians all believe in the same God. But one basic fact remains: Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all monotheistic faiths rooted in Abrahamism. They all stem from the God of Abraham.

Then, too, there’s the fact that “Allah” is the Arabic word for “God.” Hence, there are Muslims, Jews and Christians of Arabic descent who commonly refer to God as “Allah.”

Which brings us to one of my favorite little factoids: Seventy-five percent of Arab-Americans are Christians, not Muslims. And since many Arab-Americans came to this country to escape the strife in their native lands, it only follows that some of them still use the same word for God they’ve always used — Allah.

Original post: In a sense, right-wingers who mock Allah are mocking God


  1. No. Anyone with a reasonable understanding of Islam, Judaism and Christianity know that allah of Islam and God of the Bible CANNOT be the same. Some easy differences are that God has prophetesses while allah does not. God loves Israel and it is eternal to Him, but allah does not. God says we are His children and allah repeatedly brags about having no children, not even spiritually.

    Muslims seem to think it is only the name/title given that determines what something is. If that is the case, then the millions of Muhammads in this world must all be the “prophet” of Islam.

    Ilah is the word for god in Arabic. Allah means “the god”, the #1 god of the kaaba where 360 idols were worshiped – in other words, a pagan god.

  2. Is it not true that perpetrators of 9/11 chanted Allah Akbar as they executed their plan? Is it not true that the murders of Daniel Pearl also shouted Allah Akbar as they cut his throat?

    Allah is not my God. My God is peaceful, forgiving, kind and loving towards all of his creations on Earth. I have believed for a long time that Allah may be the exact opposite of God. In other words, Allah is the devil and I feel sorry for the followers of Allah as they know not better.

  3. They must have also chanted it when they dropped bombs on Iraq and Afghanistan and when they raped the local women.

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