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The American Thinker’s Step-by-Step Guide to Smiting Muslims

2 July 2013 No Comment Email This Post Email This Post


The American Thinker’s Step-by-Step Guide to Smiting Muslims

By Ilisha

We recently reported the bizarre story of two extremists arrested in New York City for plotting to smite the “enemies of Israel” with a homemade death ray gun. Muslims, referred to by the plotters as “medical waste,” were their primary targets.

Not everyone who would like to smite Muslims on behalf of Israel has the know-how to build a death ray gun. Offering perhaps the next best thing , the ironically-named American Thinker has published a  step-by-step guide for smiting Muslims, brutally and virtually, right in the comfort and privacy of your own home:

A) Hundreds of videos of Muslim outrages should be distributed daily. Fortunately, these are not hard to find. Many times, the Muslims upload the offensive boastful videos themselves. Millions of emails should be sent out daily linking to these videos.

B) Be brutal! This horrific photo [be warned] of a female genital mutilation procedure done to an Egyptian girl should be sent to every female in the Western world. The email headline should read: This is What Defending Islam Means. This could be done in a matter of days. Be sure to point out that it does occur in Gaza and the contested areas. Point out that this crime is rare outside proximity to Islam. Make no apologies for the email. Half the pro-Palestinian campus activity will cease within a month.

C) Hammer home the total lack of freedom, especially religious freedom in Islam. Every outrage must be mass mailed to millions of people.

D) Get rid of the hasbara activists, who are often quite dull, and annoying, even to supporters of Israel. Ten million emails sent out every day about Islamic outrages will do more good than any number of awkward hasbara activists in chatrooms fighting a propaganda war with tired slogans no one believes anymore.

E) Hire spammers to set up mailing campaigns. The West should be inundated daily with anti-Islam messages. The Arabists fight dirty. So should you. Assemble massive email lists, sorted by constituency Change servers to avoid blocking.

F) This is not about reason. The Jewish world abhors images as a foundation of logic, due to the Second Commandment. Forget that! You are trying to win the hearts of us Goyim. We need images, not the musings of Rashi. Graphic images! Lots of them! Daily! Hammer the point home! When the media screams foul, redouble the effort.

In case you missed it, would-be smiters, it’s time to dispense with those old-school “hasbara activists” who have failed to “win the hearts and minds” of the “goyim.” What Israel needs now is a brutal, relentless campaign to demonize Islam.

Because nothing wins the hearts and minds of the goyim like hate, hate and more hate. That and being referred to as “goyim.”

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