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Miss America 2014 Win Prompts Racist Twitter Backlash, Followed By (Some) Twitter Apologies

16 September 2013 Huffington Post 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Miss America 2014 Win Prompts Racist Twitter Backlash, Followed By (Some) Twitter Apologies

by Wells Fargo

Anyone who was watching Twitter as they watched the Miss America 2014 pageant saw a pretty ugly sight as the winner was announced.

No, not winner Nina Davuluri’s “ugly cry” (which was rather graceful, as these things go). After Davuluri received her crown, Twitter was flooded with hateful tweets in reaction to Davuluri’s Indian-American heritage.

BuzzFeed helpfully collected many of the awful tweets, the themes of which ranged from anti-Arab sentiment — “So miss america is a terrorist” — to anti-Indian racism — “Miss America? You mean Miss 7-11.”

An unsavory sampling:MissAmerica

Backlash against the Twitter backlash has been equally as strong, with many press outlets and other Twitter users condemning the initial critics. In response, several have since deleted or apologized for their tweets:

I am so sorry. I didn’t think before I tweeted what I did. I absolutely did not mean to hurt or offend anyone. Again I am SO very sorry!!!

— J (@JAyres15) September 16, 2013

And some still seem unaware of what they did wrong.


Make one 7-11 joke and I’m called racist lol.

— CHEEZ-IT (@JPLman95) September 16, 2013

The newly-crowned Miss America took the negative reactions in stride, telling reporters today, “I have to rise above that… I always viewed myself as first and foremost American.”

Pageants don’t always go so smoothly…


  1. All “Americans” are immigrants except for the indigenous peoples of north america. So all the haters need to stop. Or maybe you need to reread your text books. The Irish, germans, english french greeks scottish spanish indian-india asian ect… have all been hated on when there family immigrated generations ago. The irish were treated worse than the africans.

    So STOP IT! Or all you dumb asses should return to your ancestors home lands!.

    Americans are immigrants from all over the world deal with it and grow up. She’s an american.

    Stupid self righteous daft gits.

  2. The most common mistake I’ve seen is people thinking she’s Native American, Indian American. Do your research people!

  3. I don’t watch beauty pageants. Ever. But the bigot backlash from this one is beyond ridiculous. To understand, you must be familiar with the tenets of Ignorant Racist Logic: Some Muslims are violent extremists, which means all Muslims are violent extremists and therefore scary. Lots of “Arabs” are Muslims, therefore all Arabs are scary. Arabs are brown people. Therefore all brown people are Arabs and therefor scary. Miss America is of East Indian descent – a “brown person.” So it follows logically that this makes her an Arab, and therefore a violent Muslim extremist. To a racist, this is an Unbelievably Scary Thing which must be met with great outrage and much scurrying around with misspelled signs. Come to think of it, “racist logic” is an oxymoron. And these people are regular morons. They should shut up now. (“Literarily?” Really?)

  4. She is a lovely young woman and if she were not talented she would not have received the crown. People should not be making assumptions about her because of her dark complexion.

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