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Police seek racists who left pig heads in Bradford Muslim family garden

1 July 2013 General One Comment Email This Post Email This Post



by YorkshirePost, July 1

A FAMILY has condemned the suspected racists who left pig heads in their garden in Bradford.

Members of the Ditta family were sickened to discover the pig heads on their front and back doorstop at their home in the Bolton area of the city.

They later found another two in a bag, placed in bushes.

The family, who are Muslims, have been living in the city for decades but have never been the target of racism in all those years.

Sohia Ditta, 34, said she was not a devout Muslim and it was the “idiotic mentality” of the culprit to assume that she would be offended to discover a pig’s head on her doorstep.

Although not particularly offended, she did find it stomach-churning. “It’s racism,” she said. “They are assuming we are going to be offended – the idiotic mentality. And they are assuming it is going to scare us. But you can’t put all Muslims in the same box – we are not all offended by pigs.

“This is clearly a racist attack. Someone thought we would be offended by some pig heads because Muslims don’t eat pork.

“I think some Muslim families would have been more distraught than us. I was more offended by the smell and germs, than the fact it was a pig.”

Miss Ditta believes the incident may have been a reaction to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby on May 22 in London.

“My family have lived in Bradford for over 60 years and have never had this type of racism thrown at us. It is clearly a reaction to the awful murder of the soldier in Woolwich.”

The family contacted police and were told by a civilian employee that it was an “isolated” incident.

But after talking to neighbours Miss Ditta’s father Mansoor discovered that another Asian family had found a pig’s head on their doorstep at around the same time as them.

Miss Ditta said that this information actually made her feel a little less isolated.

“So we were not the only ones. This is something that could be happening across Bradford, but the police are not telling us.”

She added: “Once I found out it had previously happened to my neighbour, I felt a sense of relief, that we hadn’t been targeted or had someone with a grudge after us. I can’t convey that sense of relief enough. I feel much better knowing it was just a stupid racist.”

Miss Ditta is also annoyed that no-one seemed to know what to do with the rotting and maggot-infested pigs heads.

Initially, police advised the Dittas to preserve them in case forensic officers could get the culprit’s DNA from them.

“We did as we were told. But on the Saturday they said ‘I don’t know who was watching CSI when they told you to preserve them, but there’s nothing forensics can do’.”

A police officer urged the family to phone the local authority on the Monday or to burn the remains.

The idea to burn them turned out to be bad advice, said Miss Ditta.

“We did not want them rotting in our garden any longer, so my dad had to buy an incinerator especially to burn them.

“We learnt that was probably the worst thing we should have done. Pig heads are indestructible and they absolutely stink even more when burning.”

Her father Mansoor said: “We have lived in this house for 30 years and never had anything like this.

“It’s surprising and such a shock.” Mr Ditta said he would be stepping up security and placing CCTV cameras around the property.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police confirmed that officers were investigating and that it was being treated as a racially-motivated hate crime.

Original post: Police seek racists who left pig heads in Bradford Muslim family garden

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  1. Aargh! I’m sorry the family had to go through that (and sorry the pigs did too), but the words racist and racism are being tossed around… it’s not racism! It’s religiously motivated, not racially! To call it racism is to do an injustice to both actual racism and religiously motivated hate crimes. Islam is a religion, not a race! If we want to address the problem, we have to start calling it what it is, and not calling it something it isn’t.

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