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Bob Beckel: No New Mosques Until Muslims ‘Denounce ‘ Kenya Mall Attack

25 September 2013 Huffington Post 92 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Bob_BeckelBob Beckel: No New Mosques Until Muslims ‘Denounce ‘ Kenya Mall Attack (VIDEO)


Bob Beckel made more anti-Muslim comments on Tuesday’s “The Five” in the wake of the deadly attack on a mall in Kenya.

The panel was discussing the attack by Islamic militants, who opened fire on Westgate mall and killed dozens of people on Saturday. Beckel declared that the Islam is “not the religion of peace,” and that Muslims needs to “stand up and say something.”

He continued, “I will repeat what I said before: No Muslim students coming here with visas. No more mosques being built here until you stand up and denounce what’s happened in the name of your prophet. It is not what your prophet meant as soon as I know. I don’t know his mother’s name and I don’t care. The point is, that the time has come for Muslims in this country and other people in the world to stand up and be counted, and if you can’t, you’re cowards.”

The Fox News host, whose anti-Muslim views are well-known, made similar comments in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings and again in July after a deadly attack on a Nigerian boarding school. He later walked back those comments.

(h/t Mediaite)


  1. “You’re a fucking idiot.” Start there.

  2. The thing is no matter how much we say we’re against it, it falls on deaf ears.

  3. I don’t understand why I’m responsible for a bunch of Somalians?

  4. Ugh, do I dare respond? Fat hick

  5. Idiots like this one talk so loudly they can’t hear anything but their own psychotic raving.

  6. WHAT? He’s either a cynical sociopath or a moron — or both.

  7. Mr. Beckel should start apologizing for the Holocaust.

  8. To Bob Beckel, no new Christian Churches until the Fundamentalists act like Christians.

  9. I can understand what hes saying and why

  10. I really think that all of the Muslims in the world should get together and elect a spokesperson for the entire religion, so that there can be a single person in charge of denouncing criminal acts committed by individuals. Should be easy, right…after all, all Muslims think and act the same way.

  11. Well when heads are brutally hacked off in the name of Allah its kinda hard to call it a peaceful religion. Didn’t read this article just my opinion.

  12. Waitaminute…..!

    Is this joker ACTUALLY stating that if we, Muslims in America, denounce the Kenya Mall attack, even though we had NOTHING to do with it NOR did Islam, that he will go toe-to-toe with Islamaphobes and anyone else spewing their lies and hate against mosque/Islamic center projects in the USA?

    Let’s not be so rash. IF that IS the case, let’s give it some thought…..

  13. I am a Muslim and I denounce all violence against our fellow humans. I am also Native American Citizen of the Tribe of Cherokee and I hearby order Bob be deported back to Europe!

  14. Thou Shalt Not Lie. NOT a suggestion.

  15. This man is a moron. Please ignore him and his ignorant blabbering.

  16. Bob Beckel, PLEASE crawl back into your hole!

  17. Oh, that’s like all Christians denouncing Westboro Baptist Church for protesting military funerals. Ain’t gonna happen.

  18. Earth to Bob: They weren’t Muslims. Muslims don’t kill innocent people. They may have said that they were Muslims, they were not, they will have a hot and horrendous welcome to the afterlife. Now, about those mosques…

  19. Tom I’ve seen videos. Muslims deff murder innocent people. And they suicide bomb and all in the name of Allah.

  20. In a hadith reported by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) said, “I have been granted five things which were not granted to any other prophet before me: (one of them) The whole earth has been made a Masjid, and pure for me, so whenever the time of prayer comes for anyone of you, he should pray wherever he is.”

  21. Yes, I agree that Muslims should stand up and say something.

    And they should start by declaring a fatwa on assholes like this.

  22. Oh, he’s one of Fox News’ goons. Those guys are gonna hate Muslims no matter what. Nothing we do or say will ever change their minds. Every Muslim in this country could speak out – blog, video, article, whatever – and it wouldn’t be enough for him. Closed minds are deaf, dumb, and blind.

  23. @ Jimi Fischer – and Timothy McVeigh blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City, which included the day-care center on the 2nd floor. McVeigh was a committed Christian.

    Oh, but not all Christians do such horrendous things, you cry. Correct. And neither do all Muslims. The crazies are always in the minority of EVERY religion. But they make the most noise, do the most damage, and get the most press coverage.

  24. If peoe really looked into to the cause of the attack and the reasons behind why Al-Shabaab was created they would see this is incident in reality is political and the people who did it claimed to be Muslim( but by the actions they obviously are not)

  25. Okay, no church until Andrei Breivik apologize to every single people on Earth, how about that ? :p

  26. We should stop feel sorry for anything anymore. Enough with those Muslim guilt bull shit! I am sick and tired of these and so many Muslims as well. Everyone is responsible for his own action regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or sex.

  27. I have one question for Bob is he going to denounce the Christian Ethiopians backed by the U.S that invaded Somalia and raped killed and murdered without aim thats what created the monster Al-shabaab they came to defend the people I wonder if Bob is going to denounce or even talk about the AU going in and killing entire villages I doubt it we dont even hear when Al-shabaab kills Muslims but we hear about it when another group is the victim SMH

  28. Yeah, what Phil said — plus a number of Muslim organizations — every organization I’ve seen — HAVE denounced the Kenyan attack and EVERY terrorist attack.

  29. Ya know there are over 2 billion Muslims worldwide, if Islam instructed us to kill, we would not be having this discussion! There is no justification in any religion for taking another person’s life. And BTW there aren’t 72 virgins! It’s all common sense really. And no I’m not going to stand up and speak out every time a Muslim does something. I have 6 six kids a full time job, and too damn busy fighting these right wing nuts, that have denied our Veterans their funding, and too damn busy fighting for our Unions! There are way more important things to worry about than a fat crying idiot on Fox News!!

  30. Who the fuck he think he is . Ass hole moron

  31. Jimi Fischer Somali thugs took over a mall.. US military took over a country. Do you see Muslims blaming Christians as a whole..? Russians invaded Chechnya over 300 years ago and were pushed out in the 90s only to invade that country again after setting off bombs in apartment complexes and were cought doing it yet used it to Invade it again. What about Bosnia and Kosovo or the wedding party that was Bombed in Afghanistan and hundreds of people got killed.. What about Christians in Indonesia sho killed over a thousand Muslim and raped even more.. Depleted uranium…. Killed millions and still killing.. Have you had a Bosnian men tell you how he pretended he was dead in a pile of body’s so he could survive..? I had..

  32. Christians suck too. But Muslims saying its not a bloody religion is laughable. Most religions do more harm then good. We’re talking about Muslims in this article

  33. He also said there are no rapes on college campuses. He’s an idiot and Faux passes him off as a Democrat.

  34. And no new Klan rallies for Beckel stands up and apologizes (being a representative of white, neo-Nazi conservative “Christians”) and denounces all the lynchings, terror, and lawlessness all done in the name of extreme Christianity…

  35. Yep … okay. Holocaust. African slave trade. Crusades. All “Peaceful Christian” Actions.

  36. Plenty of Muslims have denounced the attack; 1.6 billion people don’t share the same opinions on any subject.

  37. The reason WHY we don’t say anything is because we know 99% of these attacks are FALSE FLAG attacks. Get it?????

  38. How about no new “Christian churches” until Christians denounce Westboro Baptist and Dove World Outreach Center. Phelps and Jones.

  39. I’m saddened by the number of people on my friends list who have the same narrow view of Islam and think nothing of posting their ignorance, assuming we all share this prejudice. Still, I haven’t lost hope that our kids will coexist far better than we do. Beckel can exploit this kind of tragedy all he wants, but he will eventually go away. The truth ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  40. Obviously he has no interest in the facts!!

  41. I have friends in Kenya who are Muslim and denounce the Kenya mall attack

  42. I’m Muslim and denounce the attack too

  43. No more churches until Christians denounce Fred Phelps.

  44. every day I hate another person…he’s today’s target

  45. So this brain surgeon here represents Christians? Jesus WEPT.

  46. Thank God for blessing me with a brain to have the ability to denounce evil of any kind not just race, religion or any group. Rather to dislike the action of evil we are always talking about the race card. Enough about Christian this, Muslim this, white this, black this etc. I’m a Muslim Somalian American black women and I stand for humanity. Racist freak crawl in a hole and die please because I’m tired of wasting my breath on you all

  47. Problem is Muslims have been speaking against the Wahhabi/Salafi problem for years and the US government continues to arm and train them.

  48. God lives in every human heart so why make mosques theroot cause of allviolence9:107-108 Quran.

  49. No more churches built until Christians denounce the Westboro Baptists.

  50. Bob Beckel?! Seriously?! LMAO!

  51. Nothing better than to stand up to what you believe in.

  52. it’s not that muslims are not denouncing these attacks, it’s that the christian american media is refusing to report them.

  53. people see past the attacks happening to muslims in the middle east. why would muslim terrorists attack their own people and blow up mosques? because they are not muslims!!

  54. Lol why shud Muslims give a shit abot what ppl like this ignorant pig say??? Muslims know islam n what it teaches, but ppl like this guy need to be educated instead of arguing with him!!! Btw Kenyan mall terror was more of governmental revenge. Those men wanted to get revenge for the Kenyans for going into Somalia n killing innocent ppl!!! This is African issue not religious issue… White ppl focus on ur stolen countries

  55. Ladies and gentlemen, shit like this is why I prefer not to affiliate with any religion whatsoever.

  56. When hitler n nazis killed millions of Jewish- they weren’t called Christian terroist even tho thy were wiping out the human race n created “the white race only blue eyes blonde hair” . When te Jewish Israelis bomb everyday innocent children of Palestine they r not called the Zionist or Jewish terroist…. But yet when anyone with an Arabic name causes problem it’s islam that they first blame on- regardless of if the person practising muslim or not!!! People this shows u that the world is in war with islam cos they feel threatened by it..which makes damn proud muslim!! They see the truth about islam n they want to turn ppl away or scare them into learning abot islam,,, terroist or alqaeda or al Shabab r all funded by the western nations n Saudi Arabia- I believe the west world has agender to destroy Muslims steal their oil n lands n opress them… Just as isreal is torturing n oppressing innocent Palestinians in their own land…seriously we r not dumb…

  57. Muslims like myself(also a disabled Marine Corps veteran), have denounced these actions from Day 1. What I don’t understand, is that the media never actually shows those interviews, instead choosing to put hate-mongers like this on TV. CAIR, ICNA, ISNA,and The Muslim American Society, among others have all issued statements against these types of actions. For the life of me, I can’t seem to remember a call to Jews to renounce the deadly actions of Israel, just to build a synagogue. Neither can I remember a similar call to Protestants or Catholics denouncing over a century of killings in Northern Ireland. Any killing of ANY innocent person is directly against the scriptures of all the Abrahamic faiths, including Islam, which is truly a religion of peace. The real question is…What are the ulterior motives of those who would misrepresent any religion? Is that not the work of the Great Divider, known to some as Satan?

  58. So apologizing about the crusades will happen when?

  59. Finally a democrat that gets it.

  60. Once again..what you see is NOT what you have. How many lies and deceptions do the puppet masters have to execute before the bewildered herd finally gets a clue? Step away from the distractions and the sentimental nationalism and see this for what it is…another brilliant psyops from the boys of the blue star…complete with ready made followup anecdotal evidence of the evil jihad perpetrators. note the template hideous “report” of the decapitated infant…like incubator babies in Kuwait and all the other fabrications of the deaths merchants. I am too damn tired to explain the multitude of reason why this “event” has many questionable aspects….like many other before….but I must admit a bit of disappointment that from a land of intellect comes the much misinformed opinions similar to those in these United States of Amnesia…

    Read more:
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  61. Has he ever read the Old Testament?

  62. He’s an idiot and I don’t know why anyone would listen to him in the first place.

  63. He needs to remove the fingers from his ears much has been said.

  64. How about no Christian churches until they stop killing doctors who are helping women carrying out their constitutionally protected right?

  65. what an ignoramus!

  66. ALL Germans must make amends for Hitler’s crimes. ; )

  67. Why can’t this person understand that terrorism or violence has no religion ? I am a Muslim and denounce all forms of terror and violence whether committed by a Jew,Christian,Muslim,Buddhist ………or Hindus .

  68. –>”…Every time a company is thrown into it (hell), its keepers ask them, “Did there not come to you a warner?”.
    –>They will say,” Yes, a warner had come to us, but we denied and said, ‘ Allah has not sent down anything. You are not but in great error. “-al quran.

  69. Bob every now and then you hit it on the head!! Nice shot

  70. poor pitiful Bob Beckel – piggy piggy w/beady eyes

  71. Another talking head fool.

  72. Fundie scum. KKKristain terrorist.

  73. What does he think Muslims have done EVERY TIME something like this happens? We DO denounce these things, we DO try to explain that this is not what Islam is about. Nobody wants to hear it, so they block it out. And then slam us for not saying anything, holding that up as proof that we condone it. If they would actually LISTEN! Then we might be able to get somewhere.

  74. Bob Beckel is not a man of peace, so who is he to say?

  75. I’m a Muslim. I denounce all violence against our fellow humans. Can I build a mosque now?

  76. No more new churches until fundamentalist denounce murder and violence against women’s centers and their staff.

  77. Americans were involved too ….. so should we not denounce Americans also?

  78. does he know ..he is an idiot..can someone tell him..

  79. Just tell him he’d be able to hear us better if he took the wine corks out of his ears.

  80. muslims are standing up and americans are until now sleeping thank you God for islam.

  81. Lots of Muslims denounce violence. Schmucks like this just ignore them when they do.

  82. Isnt he supposed to be mr liberal?

  83. And Americans are peaceful?

  84. Just another asshole making disturbing noises.

  85. I AM A MUSLIM…I think what happened in Kenya in the Mall to those innocent patrons who were killed was APPALING !!! INSANE !!! And I feel the same way about the innocent students killed in a school named Columbine, those innocent youngsters killed in the Oklahoma Bombing, those innocent individuals killed on 9-11, those innocent children killed in Sandy Hook, those innocent runners shot and killed during the Boston Marathon, those innocent individuals killed in a theatre in Illinois. I denounce anyone who takes someone else’s LIFE !

  86. He is right, Why can’t you delusional people accept the fact that Islam is not religion of peace.

  87. @Varnaud, very well said!

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