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Kevin Rudd challenger for Griffith, Sherrilyn Church, proudly opposes Islam and wants mosques banned

16 August 2013 General 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Another wacky Aussie. At least she doesn’t want to ban “Islam as a country.”

Another wacky Aussie. At least she doesn’t want to ban “Islam as a country.”

by HARRY BRUMPTON, the CourierMail
A CANDIDATE for the Prime Minister’s seat of Griffith has put outlawing the Islamic faith front and centre of her election campaign, branding it a “religion from hell” and claiming that building mosques in Australia is “high treason”.

Sherrilyn Church of the Rise Up Australia Party says her top policy priority in the election is to ban the building of mosques in the electorate, south of Brisbane.

Ms Church – a small-time citrus farmer from Crows Nest on the Darling Downs – said her primary concern for the electorate was “the Islamisation of the city by councils giving permission for mosques to be erected”.

“Basically, I see Islam not primarily a religion but a system of law because to the Islamic mind the existence of a mosque in an area means they believe that Sharia law applies and the Islamic flag must fly – now that is high treason in a sovereign nation,” she said.

“Islam is a legal system before it is a religion. We have freedom of religion but their religion is illegal.

“We are multiethnic, but we are not multicultural, because that’s where the law comes into it.

“The people in the mosque can be as charming and pleasant as your best Australian but there is also those elements, as you know across the world, where young men are recruited to jihadist training camps from these mosques.

“A lot of people consider it to be fine. A lot of people also consider that having gay marriage is fine.”

Ms Church, 61, said she believed the Muslim faith and democratic citizenship were fundamentally incompatible.

“This question is asked of all Australian citizens when they stand before the governor or to become citizens. They have to declare that they will come under our system of law, and our flag.

“If you’re going to say; ‘no, I’m going to hold to the laws of the Koran’, I would say `pack your bags, get on the next plane and go home’.

“Our laws are totally and utterly contrary to the law of the Koran. There are some religions that didn’t come from heaven, they come from hell.”

Ms Church’s platform has proven unpopular within the local Islamic community, which has two mosques in the Griffith electorate at Holland Park and West End.

Original post: Kevin Rudd challenger for Griffith, Sherrilyn Church, proudly opposes Islam and wants mosques banned


  1. This is one time I sure hope Labour wins the elections.

    But if this “Rise Up Australia Party” wins, maybe the anger and backlash will bring down the imperialist and reactionaries forces in Australian politics.
    Even Iran, which is accused by the West (including Australians) of having poor freedoms, allows churches and synagogues to operate freely! Western conservative hypocrisy much?

    But by the looks of it, seems to be a fringe party. Didn’t one of the party leaders claim to have resurrected three dead people?

  2. Islamists have created havoc all over the world.Every country they have gone to Islamists by their behavior have increased the rate of violent crimes.Rape and murders have become more common.Even the police are unwilling to patrol the Muslim majority areas of countries like Netherlands,Sweden,Denmark,Norway.Some of the political parties and its leaders are openly advocating banning Islam because Islam is in direct conflict with democracy,fundamental human rights and free speech.In 21st. Century Democracy has given the unique gift of fundamental human rights and freedom of speech to humanity which no body would like to part with and is therefore absolutely non negotiable.Besides Islam is intolerant of all religions.It can not coexist with any other religion of the world.therefore Think tanks all over the world are recommending that Islam be banned from the modern world.

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