Tuesday, April 13, 2021   

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Norway: PM demands Progress apology for ‘sneak-Islam’

Siv-JensenNorway: PM demands Progress apology for ‘sneak-Islam’

Outgoing Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has challenged Siv Jensen, leader of the anti-immigration Progress Party, to publicly apologise for using the term “sneak-islamization”.

“If the deputy chairperson is able to regret it in English, I assume that the party leader Siv Jensen can regret it in Norwegian,” Stoltenberg said on Tuesday after the Progress Party briefed international press on its policies.

Ketil Solvik-Olsen, the party’s deputy leader, yesterday told a meeting with foreign journalists that Jensen’s claim that Norway faced the threat of “sneak-islamization” had been unfortunate. But Jensen on Tuesday evening stood by her provocative past statements.

“I’m not going to apologize for that and I and the Progress Party will continue to fight the emergence of such radical forces and the ideas they advocate,” she wrote in an email toVG newspaper.

In February 2009, Jensen said: “The truth is that we are beginning to allow a form of sneak-Islamization to take place in this country.”

She said on Tuesday that she remained concerned by radial Islamic groups. “I am concerned that we have radical groups in Norway who want Shariah law and an entirely different way of organizing society in Norway. No one should be in any doubt that this is an important issue for us,” she said.

Meanwhile, a survey of Progress party politicians conducted by the Dagbladet newspaper showed that 61 percent saw immigration as the most important issue in the ongoing coalition negotiations.

This compares with just 16.6 percent who saw lower taxes as the the most important issue, belying Solvik-Olsen’s depiction of the party on Tuesday as driven primarily by desire for lower taxes and less regulation.

The Local, 18 September 2013


  1. Allahu akbar

  2. I know of course your organization has nothing to do with this AAI, but there are some very angry people in Norway right now concerning that Norwegian woman who was raped in Dubai, and then given a 16 month prison sentence. That nonsense may work in The Middle East, but not in Europe or the United States! If you want to do something to try and help her; than go for it.

  3. Applying salafist characteristics to a diverse group of people is one of the hallmarks in showing Jensen’s idiocy. Regardless of the vague definition of “islamization” (sneak or otherwise), I see no evidence that the stereotypical ultra-puritan “Islamist” sorts have set up shop in Norway.

  4. PS – If Allahu akbar is true; then surely true justice would dictate that the rapist be brought to trial and sentenced if found guilty. Any other chants about God when rape is a cultural thing in Dubai – mock The Divine!

  5. Rob, the stuff siv jensen said happend long before the rape in Dubai…

  6. + the rape was by a norwegian, But the police in dubai made a really huge mistake for accusing her for lying etc. Totally wrong and disrespectful

  7. There have been over 20,000 terrorist attacks by Islamists since 911 Mohamed was a thief,liar,murderer,rapist,mysoginistic pedophile any one who thinks this was the perfect man is sick in the head. Islamist=satanist

  8. I think most people in Norway remember that Anders Breivik is neither a Muslim nor an immigrant. Norway managed to keep its head after a horrific terrorist attack that killed 77 people, most of them teenagers. The U.S. could learn a few things from Norway.

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