Sunday, July 25, 2021   

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Pig carcass dumped at Islamic burial site in Rockingham

16 July 2013 General 41 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Pig intestines and carcasses dumped in Rockingham at a site designated for Muslim burials. Picture: 6PR.

by Ashlee Mullany From:PerthNow

ANIMAL carcasses have been dumped at a burial site for Islamic families in Rockingham, south of Perth.

The dumped animals were found at the Rockingham Regional Memorial Park by cemetery staff on Monday morning.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board said the carcasses were removed as “a matter of urgency” and the local council and WA Police were notified.

“Board staff have notified the leaders of the Muslim community of this incident,” he said.

“This is the first incident of its kind at the park and it is being treated as an isolated occurrence.”

The board is urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Original post: Pig carcass dumped at Islamic burial site in Rockingham


  1. This is disgusting 🙁 Ew ew ew ew, nasty racists. They’re the real pigs.

  2. What an unnecessary act. The person who did this, should read more books instead of skinning pigs.

  3. Not a nice thing to do

  4. Fantastic 🙂 lovely to see,
    Why should they get special treatment ” Set aside for Muslims ” now that’s racist!
    Who ever done this……. Good for you

  5. I wonder will the Muslims still use this site now ?

  6. They are not Racist as Islam is not a Race !!!,
    It is an ideology or religion if you will !!

  7. Good somebody should do this down at Bendigo to stop the mosque being built there. We see what happens overses we don’t want to see here from a minority group that only makes up like 5% of our population that demands everything or they are offended by just about anything& everything.

  8. Dear Sarah, How is this act Racist??? Islam is not a “Race” it is a vile ideological religious cult… It is a protest against Islam not a racist attack…

  9. They should NOT have dumped them there.
    They should have dumped him at the base foundation of the mosque instead. That way, those animals would not have died in vain.

  10. Sarah cwn you tell us how yhis is racist pkease. No one mentioned race except for you

  11. Score one for the good guys.
    People really have no idea. Muslim is not a race. It’s a religion. You cannot be racist to a religion.

  12. What race is it against Sarah? Islam is the pig. Look at the 200 Christians just murdered in Nigeria by Islamists. They’re pigs!!!

  13. what a waste of a good pork head

  14. sarah .. how can they be racist being a muslim is a religion not a race

  15. A waste of good bacon!!!

  16. Thats def not halal….but everything else you eat is….read about halal….guarantee there is nothing on skinning pigs either.
    Sarah….Muslims follow a religion…its not a race issue,muslims are from many races.

  17. How is it racist Sarah, muslims aren’t a race. I feel sorry for the pigs not the pedo worshippers.

  18. Fly tipping at its finest great

  19. simply amazing how many will exclaim how terrible this is, yet say—NOTHING–in regards to the teachings–OF—islam, itself!-> in regards to pedophilia or honor killings or beheading, or suicide bombings, ect ect ect but this,,,,,you express a concern about?? wow!—HYPOCRITES,,,1 and all!

  20. Well done to who ever did this. You must make a stand against islam before its too late.
    If you guys were under sharia law you wouldn’t even be allowed computers as females.

  21. Some people have a really amazing sense of humour this has made my day

  22. Seems fair especially when Muslims are defiling other faiths graves..what are you moaning for do you not know about justice Islam style..a bit of the old double standards rearing its ugly head again me thinks

  23. Oh dear, what a shame, never mind!

  24. @ > David Foote I totally agree with you!

  25. This is absolutely epic because this is all and as far as the British public can do to show their utter disrespect towards the muslim community due to the fact that even the people who done this are now being hunted down to pay for what they’ve done, but what happens when the muzzy fookers be-head and kill thousands of non believers and infidels? Not a poxy thing! That’s what’s the matter with the governments and people who have the real power, they are all subservient towards the muzzy twonks because really they are all for the muzzy way of life due to them all being pedo’s and men (apparently) who are so insecure in themselves that they make their women cover up everything but the eyes so the next man wont know what the women looks like and wont try to steal her thats all it boils down to in the end and I bet my last quid its because of wayyyyyyyy too much opium smoking in them poxy jubbly things the germ speading dirty filty scummy c**ts!! I mean come on how far back in British history do we have to go before we see people having hands chopped off and similar punishments? HENRY THE FOOKING VIII MAN!! DOES THAT NOT SHOW HOW FAR BEHIND THE MUZZYS ARE COMPARED TO US ??????? 400 years back towards the fooking dark ages those muzzy lot are! We last had a public hanging in England in 1868 but I think it’s about time we brought it back as a public demand so we as a British public can deal with this influx of muslim scum into our country the way we see fit since thats the only law they will understand!!! I hope I start seeing more of this all around Great Britain just to make it GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!

  26. This is absalutley disgraceful !

  27. this nations future is under threat by this violent filth and urgently requires more severe action than a few little pigs bits, it’s obvious that our leaders without balls are doing nothing and are quite happy to sit on their hands and watch this country reduced to a violent third world under sharia law.

  28. I know who did it. Native Australian Christians who are sick of getting intimidated by Muslims.

  29. WELL DONE! We will continue our work and keep dumping pigs at muzzie sites. Next will be the mosques themselves. Counter-attack is on its way. No more muzzie appeasing. We will KILL this cancer that is tearing apart our country. I won’t rest till the last muzzie cancer cockroach has been eradicated. NO MUZZIES IN AUS !!!

  30. Don’t let the Dhimmis open the gates!

  31. If I knew who they were, I would them a thank you card. Islam is not a religion. Islam is an oppressive form of government and combined legal system which is used to control people and countries. Islam is simply another form of Communism.

  32. Islam o phobia? Looks more like pork o phobia to me. Js… What’s the big deal? Its just meat. Some peoples just have mental issues believing an animal is bad.

  33. …and besides, the term ‘islamophobia’ is a homosexual cop out. Just because I flush my crap after I take a dump doesn’t mean I’m ‘crapophobic’, it means I don’t want SHIT piling up around me. GET IT RIGHT!

  34. HAHAHA brilliant

  35. I had a shit morning until I read this. Its pigs blood you want. They can’t clean that up. A knighthood for the person that did this.

  36. Islam is not a race, its a religion so its not racism.

  37. Why are the Muslims getting fair treatment…only the politically correct will dob the culprits in. Those who feel sorry for the Muslims, well you can be sure, they will not feel sorry for you if they were to take over this country…which they won’t because damn it…I won’t let them, neither will any other decent Aussie, who loves this country as it is.
    And yes, to those who have posted this:Islam is not a race. So we are not racist…why is it racist to criticize the negative things they want for my country, like trying to force Sharia law, and wanting every woman in this country of mine to wear a burka (burqu’a) Why is it racist to criticize the violence the Muslims are carrying out in the name of their religion? It is not racist…now if we were criticizing them for being from a certain country..yes that can be correct…but Islam is NOT a race!! Grrrr..and by the way Muslims, if you don’t like my flag, and don’t want to assimilate, then you know where the door, go find an arabic country that you can force your rules on. is and let some immigrants who will make a positive contribution to our society when they assimilate. I am not against immigrants, I am against anyone who wants to change our lifestyle that I was born into.

  38. well that little piggy didn’t go to the market..

  39. “Board staff have notified the leaders of the Muslim community of this incident,” he said.

    “Well we were looking around a bit, watching the roos and the koalas and at first we didn’t see anything” So Dave said, “Let’s have a beer” so we did. Then it came to having an other coz see, keeping a watch on open spaces can get a bit “boring”(pun)so Steve says,”As there’s nothing going on we’d better have another” So we did. Then all of a sudden the were these sheilas shouting and moaning.Well bugger me we couldn’t see them, all we heard was the noise.The Police told us they were covered from head to foot in one of them burkes thingys. It just got too much for us, the waste, we could of had a bloody good barbie if we’d have known. So we sat down and opened another tinne, coz we were bored. (board)

  40. This was in JULY LASY YEAR. little late with news guys, and as far as I am concerned any one who desecrates a burial place is a low life arsehole. My mother is at that cemetery and thinking of idiots doing crap like this is sickening, no matter what religion it is.

  41. Well done !!

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