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Mysterious ‘No Muslim Parking’ Signs Appear at Texas Shopping Center

12 August 2013 General 7 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

No_muslimsMysterious ‘No Muslim Parking’ Signs Appear at Texas Shopping Center

By Billy Hallowell (The Blaze)

Parking signs popping up in Houston, Texas, this week are sparking major controversy.

Placards that read, “No Muslim parking in the Westview Shopping Center” were recently posted outside of a local mall. In addition to issuing the faith-based crack-down, the text also pledged to tow anyone who violates the stated rule. The mysterious messages have since been removed.

The signs were posted this week along the street near El Farouq Mosque, a house of worship that is nearby the mall. When Muslims attending the mosque saw the signs, many of them were offended, KPRC-TV reports, but no one has come forward to claim responsibility for putting them up.


  1. I prefer this type of low-life bigotry to all other types becasue it really allows the bigot to speak for himself. Really doesn’t require a response. Bring it all day- and good luck with that I say to them.

  2. Hmmm, sounds like they meant no mosque parking in the mall’s parking lot. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a no church parking sign if the mall was having problems with a nearby church using their parking lot. Texas rednecks probably just don’t know the word “mosque.” I know its hard to ever give anywhere in Texas the benefit of the doubt on these matters, but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one that they simply don’t want people using their parking lot for anything other than mall parking.

  3. I cannot tell you how very, very offensive this is to me. I used to be proud to be from Texas but am increasingly ashamed of the state and its citizens ignorance and bigotry. How dare they push suffering and pain onto people who deserve the same rights and respect as they do? It shows a level of intolerance that I never expected to develop in a state that once prided itself on the cooperative, helpful behavior of its people. What happened to compassion, consideration and sanity? Our world will not survive unless this disease of ignorance and hatred is addresses.

  4. What makes them think they’ll recognize a Muslim when they see one? With blonde hair and blue eyes, they’d never suspect me as the stealth Muslim I am! Makes me want to go there and park!

  5. Assalam u Alikum wrwb

    This is not a case of Islamophobia. I strongly disagree…. Muslims abuse parking lots for prayers all the time…I have heard and seen horror stories of how Muslims blocked roads, residential parking lots etc etc to go praying. This sign wasn’t ill intended but only badly worded, not everyone is a diplomat these days who knows who how to be non controversial with words. I know Islamophobia is a big industry but lets keep our balance with is and what is not ISlamophobia. Lets not be like our Jewish brothers who label anything to do with Jews to be anti semitism, we are a middle nation as mentioned in the Quran, we should start acting like one already.

  6. The sign should have been worded differently. But I put the responsibility on the congregation to provide lawful, legal means of parking for their worshippers. The mall’s spaces are provided for retail shoppers. If you don’t fall into that category, then you don’t have a right to the space.

  7. I don’t see anything wrong with that. It is a private property and they know that Muslims fill it for parking when it is Friday. As an owner of any property any one has the right to do so.

    The Muslims should expand their parking or look for alternative parking , whats wrong with that?

    Can’t we talk like humans because everything becomes offensive to us now?

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